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The Sensual World

History/General News
Pt. 1

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 86 01:37:50 EDT
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: KB News

Well, the latest issue (#23) of *Homeground*, "the International Kate Bush Fanzine" arrived a few days ago and there's some new news:

Kate is now working on her next album. She hopes to begin recording very shortly and the target date for completion is sometime next Spring (and if you believe that one, I have a very nice Orgone Accumulator for sale, real cheap.)

[It's 1986!! --WIE]


Date: Fri, 29 May 87 19:22 PDT
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: KBVI

You'd be well advised not to expect KBVI earlier than 1989. That's IED's opinion, anyway. We should be grateful for the delay, since every month is testimony to Kate's continuing perfectionism.


Date: Sat, 24 Oct 87 18:20 PDT
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: KT NEWS

IED has a tiny bit more concrete information to give you all as a guideline for this topic, through the courtesy of the new issue (#28) of Homeground, "The International Kate Bush Fanzine".

It says that according to people "close" to Kate (i.e., probably Del or Paddy, with whom the HG crew are quite chummy now, IED thinks), there are now seven tracks in a "nearly complete state", and "many" of these seven are "'up-tempo'".

So now, folks -- give your imaginations free reign. IED is waiting to read your ideas: What's KBVI going to be like?


Date: Thu, 31 Dec 87 00:56:46 EST
Subject: New Kate Bush Interview.

Here is [an excerpt from] the interview from the new Kate Bush Club newsletter.

Q. How is the new album going?

A. Well, as usual it is slow but I keep writing new songs as I feel the urge and I now have lots of songs but most of them have pieces missing or sparse lyrics and sorting these things out takes a lot of time.

Q. How are you approaching this album, is it different from the last one?

A. Again I am working straight onto master tape in out home studio, as I get ideas I put them onto tape.. sometimes this causes more problems because I'll like parts of it and not others but I try to re-do as little as possible.. I like to try and keep the performances quick and spontaneous, it's the sorting out of these performances afterwards and the rethinking of structure or arrangements that take the time. Each musician changes the feel of the track dramatically and it's important to keep the track moving in the right direction and to communicate what is wanted whic in my case is achieved through images, humming lines and letting the musicians do what they feel is right and saying if I don't like it.. it seems to have worked so far and I always find musicians so imspiring. Quite often they'll put an edge to the track that gives it greater potential so I sit and rethink bits again. The tracks continually change and yet the original "feeling" goesn't seem to.. I'd like to think that by putting the initial "muse" onto tape.. we've captured it's soul.. so that whatever we put on top of it, it is in essence the same.


Q. When will the album be finished?

A. Umm......

Q. When do you think it will be finished?

A. Umm......


Date: Wed, 16 Mar 88 17:29 PST
Subject: New Homeground is out

The 30th issue of Homeground (The International Kate Bush Fanzine) arrived today.


HG also sets a new expected release date for KBVI : September 1988.


Date: Thu, 05 May 88 18:26 PDT
Subject: I've got a pin-up from a newspaper...

Kate is filming videos now. She's also working on the tour, and is deep in training. The album's been finished for a couple of months now already. She will release the first single in September, and the album will follow in October, along with the first video. Kate will not come to the U.S. for a promotional interview tour this time. In fact, she'll do less promotion in the UK, too, and do as much as possible in a much shorter period of time than for HoL. Since all the follow-up singles and videos will already have been done in advance, she will therefore be able to resume training and rehearsals for the tour within three or four months following the release of the album, say by the beginning of March. After another two or three months, perhaps by about June 1, Kate will announce the dates of the Tour of Life II, which will begin in October and continue throughout the world until the first of the year.

-- Andrew Marvick

...of Peter Pan. I keep it in a locket. I hide it in my pocket.


Date: Mon, 30 May 88 09:59 PDT

"Davy Spillane, whose credits include work with Moving Hearts, Gerry Rafferty, Van Morrison and Mary Coughlan, has recorded uillean pipes, whistles and low whistles for Kate Bush's next LP. Bush, a Moving Hearts fan, also attended The Davy Spillane Band's debut London concert (promoting the Atlantic Bridge album on Tara/Cooking Vinyl) at Harlesden's Mean Fiddler Club."

