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Hello, I would like to be put on the list of the world's greatest (non-Kate) music.

--Stev0 (April 1987)


The very beginning

The first lovehounds mails in the archive


Date: Thu, 15 Aug 85 04:59:25 cdt
From: ihnp4!gargoyle!sphinx!r032 (SamR - Sam Rebelsky)

Welcome to mail.katebush.

Your current moderator is ihnp4!gargoyle!sphinx!r032 (SamR).

I don't really want to moderate this group, partially because I am not a Kate Bush fanatic, but also because there is a rather severe limit on my computing/cpu time (UofC likes to charge for computer use, and although I get some free time in exchange for work, this free time is limited).

If you said you liked KB in your letter to me, you got put on this list, so you may wish to send me a letter requesting your removal.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I will be on vacation from Aug 28 to Sept 14th, so unless someone takes over moderation, the group will be effectively dead during that period. Sorry to create the group right before my vacation, but it does give someone incentive to take over moderation :-).

People Currently on the list: (so you know who your fellow fanatics are)

ihnp4!gargoyle!sphinx!r032 - Me.
ihnp4!ihlpg!jeand - AMBAR
ihnp4!houxm!whuxl!whuxlm!harpo!decvax!mcnc!duke!jlt - John L. Turnley
ihnp4!seismo!harvard!bu-cs!rmmiller - Ross Miller
ihnp4!mit-eddie!nessus - Doug
ihnp4!seismo!harvard!bbncca!bbnccv!lcliffor - Who Knows
ihnp4!sdscvax!sdcc13!valerie - Val Polichar
ihnp4!alberta!sask!zaphod!pault - Paul Tildsley

Well, I'm not much of a Kate Bush fan, but I thought I'd start the group off with some possible topics of discussion:

1) Does anyone think she'll tour the US in support of the new single/album?

Has anyone heard any tour news at all?

2) Anyone want to talk about some neat rare stuff they have (live tapes or whatever) ?

3) What do people think of the new song (has she sold out or whatever)?

4) Will she do well on the US charts (ha ha ha ha ha ha).

I will occasionally attempt to sumarize interesting points to the net.



Date: Fri, 16 Aug 85 02:23:45 cdt
From: ihnp4!gargoyle!sphinx!r032 (SamR - Sam Rebelsky)
Subject: KB Mail, 2nd Letter

mail.katebush 2nd Message from SamR, current moderator

This "issue" contains

two volunteers to become moderators
a letter from Valerie
the name of a new member

AMBAR is willing to be moderator after he returns to school, but he didn't send me his address, but he will be moderator as of the beginning/middle of September.


The Following is a letter from Valerie, she is now moderator until AMBAR takes over

Date: Thu, 15 Aug 85 08:28:57 PDT
From: ihnp4!sdcsvax!sdcc13!valerie (Valerie Polichar)
Subject: [for KB mail list]

First of all -

I would be willing to moderate the Kate Bush group until September 20th, when school starts again, but someone would need to continue after that... So if you want me to, lemme know.

Now - to answer the discussion questions -

I really like the new song. I think the heavy rhythm is appealing, and quite different from her work before. The interesting thing is that radio stations are actually playing this one. Maybe it'll be a hit (?)... which would surprise me, but it is looking more and more possible, at least out here in S.D. where I hear the new song about twice every three days so far...

If I send somebody a blank cassette would they tape Kate's live album for me?



New Member:

ihnp4!mtuxo!3434rpk - Bob Kelley.


That's all for today. Stand by for the thousands of lines from Doug Alan that will undoubtably be arriving in the near future.

Don't forget, Valerie is now the moderator (and for that I thank her), so send stuff to her at ihnp4!sdcsvax!sdcc13!valerie. AMBAR will take her place in a few weeks, and (hopefully) he'll send her a message when he is ready to take over and she'll let everyone know.



Date: Sat, 17 Aug 85 00:44:05 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: Kate Bush fandom mailing list

I'm not sure the mailing list was set up correctly when I sent these following messages, so I'm going to send them again. You may want to drop me a note telling me that you got this so that I will know if everything is working (also tell me if you had already received these):

From nessus Fri Aug 16 23:29:26 1985
Subject: Kate Bush fandom mailing list

Okay, okay! I'll do it. All this bouncing around of moderation is making me dizzy! But who needs a moderator? I've set up an unmoderated mailing list at mit-eddie called "love-hounds". Any requests to be put on or taken off the list should be sent to me or to "love-hounds-request". Mit-eddie is on the ArpaNet and talks to genrad, harvard, and ihnp4 among others.

