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Date: Sat, 06 Aug 88 11:13 PDT
Subject: WSI quiz

Anyone wishing to apply for admittance to the WSI is invited to take the following entrance examination. All the answers have appeared in Love-Hounds during the past twelve months.

1. The first drew one, the other flew like one.

2. Despite doing this, she would seem out of place on a basketball court

3. His performances were touching, in other words.

4. Later form of a giant-killer's diminutive, perhaps.

5. She was inspired by 007 in the first case, but couldn't return the favour in the second.

6. Two suggestions of lubrication.

7. A pair of wizards suggested the first; wanderlust suggested the second.

8. He "hit that note and let it float."

9. One was a kid musician, the other blew away, but neither was a goat.

10. The car temperature on a trip to the mountains, and the effect of driving there.


From: rhill@netrun.cts.com (ronald hill)
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 00:25:30 PDT


By Ronald Hill and Andrew Marvick

Note that some of these are trick questions!

1--Difficult.) A panther stalked through the jungle. Who or what was the panther?

2--Intermediate.) What was Kate's source for the rhythm in Jig of Life ?

3--Difficult.) How long did the fall of Jericho take--be as precise as possible.

4- Difficult): Name at least thirteen images of flight associated with Kate.

5- Intermediate) Name any five songs off of The Early Years album.

6 - Intermediate) Who is Nicholas Wade?

7 - Intermediate) True or false, Lionheart was first released in America in 1983? Give details.

8 - Intermediate) Where is Glaze Hill and what does it have to do with Kate?

9 - Intermediate) Name the Kate songs that include non-physical beings.

10 - Intermediate) Name the Kate songs that mention food.


From: rhill@netrun.cts.com (ronald hill)
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 92 18:03:32 PDT
Subject: *** DIE-HARD Kate Bush Fan Quiz ANSWERS ***

1.) In 1982 Kate, in an article written for the Kate Bush Club Newsletter, described how she instructed her musicians to play their parts--generally not with traditional musical terms, but via visual imagery. In the case of Eberhard Weber's bass part for Pull Out the Pin, for example, Kate saw "a panther, stalking through the jungle." She used a similar image later, when describing work on the Hounds of Love sessions. IED assumes that the bassline, if associable with a specific character in the song, represents the Viet Cong guerrilla fighter, not the clumsy, disheartened U.S. G.I.

2.) The rhythm track on Jig of Life was suggested to Kate by her brother Paddy, who heard something like it in a recording he himself had made of what he identified as a Greek (or Northern Italian) "fire dance".

3.) The "fall of Jericho" was a bit of a trick question. The name Jericho should immediately suggest the video of Experiment IV to all Kate Bush fans, since that film features a Dr. Jerry Coe in a lead role. When Dr. Coe arrives at the secret laboratories at the beginning of the video the time on the clock reads twelve o'clock noon. Toward the end of the disastrous fourth experiment, the time can be made out on a wristwatch--about 5:30 p.m. So, the answer to the question is "about five and a half or six hours.

4) (birdsong in Deeper Understanding and And Dream of Sheep..., Ne T'enfuis pas ; Night of the Swallow ; Kite ; Harry the Dragonfly; Kate's dove earrings; Kate as bat (back of Never For Ever ); Kate as swan ( Delius video); references to "rolling over on the great big cloud" and to Superman, the Wright brothers, and astronauts in The Big Sky (song and video); space travel in Hello Earth and Keeping Me Waiting ; rocket-flight in Rocket's Tail and Rocket Man ; etc.)

5) Something Like a Song, Need Your Loving, Davey, You Were the Star, Gay Farewell, Cussi Cussi, Atlantis, Sunsi, Disbelieving Angel, Go Now While You Can.

6) Apparently, Kate herself. This was the name given for the Editor of the first few issues of The Kate Bush Club Newsletter as well as the author of Leaving My Tracks, which was Kate's aborted autobiography.

7) False. Although there a quotes from Kate saying that her second and third album weren't released in the US until the Eighties, that isn't quite true. Some copies of the album were released in 1979, and there is a picture of one in the Illustrated Collector's Guide to Kate Bush.

8) It's in The Stone Book, one of Kate's favorite childhood books.

9) Blow Away, Carmilla, Disbelieving Angel, Experiment IV, Get Out Of My House, Hammer Horror, Hello Earth, Houdini, Running Up That Hill, Suspended In Gaffa, Under Ice, Waking The Witch, Watching You Without Me.

10) Wine, coffee, bitter almonds, and tea in Coffee Homeground. Seedcake in The Sensual World. Cheap wine in Frightened Eyes. Captain's biscuit in The Handsome Cabin Boy (there was a line with "tot of rum" that wasn't included in Kate's version). Marshmellows in In The Warm Room. Cornfields in Never Be Mine. Cold red beef, Game pie and colder beer in Organic Acid. Drink in Ran Tan Waltz. Hot butter in You're Soft.

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