-- Taken from Ken Hunt's London music news column in the June '88 issue of Tower Records' Pulse! magazine, p. 22.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Tue, 18 Oct 88 16:15 PDT
Subject: KT NEWS

from the latest (32nd) issue of "Homeground":

There is no truth to rumours about a title for KBVI. So far as "HG" knows (or is letting on), no title has been chosen yet. Furthermore, "HG" is maintaining that the album has not yet been completed, quoting (as usual without identifying the obviously inside source) someone as saying that it is "progressing very positively," whatever that means. IED is personally convinced that this is just a big smokescreen, that the album was finished quite a while ago, and that Kate is busy filming videos and working up a live show. Anyway, the release is now hoped for sometime in the spring.


Date: Thu, 06 Oct 88 11:45 PDT
Subject: KT Dysnews

Well, here's some bad news for Kate Bush fans (or at least for those who have a membership in the Kate Bush Club). Yesterday IED received in the mail a glossy greeting card from the Club. The cover featured some typically professional (and slick and bland) artwork by Debi Bowes, whose multi-media drawings should be quite well known to Kate fans who were readers of Break-Through or who carry a current subscription to Home-Ground. Apparently Debi was actually commissioned by the KBC to design the present card, which was produced to the highest commercial standard.

The message inside, printed in the HoL italic typeset which Kate fans know well, carried only the following message, unsigned:

Sorry for the long silence but as you probably realise Kate is still very busy working on the album. For this reason there is no news to tell you and no new photos available so for the foreseeable future we will only be producing one bumper magazine per year -- this will contain lots of colour photos and interesting articles. The next issue will be produced to coincide with the release of the album but there is no projected date for this at present.

For all those whose renewal was due from August '88 onwards, please do not renew until you receive the next magazine.


From: mcvax!inf.rl.ac.uk!nbc@uunet.UU.NET
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 88 11:41:16 gmt
Subject: It looks like spring 89

According to the latest issue of Homeground, "Kate has finally finished the basic recording of the tracks for KB VI, and the final mix down is well under way." They predict that the album will be released in March and that there might (with luck) be a single in February.

One interesting feature is a warning that they expect a new bootleg to appear very shortly which will claim to contain material from Kate's new album. Homeground state that they are 95% certain that this record will not contain tracks from KB VI. Very curious - what is this mysterious disc?


Date: Mon, 12 Dec 88 02:13 PST
Subject: Trio bularKa on american television

On another Kate-related note: Trio Bulgarka, the trio of female Bulgarian folk singers who are currently on tour in the U.S. with their parent-group, the Radio Sofia/Bulgarian National Women's Choir, appeared tonight on the NBC late-night show Michelob's Sunday Night. The three women (Yanka Rupkina, Stoyanka Boneva and Eva Georgieva) joined the tour directly following their work in London where they recorded a solo album by Yanka and collaborated with Kate Bush on two of Kate's new tracks, at least one of which will be included on KBVI (which is now promised for April).

The three women are of different ages. Eva is a strapping white-haired woman who sings in the lowest range; Stoyanka, a soloist in her own right in Bulgaria, sings the middle parts usually; and Yanka, who is at least a few years younger than the others (i.e., about forty to forty-five), sings most of the "lead" or high parts. Yanka is also a very beautiful woman. They performed in their usual full Bularian traditional dress (complete with wind-chime-laden headdresses that tinkled on Yanka's head quite audibly during their otherwise unaccompanied performance).

They sang three songs, including Strati Angelaki, of which Kate recently said: "If they sing Strati Angelaki to me I can't take it. I have to leave the room. It just makes me cry; and there are very few things musically that affect me like that."

It was great. And on American TV ! Amazing how the music of a sophisticated popular culture like Bulgaria's can go unnoticed for centuries in the West, and then with a little clever yuppie marketing, it suddenly becomes chic. But it really doesn't make any difference how it came to click here. Just to be able to see Yanka Rupkina sing a single song on U.S. TV is compensation enough for all the hype. Incidentally, the Trio Bulgarka's latest album (and their first on their own in the West), called The Forest is Crying, is out on CD (the Hannibal label). It is incredibly neat.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Sun, 07 May 89 16:12 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Balkana: a report of a live concert featuring Yanka Rupkina

Last night the Bulgarian musical ensemble called Group Balkana performed in Santa Monica, California, and IED was there to experience. Balkana is a small group of musicians from Bulgaria, featuring five male instrumentalists and (ordinarily) three female vocalists. The three women also perform and record under the group name Trio Bulgarka. As Balkana these musicians recorded an album (which featured a few additional musicians who were not part of the group proper) co-produced by Joe Boyd, and it was through Boyd, L-Hs may recall, that Kate Bush was able to make personal contact with Trio B.