> From Valerie
> I really like the new song. I think the heavy rhythm is appealing, and quite different from her work before.

I like "Running Up That Hill" a lot too. But I'm somewhat disappointed -- it's definitely a move towards being more commercial, which I'm not so wild about. It's the first song of hers I've ever heard with a catchy melody, or with any type of real "hook" in it. Also, it's simpler than anything on "The Dreaming" and I'm really fond of the rich layered complexity of "The Dreaming". The lyrics for "Running Up That Hill" I find stunningly good though.

The B-side, "Under The Ivy", is very simple, but I think it's really great! It's very very sad, and powerfully emotional musically and lyrically. The lyrics are perfect. The whole song is just about as good as anything Kate's ever done. My only complaint is that it is so short.

> The interesting thing is that radio stations are actually playing this one. Maybe it'll be a hit (?)... which would surprise me, but it is looking more and more possible, at least out here in S.D. where I hear the new song about twice every three days so far...

They are playing RUTH in Boston on WFNX every now and then. I was driving in my car last Sunday, and they played it. I nearly crashed! I'd NEVER before heard a Kate Bush song on the radio when I hadn't requested one or played one myself (I do a radio show for WMBR, MIT's radio station once or twice a month).

We can always hope it will become a hit, but I'm really not wild about the idea of Kate becoming as big as Michael Jackson or anything (though she once was in England). There are many Kate Bush fans who want nothing more for her to be the number one popular musician in the world. I think that this will never happen, and certainly couldn't without Kate making more artistic sacrifices, which I couldn't bear to think about.

> If I send somebody a blank cassette would they tape Kate's live album for me?

Sure, I'll do it. It's not actually an album, but rather a 4 song E.P. You can often find this as a 7 inch for $2 or $3, but the Jappanese import 12 inch I have I'm sure sounds a lot nicer. Do you have Kate's non album singles and B-sides? There are a whole bunch, and they're all great of course.

"We let the weirdness in"



From nessus Sat Aug 17 00:02:31 1985
Subject: Reply to discussion topics

> From: ihnp4!gargoyle!sphinx!r032 (SamR - Sam Rebelsky)
> 1) Does anyone think she'll tour the US in support of the new single/album? Has anyone heard any tour news at all?

Kate Bush hasn't done a concert even in England since 1979. The only concert tour she ever did was for "The Kick Inside" and "Lionheart" and it was the most elaborate production possibly imaginable. It took months of preparation and then toured around England and Europe. Basically, it took up a year, and at Kate's current rate of making albums once ever two or three years, it seems unlikely that she can afford the time for another concert tour.

Even if she did, it seems unlikely that she would bring it to the United States. It would probably be too expensive. The last one invloved more than 40 people, and all sorts of sets, etc. Also Kate doesn't fly in airplanes (something about an ear problem that occurs during the pressure changes that occur in airplanes). She was going to come to the U.S. in 83, I think, via the QE2, in promotion of the Mini-LP to do TV shows and record signing things, but the QE2 was broken or in the Fauklins or something (when was the Fauklins fiasco?).

> Anyone want to talk about some neat rare stuff they have (live tapes or whatever) ?

Well I have all the non-album singles and B-sides. I have a bootleg concert record, a tape of the concert she did where Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley were guests, several hours of interviews on audio tape, the concert video tape (and a bootleg record of this soundtrack), the "Singles File" video tape, and 4 or 5 hours of other Kate Bush video stuff (that is all badly converted by camera from PAL to NTSC) including her Xmas special (I also have a bootleg record of the sound track to this), a Dutch special of videos for six songs on "The Kick Inside", interviews, etc. I also have all seven issues of Break-Through, the most recent issue of Homeground, the most recent issue of the Kate Bush Club newsletter, and a pile of xeroxes of many articles that I got from Hugh Maher.

> 3) What do people think of the new song (has she sold out or whatever)?

I think it's much more a matter of taking what the vile British critics said too seriously than selling out. Besides, it isn't really selling out if you still produce something that good. I might change my mind, though, if the whole album is as commercial as "Running Up That Hill". I seriously doubt that it is, though.

