* * DREAMING * *

A 'Best of' Collection

Ten Years of Love-Hounds

* 1985 - 1995 *

"We all have a dream maybe?"

written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
Sept 1995 June 1996

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Complete Table of Contents:

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A. The Albums

1. The Cathy Demos

General Thoughts Pt. 1
General Thoughts Pt. 2
General Thoughts Pt. 3
General Thoughts Pt. 4
The Lyrics *

* Note: Phoenix and the Cathy Demo Lyrics are not part of DREAMING. Use your Back button to return.


2. The First Three

The B-sides
The Videos

The Kick Inside
Never for Ever


3. The Dreaming

General Thoughts
The B-sides
The Videos

The Songs
"Sat In Your Lap"
"There Goes A Tenner"
"Pull Out The Pin"
"Suspended In Gaffa"
"Leave It Open"
"The Dreaming"
"Night Of The Swallow"
"All The Love"
"Get Out Of My House"


4. Hounds of Love

General Thoughts
The Reviews
The Videos
The B-sides

Hounds of Love Songs
"Running Up That Hill"
"Hounds of Love"
"The Big Sky"
"Mother Stands For Comfort"
"Cloudbusting" Pt. 1
"Cloudbusting" Pt. 2

The Ninth Wave general
Fastnet: Force 10
The Ninth Wave Screenplay

The Ninth Wave Songs
"And Dream Of Sheep"
"Under Ice"
"Waking The Witch"
"Watching You Without Me" KBC contest>
"Jig Of Life"
"Hello Earth"
"The Morning Fog"


5. The Whole Story

The Album
"Experiment IV"
"Wuthering Heights" new vocal
MuchMusic Interview


6. The Sensual World

History/General News
General Thoughts

The Songs
"The Sensual World"
"Love And Anger"
"The Fog"
"Reaching Out"
"Heads We're Dancing"
"Deeper Understanding"
"Between A Man And A Woman"
"Never Be Mine"
"Rocket's Tail"
"This Woman's Work"
"Walk Straight Down The Middle"

The Reviews Pt. 1
The Reviews Pt. 2
The Reviews Pt. 3
The Videos
"Love & Anger" analysis
The Laugh
The B-sides
"Be Kind To My Mistakes" (Castaway soundtrack)
"Rocket Man" Pt. 1
"Rocket Man" Pt. 2
Les Dogs


7. This Woman's Work Box Set


B. The Interviews


C. The "Discography" Posts

The Discography Posts, Pt. 1
The Discography Posts, Pt. 2
The Discography Posts, Pt. 3
The Discography Posts, Pt. 4


D. Love-Hounds History

1. The Conventions

1985 - Romford, England
1986 - Informal Video Party - London, England
1990 - London, England Pt. 1
1990 - London, England Pt. 2
1990 - Kate's Chat With the Fans


2. LH History

LH History, Pt. 1
LH History, Pt. 2
IED, Pt. 1
IED, Pt. 2
IED, Pt. 3
IED, Pt. 4
Doug's Interview
Katemas Parties, Pt. 1
Katemas Parties, Pt. 2


E. MisK

1. History of Kate Bush

Awards Kate's Received
Charity, Gigs etc.
Hannah Bush [nee Daly], Kate's mum
John Carder Bush poems
Kate Quotes
Tidbits/Gossip Pt. 1
Tidbits/Gossip Pt. 2


2. Her Work In General

Crash Course in Lyrics
Debate About "Gaffa"
Her Vocal Range
Her Work - General Thoughts Pt. 1
Her Work - General Thoughts Pt. 2
Inspired By Kate
Newsletter writings
Parodies Of Kate


3. Books/Fanzines

Errors in A Visual Documentary
The Whole Story by Kerry Juby


4. MiskMisk

Anne Archer
The Dreaming Plug
Humour Pt. 1
Humour Pt. 2
Kate and Kids
Misc in General
Quiz (Wickham Street Iregulars)




Important Note:
You're wondering where "The Red Shoes" is?
Have a look at 'MOMENTS'! Here you'll find everything relevant concerning TRS from Love-Hounds. Lyrics, Interviews, Reviews, Discussion, the film etc... There it is!

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