On this occasion unfortunately Eva Georgieva, the eldest of the three members of Trio B., was not present, for what reason IED could not discover--no-one in the Balkana outfit apparently speaks a word of English, and no interpreter was present! Anyway, the Trio B. became the Duo B. last night, but the effect was still magical at times. Balkana's instrumentalists alternated with the women for about half the numbers, and worked together for the other half. And twice Yanka Rupkina, the soprano (and looker) of the group came out to sing solo and a cappella. In that conformation she sang Kalemankou Denkou, and with Stoyanka Boneeva (the other half of Duo B.) she sang a stunning two-part a cappella version of Strati na Angelaki. Yanka made at least three costume changes throughout the evening, each traditional outfit more spectacular than the last. The fixed but apparently genuine smiles on both women's faces never faltered throughout the 90-minute show.

Yanka's voice is still in perfect condition, and she was in top technical form--as flawless as on the albums, but with several moments of unexpected free-floating improvised melismatics that must have been developed since the date of the songs' original recording. Stoyanka's voice is a bit weaker, and much lower, of course, but she has rock-solid pitch and sang with tremendous feeling. The instrumentalists were obviously masters at their peculiar Bulgarian instruments, and the drum-player, who performed a few comic dance antics and generally provided light relief (albeit without language), looked a bit like Curly of the Three Stooges. A very light-hearted group, though their inability to communicate verbally in such a small and informal setting (McCabe's Guitar Shop) necessarily constrained the gemutlichkeit a bit. Still, a richly satisfying concert.

IED had planned to speak with Yanka and Stoyanka after the concert, and actually was allowed upstairs to do so, but it became clear from another visitor who preceded him that anything like normal conversation was simply not going to be possible. IED was somewhat in awe of Ms. Rupkina anyway. Though grey-haired and a bit "long in the tooth", she remains an extremely attractive woman; and that voice...!

Anyway, IED has no doubt any longer about roughly what the collaborative effort between Trio B. and Kate must have consisted of. Kate said she "wrote choir parts" for the women to sing, and Trio B. said they "added harmonies" to them. It became apparent to IED, after having heard them, that Trio B. simply took the parts which Kate had composed in "choir" harmonies for them on the Fairlight in advance, and in the course of singing the parts, they added the elaborate filigree of enharmonically-based vocal melismas to them. The style of Trio B. (as of all the Balkana musicians) is quite marvellous, but also quite static and consistent. They do one and only one thing, though they do it consummately.

There can be little doubt, therefore, that Kate knew exactly what she wanted and what she would be able to get from the Trio B. All of the "harmonies"--as we Westerners know the term--were created by Kate. But all the enharmonics --which the Trio B. might well consider "harmonies"--were then added by the Bulgarians, as a matter of course, and according to Kate's plans. None of this enlightens IED as to the possible meaning/origin of any Bulgarian-language lyrics on KBVI, should there be any, but for now at least his curiosity is satisfied as regards the KT/Trio B. musical meld itself.

If Balkana is visiting your area any time soon, don't miss them.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Mon, 05 Jun 89 01:21 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: K T N E W S

Kate finished the album one week ago today. It's in the can. The album will definitely be released in September. This is straight from John Carder Bush's mouth, this very afternoon.

No, IED is not at liberty to explain how he knows this, he just does. He may be able to provide more details soon, however.

Incidentally, L-Hs is the Kate Bush news source, know that? What with this info and the complete demo lyrics and tape project, L-Hs has all the fanzines shot to hell. We should give some thought to going into a print edition.

If the pattern is the same as for earlier albums, then Kate will take a one-month vacation around this time, before beginning work on the preparation for the first single release. IED doesn't have any concrete information about anything like that, however. But this news does not augur well for a tour, at least as far as IED can tell. Because she has already said (through Homeground ) that she plans to shoot the videos for the first three singles before the album is actually released this time. IED doesn't know how she's going to be able to do even that by September, not if it takes the six weeks of preparation and shooting and postproduction per video that Cloudbusting and Hounds of Love took. But again, it's pointless to speculate.