> 4) Will she do well on the US charts (ha ha ha ha ha ha).

Probably not, but anything's possible. The U.S. music press (unlike the British music press) seems to adore Kate Bush -- at least since "The Dreaming", that is.

"If I only could
Be running up that hill
With no problems"



2. Lovehounds history

the story continued

Date: Wed, 28 Aug 85 22:51:13 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: Digest?

If there is anyone who doesn't like having their mailbox cluttered up and who would rather receive love-hounds as a daily digest rather than as individual messages, just tell me (mail to me or to love-hounds-request), and I will arrange for it.



Date: Sun, 1 Sep 85 20:55:26 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: net.music.love-hounds? and love-hounds autodigest

> From: Steve Tynor <harvard!seismo!gatech!gitpyr!tynor>
> I don't know about the rest of you, but I think the traffic on this mailing list warrants the creation of a net.group.

I'll send something to net.news.group asking about it. Considering that there are 37 people on this maling list and its bandwith, maybe it's possible....


Date: Tue, 15 Oct 85 22:53:49 edt
From: Tim Wicinski <wicinski@nrl-css.ARPA>
Subject: I need a question answered [First idea of a FAQ!]

ps. Doug, do you like have all of the "back issues" kept some place. Some should volenteer to sort through the list and make a abridged version with is full of facts (lyrics, discographies, how many covers of TKI, etc). Then send this to all people who join the list from now, so they wont ask these questions over again. Sounds stupid ?? Just look at net.music. it's full of the same old nonsense that happens EVERY semester. Lets try to be one step ahead of that. I volenteer for the task, however, I would need ALL the old ones (thats alot of kate!)



Date: Tue, 22 Oct 85 21:10:58 edt
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: Archive

> From: Tim Wicinski <wicinski@nrl-css.ARPA>
> Doug, do you like have all of the "back issues" kept some place.

Yes. The archives are in a directory called "/u/nessus/s/lh" and can be FTPed. Be *very* careful not to delete anything, since some things are publicly writable. The most current archives are a file called "lh-archive" and older archives are in the subdirectory "archives" and are called "1", "2", etc.



Date: Fri, 14 Feb 86 00:35:56 est
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: I'm no longer one of the idle masses

Your ill lust rust mailing list maintainer has finally been hired for the job that he was promised six months ago. So now instead of sitting around, sleeping, vegetating, flaming on the net, and watching my bank balance shrink, I have to become a responsible member of society. I don't know if I'll have as much time to post lots of ridiculous stuff, but hopefully I'll be able to maintain the mailing list adequately.

On the positive side, I now have my very own MicroVax workstation. What should I name it? How about NEVER-FOR-EVER.MIT.EDU? Or maybe DREAMTIME.MIT.EDU? Or maybe THE-DREAMING.MIT.EDU? (There are a bunch of machines at MIT named after dead rock stars. I don't want to tempt fate by naming it KATE-BUSH.MIT.EDU...)

"Welcome, my son
Welcome to the machine"



Date: Tue, 25 Mar 86 15:45:15 EST
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: (Not Lydia) LUNCH!

As far as I know, five people, including me and Joe Turner have said they are planning on being at the First Occasional Lesser Boston Love-Hounds Lunch, Social Event of the Temporal Period, and Record Shopping Spree. These people are

Cutter@UMass-Boston.CSNET, and

So, I do declare that we all (and anyone else who wants to come) meet at House of Peking at 12:30pm on Wednesday, March 26th, (that's either today or tomorrow, folks, or you've missed it). House of Peking is in Harvard Square. I'm not sure exactly where it is, but ...

Delia Smith: "And I see that you've left on the skins on. I like that. It adds so much color."

Kate Bush: "Yes, and there's so much natural goodness in the skins."



Date: Tue, 1 Apr 86 17:28:52 EST
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: Dialathon

> A proposal for fans of alternative music : Why not use the power of the combined readers of Love-Hounds to change the programming of MTV, and put in a good word for Kate at the same time? Every Monday-Friday, from 11am-12noon, MTV has a dial-in request line, the top 10 vote-getters from which, they play at 6:00 that evening. If everyone who reads this file were to call in on some agreed-upon date, and request the "Cloudbusting" video, I bet we could get it played. At the very least, it might make Kate's name show more prominently in their request sheets, which might lead to slightly improved rotation. Any opinions?

