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Hello Dreaming readers,

Welcome to the web version of Wieland Willker's DREAMING! I'm very happy that I had a hand in helping Wieland bring this amazing collection to the Gaffaweb. He spent months putting it together, and he deserves a big round of applause!


I'm in awe of his accomplishments, wrt Dreaming and Moments, and you should be too!

This collection is available in the archives in pure text form, but I should mention that the web version has some fundamental differences. Not in content, but in format and file names. I had to change quite a few things around so they'd work better in html, but be assured that the complete contents of the archives version is represented. I split up many, many files, so they'd load faster. I also changed file names when they clashed with others, or just didn't work for some reason. For instance, Wieland had multiple files just named "b-sides", and they were in different directories, so it didn't matter. The Dreaming web files are all in one biiiig directory, so identical files names were out of the question.

In general, whenever I changed a file name, I'd put the original name (the name that appears in the text archives) in comments at the top of the page. Look at the Document source for that, if you need it. I also changed some of the names on Weiland's Table of Contents page, to flesh out what the page was about. I also occasionally moved things around. A comparison of the text Contents page and my html page (toc.htm) will reveal the differences. Nothing major Wieland!

Throughout Dreaming you'll see lines like this:




The first and last long line will always take you to another page, and I always indicate where it goes. Any long or short lines *within* the page will always take you up to the top of the page you're on. I used the same system in Moments and the FAQ.

Techie junk, for those who are interested:
I worked on the html'ization of Dreaming off and on throughout May, June and July of 1996. I first ran all Wieland's text files through Webber, to take care of basic html, such as turning quotes and brackets into their html counterparts, and saved them as html files. I then ran everything through Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit 2.0 Professional Beta 3 for all the main html. (There were lots of unwanted artifacts from Webber I had to delete and change. Webber makes every single single line an h2 header...ugh!).

I used a lot of templates for things like headers and footers. That all was mainly done in PFE-Programmer's File Editor. PFE's recorder also came in handy when I needed to clean up the headers of posts, of which there are thousands within Dreaming. A simple macro to add breaks and group lines saved me at *least* a week's worth of work. I did it all by hand for Moments, so I *know* the time it saved. Thanks to Chris for cluing me in to PFE.

The background was originally taken from Kate's single for "Breathing", and I manipulated it in both Paint Shop Pro, and Fractal Design Painter. I'm not an artist, by any stretch of the imagination, so thank goodness for programs that let people like me get away with not being artists. True artists using those programs are the real winners when using those programs, and I deeply admire them.

No, I didn't get paid or anything for mentioning the programs above. I just used them, and thought others might be interested in knowing what I used. I'm certainly not an expert in html, but the programs I used made the whole process a bit easier.

It was a long, hard road getting all this html'ized, and I'm glad it can finally be presented to the world, so Gaffaweb readers can enjoy Wieland's work, and Love-Hound's words. There are still lots of things that can be added, such as links and images, so the web version of Dreaming is not "finished" and will continue to be improved over time. Any broken links or suggestions for improvement should be sent to me at vickie@wwa.com.

I'd like to heartily thank Bill Wisner for providing space for the Gaffaweb, and giving us free-reign to do whatever we wanted with it. Thanks Bill!

Huge thanks to Andy (IED), Wieland and Uli, because without their hard and endlessly wonderful work, Gaffaweb wouldn't be a fraction of what it is. Their work also gave me lots to do! And it was always fun! They are WonderFans deluxe.

My biggest thanks go to Chris Williams, my partner-in-life-and-love for the past 15 years. He's the one who got me started on computers, and interested in the Web. If not for him, his support, his technical expertise, and his toys(!), I wouldn't even be involved in this project. It's all his fault :-), and I love him dearly for it!

Have fun!

Vickie Mapes

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