Anyway, everyone who was still wondering--count on it: September it is. In fact, plan your vacations around it! With the album out this fall, it's quite likely that there'll be an official HG -KBC convention sometime around November, just like last time. Wouldn't it be neat for a bunch of us American fans to go over there together?

Anyway, it's fun to dream about these things.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Fri, 23 Jun 89 12:45 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Note on KT's looks

Worth mentioning that the latest (ninth) issue of Cariad Kate International includes, to accompany a fan's letter about meeting Kate backstage at a Trio Bulgarka concert last March, a snapshot of KT wearing a richly embroidered Bulgarian vest which had just been presented to her by Yanka, Eva and Stoyanka (according to the letter). Kate looks extremely pretty and in excellent shape.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 89 20:32 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: K T N E W S : the good and the bad

IED has this information from Love-Hounds's Chief British KorrespondenT, Neil Calton, who relays the information straight from the 35th and latest issue of Homeground. Part of the information is good, and part is bad.

First, the good: We now know the title of the new album! It is:

T h e S e n s u a l W o r l d .

Also good: the date which IED announced three weeks ago has been confirmed: the album will be released this September, and the first single will be in shops in mid-August ! That's only four weeks from now !


To return on the up-note which began this posting, IED feels it is worth mentioning that the term "The Sensual World", which Homeground reports is to be the title of Kate Bush's sixth studio album, is also the title of a series of twenty-four books by the English writer Rupert Croft-Cooke (born in 1903, still living, to IED's latest information). If this should turn out to be a deliberate reference, and not simply a co-incidence (and the latter is not likely, given the thoroughness with which Kate plans things like titles), it will put a very intriguing new twist on Kate's ideological and aesthetic path.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Fri, 21 Jul 89 17:12 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: The Sensual United States

Well, earlier Love-Hounds reports of a delayed release of Kate's new album in the U.S. have been confirmed by IED in L.A., too: The Sensual World has been given an October 17th in-store date by the Hollywood publicity office of CBS Records. No word on when the single (which will have the same title as the album) is due in the U.S.--or even if that will be the single that CBS puts out.

IED must say that Kate's decision to switch to CBS is hard to understand--the company has a very poor history when it comes to promoting challenging artists in the U.S., and they very rarely do anything beyond the ordinary in the way of advertising campaigns. Now the news that they aren't even going to plan a simultaneous release with EMI (which retains control over the album's release throughout the rest of the world) adds more reason for us to worry.

The fact is, EMI-America did a remarkably good job of promoting Hounds of Love, at least compared to the typical rock album. Limited-edition color-vinyl LPs and cassettes, a very wide-spread print-ad program, a ton of posters (at least in this town), and even some success getting the videos aired. Sure, it could have been a lot better, but IED shudders to think what CBS will do (or not do) to promote The Sensual World --especially when he considers how extremely important it is that this album sell well, if there is to be any chance of luring Kate into a U.S. tour within the next eighteen months.

Ah, well. There is at least one silver lining--when a new album is delayed domestically, it puts more pressure on independent record stores to get in the imports to cover the gap. Thus our chances are increased of getting hold of the import CD-singles, 12"s and even cassettes before the (inevitably poor-quality) U.S. versions start clogging up the works.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Wed, 02 Aug 89 11:23 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: MisK. (incl. some minor sub-KT NEWS)

Vickie alerted IED to one other extremely neat little synchronicity (or is it more than that?) in the New Musical Express article about Kate's work with Trio Bulgarka from last December 12. IED simply quotes the relevant paragraph (italics added):

"Down at the old Bul' and Bush"

Kate Bush and Yanka Rupkina sit on a bean-bag couch and sing to me, Bulgarian style; Rupkina bleating high and joyous above Bush's harmony.

Short but sweet, a brief musical meeting of East and West, it's the sort of sensual aural treat every philanthropist would wish to share with the World. Except that the World would have been pushed to fit in this studio broom cupboard off Upper Street, Islington.

Make up your own minds--does this mean the first single will be one of the Trio B. collaborations? Or could it mean that the album itself had already been given its title (what Kate has said always comes last, after the LP is completed) last December--which would be a very hopeful sign that the past year has been spent working up a concert programme and videos, not the album itself?

Idle speKulaTion KompleTed for the time being.


From: Doug Alan <nessus@athena.mit.edu>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 89 22:42:55 EDT
Subject: Sensual/Sexual

> From: peter@xal (Peter Freeman)
> Second, I wish people would get their minds out of the gutter about Kate's decision for her next album title. "Sensual" does not necessarily mean "sexual"; actually there are a number of meanings but I think the one she is aiming at here is more along the lines of "sensory".

