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Date: Thu, 16 May 91 09:36:12 CDT
From: barger@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (Jorn Barger)
Subject: Do you dream of Kate? (silly)

My ex once dreamt that Kate reassured her she wouldn't steal me away (!), but I just had my first Katedream last night, and it was a doozy. I had tickets to her tour, which turned out to be in a TINY (50-seat) theater-in-the-round in somebody's mansion. Kate was sitting there nervously as people entered, and I went over and squeezed her hand to reassure her, but she seemed worried everyone would line up to paw her if they saw. I regretted not bringing a tape recorder.

After the first set (which I can't remember anything about), I had to go do something that required my leaving the hall, and to get back in time I risked my life running across a four-lane highway. In fact I'd missed the first song of the second set, which sounded like Kashka (maybe), and Kate was now wearing this incredible beautiful hideous latex monster outfit, which by squeezing and stretching and shimmying she transformed into a totally different multi-colored big ragmopdoll costume, to great applause. (I think this part came from the Muppet-Shop rumor.)

After the concert I saw Kate again outside, and gave her a hug, and she apologized for the bodyguards who were eyeing me threateningly, saying something about how she was in danger of getting "carried away," like I was turning her on(!). During this part she actually looked more like Krys of Homeground (who I've met) than KT herself.

There was a big stone slab with the tour schedule carved into it-- four dates only in England, but some 30 in the US, of which this one, labelled "Buffalo Evening News" (I used to live in Bflo) was about #9.

(Was this worth posting?)


From: Doug Alan <nessus@mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 20 May 91 21:52:54 EDT
Subject: Dreaming of Kate

My dream about Kate:

I was waiting in line to get Kate's autograph at a signing appearance. It was outdoors in the suburbs during the summer. The line was not very long and Kate was sitting at an office-desk-sized table. My turn came soon. I wanted to get Kate to sign my Official Kate Bush Club Comb (tm), but I searched in my pocket and could not find it. Instead I asked her to sign my Official Kate Bush Club Plastic Hand (tm). She signed it, but when she had finished somehow the plastic hand had become her own hand. Kate appologized and said she hoped that I wouldn't demand the hand back, as she could not easily return it. I said that it was not a problem, but joked that she would have to pay me rent.

Kate and a few of her friends then decided to walk home, which was only a few blocks away. Kate invited me to come with them. While we were cutting across someone's back yard, one of Kate's friends told me that when he was a kid he lived next door to David Lee Roth and that David had known this special paralizing wrestling hold. The friend then demonstrated the hold on me. I became paralyzed and started to panic. I woke up.

I had another dream where Kate was the performer on cruise ship. She sang a song I had never heard before. It was definitely a Kate Bush, song, however. It was in her simpler, earlier style. It was very good. I guess this is one Kate Bush song I shall never hear again....



From: nessus@mit.edu (Douglas Alan)
Date: 05 Dec 1995 18:09:57 GMT
Subject: To dream of The Dreaming

I once had a dream that I discovered a gateway into an unknown number of parallel universes. Each universe was just like our own, but different in lots of little ways. The first thing I did was rush to the closest record store in a number of these universes and raid the Kate Bush bin. In each universe, Kate had a fourth album that was similar to *The Dreaming* but had a different collection of songs. After a bit of universe hopping, I had nearly a hundred copies of *The Dreaming*, all with different songs than the ones we know and love, but all just as wonderful. Then I woke up. The week was a complete loss.


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