-Peter Lee

Okay, sounds like a good conspiracy to me! Tell us the number. Pick a day. Tell us the day. Remind us as the day approaches.

"Now when they ring, I get my machine to let them in"


P.S. There was a local video channel somewhere that never played Kate Bush, and a bunch of people got together, and sent the station a pizza with "Kate Bush" spelled out in pepperoni every day until they started playing Kate Bush vidoes. Now the station loves her and they play her videos a lot.

It just goes to show you, that if you start playing good music, you stop getting free pizza.


Date: Fri, 02 May 86 14:01 PDT
Subject: KT ramblings

As far as I can tell, Doug, you and I are the only hard-core fans of Kate contributing to Love-Hounds. I mean, Butthole Surfers and Foetus On Your Breath? I have nothing against these bands, not being familiar with their music, but why so little feedback on Kate Bush?


Date: Tue, 29 Jul 86 06:13:57 EDT
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: Random KT KommenTs

*The Dreaming* has on the back cover the perfect quote to put on the back of a Love-Hounds T-Shirt! --["With a kiss I'd pass the key..." --WIE]



Date: Wed, 10 Sep 86 16:06:50 pdt
From: seismo!nike!oliveb!oliven!prs (Philip Stephens)
Subject: the archive

[There's probably many hundreds of K of stuff buried somewhere in the archives! I don't wanna dig it all out right now, but anyone can call the Kate Bush Information and Song Interpretation Hotline (that's me) at 617-354-6403 (work) or 617-354-6403 (home).



Date: Wed, 4 Mar 87 10:23:41 EST
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: You read 5000k, and what do you get?

After a year and a half of Love-Hounds, the archives are 5 Meg big. (Yes, I save all this junk!) Unfortunately, I seem to have lost a chuck of junk representing ten days at the end of January. Oh, well... Who wants to throw a 5 Meg party?



Date: Tue, 28 Apr 87 21:43:28 EDT
From: Deev%UMASS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: Stev0's first

Hello, I would like to be put on the list of the world's greatest (non-Kate) music. Here is me:

Steve Berlin

23 Puffton Village
Amherst, MA 01002

(If that address looks familiar to whoever is compiling the mailing list, it's because I live right next to Peter Lee.)

Also, help me, Katefans: I swear that I saw KT on Saturday Night Live around 1979 or 1980 (Before I heard of her and found the light). If I remember correctly, she did "Them Heavy People" and "The Man with the Child in His Eyes." A couple of local Katefans looked at me like I was crazy when I told them this. Said she never stepped foot in America at that point. So: Who is right, Me or them? and if I am, where can I get a copy of that segment?


[Steve Berlin's first mail. --WIE]


Date: Wed, 30 Dec 87 18:32 PST
Subject: KBC NEWsletter

The latest Kate Bush Club Newsletter finally arrived on IED's doorstep today, the last day of 1987.


And the other nice little bit in this new KBCN :


The entry reads, in full:

"We were interested to hear from an Australian fan, Bradley Whitehead, who described himself as a rabid Kate Bush fanatic! He had heard about the Club via an Electronic Mail Network on his work computer -- it is a newsgroup called "The Love Hounds Digest". Has anyone else heard of this?"

So get your pens and paper out, folks, and write Lisa a nice little letter, telling her "YES, YOU SILLY TWIT! LOVE-HOUNDS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR TWO YEARS NOW, AND YOU'VE ONLY BEEN TOLD ABOUT IT A COUPLE OF DOZEN TIMES ALREADY!"

That's all for now, folks. Have a Kately New Year!

-- Andrew Marvick

P.S.: Thanks to Bradley W. of Aussieland for finding the magic words.


Date: Wed, 16 Mar 88 17:29 PST
Subject: New Homeground is out

The 30th issue of Homeground (The International Kate Bush Fanzine) arrived today, and it included a nice plug for Love-Hounds. Here is the entry:

North American Fans In Overdrive!

Since we mentioned Watching Storms and The Lionhearts Society in HG no. 29, two other fanzines have made an appearance (well, almost, anyway). Still Breathing, edited by Robyn Somerville as a successor to the late great Breakthrough, is most definitely out (thanks for the copy, Robyn!), and the details are in our usual fanzine list. After the Party, edited by Alan Balliot (of Intergalactic Garage fame) we have not yet seen, and cannot yet let you have further details of.