I wish you'd get your mind IN the gutter! Kate has all sorts of SEXUAL -- not just "sensory" allusions in her music -- some subtle and some not subtle at all. I think the fact that Kate has refered to "Night of the Swallow" as "Nice to Swallow" should speak for itself on where Kate thinks your mind should be!

[nobody, except |>oug, thinks she actually said this. --WIE]


From: sco!scol!craig@ucscc.UCSC.EDU
Date: Wed Aug 16 17:12:39 1989
Subject: The Sensual World/Dave Gilmour

[Should have posted this sooner, but I felt sure someone else would get there first...]

From the September issue of the British magazine "Q":

"The Sensual World, Kate Bush's first new album in four years will be released on October 16. Produced by Bush and Del Palmer, the album features contributions from Dave Gilmour, Nigel Kennedy, Eberhard Weber, Davy Spillane, Alan Stivell and The Trio Bulgarka."

Now who's Alan Stivell?

Interesting to note the Dave Gilmour appearance - he's been getting around a bit lately as a session artist (surely he can't need the money!:-). Another recent album which he features on is Sam Brown's (daughter of "lovable cockney rock-'n-roller" Joe Brown) "Stop!". He plays guitar in inimitable style on two tracks, although I have heard that they never actually met, with DG doing his bit on tape in New York. He was also on another album which I bought recently, but I'm not too sure which one - might have been Judie Tzuke's "Turning Stones".



From: munnari!uowcsa.oz.au!stephen%uowcsa.cs.uow.oz.OZ@uunet.UU.NET
(The Mighty OGBO)
Date: 18 Aug 89 01:02:30 GMT

Subject: Re: The Sensual World/Dave Gilmour

> Now who's Alan Stivell?

Alan Stivell is only the best Celtic Harpist in existence. Wonderful musician. If he has contributed to the album, then I am even more eager to get hold of it.

Sigh, roll on October!

Stephen Nicholson


From: munnari!uowcsa.oz.au!u8530671%uowcsa.cs.uow.oz.OZ@uunet.UU.NET
Date: 18 Aug 89 03:05:05 GMT
Subject: Sensual World / Alan Stivell

>Now who's Alan Stivell?

Alan Stivell is a British (?) Celtic Harp player.

He has four albumns that I know of:

1. The Renaissance of the Celtic Harp.

2. Celtic Symphony.

3. & 4. I can't quite remember because I don't own either of them.

His first two albumns were fairly traditional, but I believe his other two have a more "New Age" quality to them. In Britain, his albumns are distributed by Rounder Records. In Australia, they MIGHT be distributed by Larrikin Records.

Personally, I do like his albumns. He has a very "soft" style of harp-playing.

I hope that helped.

Mark "Scunge" Wann


From: thomas@irisa.irisa.fr (Henry Thomas)
Date: 18 Aug 89 07:55:50 GMT
Subject: Re: Sensual World / Alan Stivell

> Alan Stivell is a British (?) Celtic Harp player. He has four

Sorry, but Alan Stivell is French. Your confusion might come from the fact Alan is "Breton" i.e. comes from Britanny (the western part of France where american tankers crash and people are still not indemnified 12 years later). Stivell has been very popular in the mid-seventies, when the folk movement was on its crest, then was a little forgot. At the time Alan seems to be coming be back...



Date: Fri, 18 Aug 89 02:21 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: re Sensual World

IED would remind Love-Hounds that Kate has already made her understanding of the word "sensual" very clear. In an interview conducted by Christopher Ward for Canadian TV in November 1985 Kate was very explicit. Ward asked, "Does your sexuality ever enter into your work?". Kate's answer: "I find that very...confusing. Because music is sensual. I think the essence of all art is sensuality, rather than sexuality. That's what art is, it's really pure feeling..." So Kate has a very interesting view about the distinction between the sexual and the sensual, and this distinction seems to be an artistic one.

> Now who's Alan Stivell?

Alan Stivell is a master of the Irish harp, and a singer of Irish, English and (especially) Breton folk music. Kate has been an admirer of Stivell's for at least nine years: she played one of his recordings on UK radio when she guest-dj'd once in December of 1980. Once again Kate planted a clue to her future artistic development years before the fact.


Date: Fri, 01 Sep 89 17:21 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: KT News

The single, The Sensual World: UK release date September 18. IED's information is not certain on this next point, but it seems that it's just possible that the title of the album (though not the single) may really be The Sensual World in October. This still seems very hard to believe, and as IED says, his information is vague in this particular, but for the record, it is possible.

Kate "really likes" the new album, is very pleased with it, and --this may be of some comfort to the more hardcore fans--she says that she's "not at all sure it will be popular in America," but that she did not let herself worry about that in making this album.

Furthermore, she believes that there will be a different first single choice for the CBS (U.S.) release than the one chosen for the rest of the world ( The Sensual World ). IED gathers that Kate still has little say in what happens to her product in the U.S., or else that she is willing to bow to the advice of the U.S. companies on such points. Basically, IED understands that although she would of course be happy to find that the new album is successful in the U.S., she is not particularly interested one way or the other.

Also, Kate has, as of September 1, only shot one video, the one which is to accompany the single The Sensual World. Ergo, since the chances are that CBS will release a different song as the first single in the U.S., there is still no video to accompany that other song. Kate did not seem to be in any great hurry to get such a second video done for the U.S. market, either.

As for touring--she has no plans to do a tour at this time, but she has not ruled out the possibility of planning a tour in a year or so, if the album should prove successful in the U.S. Any plans for a tour at this point would be contingent upon the album already showing signs of huge popularity, because CBS would otherwise not be likely to want to pay for the kind of production she would require. At any rate, she has not yet closed her mind to the idea of touring sometime within the next year or eighteen months.

Finally, the record company has been slating her for a lot of interviews, possibly including Rolling Stone.

That is all that IED knows at this time. And if you're wondering how he came to learn all this--don't ask.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Sun, 10 Sep 89 14:04 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: K A T E B U S H I S G O D

She really is!

-- Andrew Marvick

P.S.: The Sensual World will come with an instrumental version, and probably a 12" re-mix. The b-side will be called Walk Straight Down the Middle. The Sensual World is going to be a massive hit in England. The b-side is extremely experimental. Don't ask, IED can't say. But he knows. He knows !


Date: Mon, 11 Sep 89 13:23 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Mega-KT NEWS

IED has learned that the U.S. single is definitely going to be different from the UK one. It's coming out as a twelve-inch on October 1 here, and the a-side will not be The Sensual World, but Love and Anger.

Also, the album release date, according to a Chicago CBS rep, has been moved up to October 9! (Thanks, thanks, thanks, Vickie!)

-- Andrew Marvick

P.S.: He told you people something good was going to happen!


Date: Wed, 20 Sep 89 13:05:13 -0400
From: Greg O'Rear <greg@beach.cis.ufl.edu>

I just got my hands on a promo cassette of Kate's new album. No, I'm still at work and haven't heard it. Here's what info I can give:

Kate Bush - "The Sensual World" - Columbia CAT 1838

Side 1: The Sensual World, Love And Anger, The Fog, Reaching Out, Heads We're Dancing.

Side 2: Deeper Understanding, Between A Man & A Woman, Never Be Mine, Rocket's Tail, This Woman's Work, Walk Straight Down The Middle.

(P) 1989 Novercia Overseas Ltd. Written and produced by Kate.

A sticker on the box says "In-Store October 17!"

The cover is a black and white photo of Kate with a large flower held to her mouth (reminiscent of "Red Rose Speedway"), with copper-colored lettering ("The Sensual World * Kate Bush").

Until I get home with it, more I cannot say. There are no liner notes with this promo.

Greg O'Rear


Date: Wed, 20 Sep 89 17:00:13 EST
From: JONES%RPIECS.BITNET@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: I held The (Sensual) World in my Hands...

Hello there fellow Love-Hounds:

Well, I was unbelievable close to having Kate's newest in my hot little hands...while visiting my local Music Shack in lovely downtown Troy, I enquired as to the whereabouts of Kate's latest single. Unfortunately, it has not made an appearance. BUT! As luck would have it, one of the store clerks had gotten a special promo cassette of the album. For one brief instant it was in my hands...but I could only look, and had to return it.

Anyway, here's what the cover looks like, for those of you who may be lucky enough to find it:

The background is black, with "Kate Bush The Sensual World" written across the top in bronze lettering. A black-and-white photo of Kate shows her with an enormous, full-blown rose in front of her face, covering the lower part of her nose and her mouth. Leaving only her huge eyes to peep out at you enticingly! :)

I'm as disappointed as you are that I can't give you a report of what it SOUNDS like...guess we'll all have to be patient.