At the same time we must also mention Love Hounds, the international computer discussion group. Those of you who speak computer will probably be able to decipher the following hieroglyphics (<Love-Hounds@EDDIE.MIT.EDU>). Having seen wads of the stuff Love-Hounds produces, we recommend it to those able to join in.


Date: Mon, 08 Aug 88 11:00 PDT
Subject: Open letter of complaint

Dear Pseudo-Moderator |>oug /\lan:

IED is writing to complain about the consistently unfair editorial advantage that you take in arguing on current and ongoing Love-Hounds issues. He would greatly appreciate it if you could have the decency to post IED's original postings without first chopping them up with intrusive repartee of your own.

All Love-Hounds except you have no choice but to write in their own autonomous postings. This results in a completely fair exchange of ideas. You, however, seem to feel that it is your prerogative as moderator to re-edit IED's postings (and those of any other Love-Hound you wish) before the original posting ever appears in Love-Hounds. As the editor you unquestionably possess the power to do this, but that power is just as unquestionably an unfair one, and one which you take excessive advantage of in your arguments with IED.

It is understandably annoying to IED to find that a posting (such as his recent lengthy consideration of Suspended ) which IED spent several hours working on appears in Love-Hounds butchered by you into little info-bits punctuated by your own comments. PLEASE HAVE THE COURTESY TO LET IED HAVE HIS SAY BEFORE MAKING YOUR RESPONSE.

If you agree to do this, and to make your future responses to IED's (and others') postings in your own separate postings, IED will in turn make a greater effort to shorten the length of his own admittedly wordy postings. But please don't use the length of a Love-Hound's posting as an excuse for taking unfair editorial license. IED used to think of this forum as a bastion of free speech, and he would like to feel that this will become true again.

-- Andrew Marvick


[Imagine a 2 month LH-pause before this here!!! WIE]

From: Doug Alan <nessus@athena.mit.edu>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 89 00:14:16 EST
Subject: This is a test of the new Love-Hounds System

Hi all you poor deprived and depraved Love-Hounds. Sorry about the two month lapse in Love-Hounds transmissions. The computer (a machine named "xx.lcs.mit.edu") that the Love-Hounds mailing list lived on was decommissioned in January, and since then there have been no Love-Hounds transmissions until now. Delays have been caused by hardware problems, software problems, and a serious lack of free time (caused by me moving to a new abode, my girlfriend departing to Scotland, and other miscellanea).

The mailing list now lives on my personal workstation "gaffa.mit.edu", and we shall see how it works. This approach has some problems. For example, if Gaffa crashes and I am not there, no one else will probably notice that it is down and reboot it. Another problem is that I have software testing to do on occasion on Gaffa, so sometimes I may have to take the Love-Hounds mailing list out of commission for a few days in order to do the work. In a few weeks I will definitely have to do some mailer testing. Until then we shall see if this mess of bailing wire and chewing gum works....

Your humble pseudomoderator,

|>oug /\lan


From: Doug Alan <nessus@athena.mit.edu>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 89 02:01:49 EST
Subject: Backlog

Oh, by the way, there are about 1,000 unread messages in my mailbox on Eddie.mit.edu. Many of these message are postings to this mailing list. Some are many months old. I will be feeding these into the current digests over time, and I will clearly mark them as being backlogged messages so that people won't be as confused when old messages ask question that may have already been answered, or what have you....



From: Doug Alan <nessus@athena.mit.edu>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 89 19:33:43 EST
Subject: For shame!

[re IED's tape distribution project:]

Hi there. Your humble pseudo-moderator has returned from the beautiful Highlands of Scotland to see that Love-Hounds has sunk to a new low. What do I find upon returning, but a hundred messages posted to the entire mailing list saying "I want one too!". Haven't any of you read the netiquette guide? Or at least have some common sense? Do you think thousands of people want to read "I want one too"? Don't you realize that the cost to send out all of those messages could probably have paid for every reader of this mailing list to have several copies of the tape? Will I ever be able to leave Love-Hounds on autopilot ever again?