All the best,

Deb Wentorf


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 89 14:22:15 BST
From: Jamie Andrews <jha%lfcs.edinburgh.ac.uk@NSFNET-RELAY.AC.UK>
Subject: sand

walking to a restaurant for a late dinner friday night
the full moon shining through wracks of clouds
we passed one of these disused walls where the british
record companies pay people to put up posters, motley
everchanging layer after layer of posters, new ones
each week covering the others

it was one of those things where
you take a step with one foot
and raise the other foot
but then you see something and <"Wow!">
you don't step forward you
and put your foot back down
and stare <"Is that who I think it is?">

no words
no name
no symbols
not even a frame around the picture, just


kneeling in the sand with a handful of sand letting it
trickle through her fingers looking up and off to the
right as if the sand is an offering her hair very
dark and shadowing her face in monochrome

and saturday and sunday in edinburgh
and monday in glasgow
more and more of the same eloquent wordless posters
each one causing my heart to skip a beat
or two

and then passing a closed edinburgh record store late last night
an album sized record jacket with the same picture only
with words


could it be early
has something good happened already
will find out before you get this



Date: Thu, 21 Sep 89 09:15 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: K T N E W S : New LP track listing

Here are the titles, in order, on the new Kate Bush album, The Sensual World :

Side One:

1. The Sensual World
2. Love and Anger
3. The Fog
4. Reaching Out
5. Heads We're Dancing

Side Two:

6. Deeper Understanding
7. Between a Man and a Woman
8. Never Be Mine
9. Rocket's Tail
10. This Woman's Work

Bonus track (cassette and CD only):
11. Walk Straight Down the Middle

And before any of you ask, NO, IED doesn't have the album yet. He just spoke to a woman at a radio station who does, though, and she very kindly read all the titles off of a promo copy of the U.S. cassette for me--just so IED could share them with all his friends at Love-Hounds.

However, this does mean you all might start looking for promo copies to start showing up in used record stores from now on. They're going to be out there for the early birds to catch...

-- Andrew Marvick

P.S.: Oddly, the promo had artwork but no lyrics. Let's hope that's just for the promo version, and not that CBS is totally f*cked.


Date: Thu, 21 Sep 89 16:08 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: the double-groove etc.

An amazing discovery: there is also (in very limited quantities, how limited IED doesn't know, but very limited) a white-label test pressing of the UK 12" going around swapmeets throughout the country, and a few copies have even been advertised in Goldmine this week. This white-label is extra-special : on the b-side are Walk Straight Down the Middle and the instrumental version of TSW. But on the a-side, instead of the vocal version of TSW there is simply another pressing of the instrumental version again.

OR SO ONE WOULD THINK! In fact, the a-side is double-grooved ! The a-side plays both the instrumental and the vocal versions of TSW, depending on exactly where you set the needle down!

Looks like Katey's been up to her old tricks again!

Newsfront: The album cover is different from the 12" cover only in a subtle way. Instead of showing Kate with dust (or sand) running through her fingers, she has a flower in her hand, in front of her mouth (so that the mouth is not visible). Otherwise the photo is very much like the 12" cover's photo--same tinted duo-tone b-and-w style. No word on the back cover of the album, or what any interior artwork there might be, or on the lyric sheet, if any. According to IED's information, the U.S. promo-cassettes of the album, which are already circulating rather widely here in the States (CBS has sent out copies to many radio stations, and they seem to have arrived everywhere at the same time), do not contain any interior artwork, nor do they have lyrics. Let's hope CBS doesn't skimp like that for the official release.

Chances are they won't. IED received a call from a radio person who read a copy of the CBS press-kit's article for the new album. And it is very nicely written, very feelingful (though it does of course use terms like "AOR ad repro" and "units sold"), and only minimally incorrect from a factual point of view. Also, it details a significant amount of promotional material that is being readied by CBS to blitz the retail outlets with on D-Day, which is still listed as October 17 (though IED was told October 9 by a CBS rep who should know). And yes, there is going to be a U.S. CD-single! It may only be a promotional item, and there's no word on what tracks it will contain, but it is mentioned in the press-kit article.

-- Andrew Marvick

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Wieland Willker
Sept 1995 June 1996