Your humble pseudo-moderator,



From: Doug Alan <nessus@athena.mit.edu>
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 89 01:52:31 EDT
Subject: Silly answers to stupid questions

I am going to be preparing a list of answers to commonly-asked Kate Bush related questions that I will be posting periodically to Love-Hounds. Some questions that will appear are "What is Gaffa?", "Is Kate Bush married?", "Was that Donald Sutherland in the 'Cloudbusting' video?", "Where can I get the lyrics to Kate Bush songs?", "How do I get the Love-Hounds archives?", "What is the meaning of life?", etc. If you have any particular questions that you think should be answered, please send them to Old Pink, care of the funny farm... Oops, I mean to "nessus@athena.mit.edu". That's me, your humble pseudo-moderator.



Date: Thu, 20 Jul 89 02:36 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Flowers

Well, IED went ahead and ordered the flowers, taking the extreme liberty of using everyone's "extra" 50 cents from their now-probably-aborted-or-at-least -temporarily-suspended-tape-project money, plus another ten bucks of his own money. IED believes the flowers worked out pretty well, considering.

After shopping around at more than half a dozen florists' shops here in L.A., IED found a florists' international directory, and sure enough--there's a florist's in Welling that takes American Express orders by phone! The most logical solution all along. Anyway, the other great thing about doing it on IED's own, by phone, is that it costs much less money. The total cost was 12.50 Pounds per dozen, with no surcharges--so IED went ahead and blew the entire $78.00 from the tape project "surplus", plus an additional $10 (and the $6 phone-call) on four dozen white roses. The florist's in Welling (very nice English-sounding lady--it was neat!) couldn't guarantee ivy, but they said the white roses were no problem, and they'd intertwine them with some kind of green leafy stuff if no ivy were obtainable. Also, they couldn't deliver on the 30th (Sunday), so it'll go out on Saturday, the 29th. IED figured these minor glitches were a small price to pay to be able to get four times as many roses as expected.

Let IED take this opportunity to thank Neil and several others in the UK for their advice and/or generous offers to help with this project.

Also, IED has made up a very snazzy-looking laser-printed birthday card from all the people who contributed, and has mailed it off to the florist's shop, with any luck to arrive by the 29th. (If not, she took down IED's briefer card-inscriptions over the phone, but chances are the real card will make it in time.)

IED hopes he hasn't disappointed or offended anyone by taking this liberty. Meanwhile he consoles himself by observing that nothing could be a more fitting gift to Kate than flowers, in light of the title of her new album-- The Sensual World.

-- Andrew Marvick



o n h e r t h i r t y - f i r s t


L O V E - H O U N D S

send their

sincere affection


very best wishes

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, K A T E !

  1. Ben Fine (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania);
  2. Garry Berg (Buffalo Grove, Illinois);
  3. Sam Bell (Mountain View, California);
  4. Rod Armstrong (Stanford, California);
  5. Carol Kulik (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania);
  6. Maitland Bottoms (Alexandria, Virginia) ;
  7. Peter Shirley (Amherst, Virginia);
  8. James Mathiesen (Providence, Rhode Island);
  9. Scott Crumpton (Gainesville, Florida);
  10. Julian West (Somerville, Massachusetts) ;
  11. John Relph (San Francisco, California);
  12. Mike Mendelson (Champaign, Illinois);
  13. Tracy Roberts (Santa Cruz, California);
  14. Pete Hartman (Peoria, Illinois);
  15. Peter Hill (St. Paul, Minnesota);
  16. Steve Tynor (Marietta, Georgia);
  17. Mark Semich (Boston, Massachusetts);
  18. Stephen Carter (Cupertino, California);
  19. A. J. Kok (Amstelveen, The Netherlands);
  20. John Precedo (London, England);
  21. Mike Whitman (Vienna, Virginia);
  22. Robin Clifford (Malden, Massachusetts);
  23. Nancy Everson (Winchester, Massachusetts);
  24. Tamar Newberger (New York, New York) ;
  25. Robert Rice (Glen Allen, Virginia);
  26. John Ward (Woburn, Massachusetts);
  27. Mikki Waucomont (Munstergeleen, The Netherlands);
  28. Mark Brown (Austin, Texas);
  29. Bill Morgan (Poughkeepsie, New York);
  30. Corey Lofdahl (Los Altos, California);
  31. Steven McGee (Westwood, Massachusetts);
  32. Teemu Rantanen (Helsinki, Finland);
  33. James Smith (Mayfield, Australia);
  34. Gaye Godfrey (Carmel, Australia);
  35. John Lilley (La Jolla, California);
  36. Thomas Rumland (Reston, Virginia);
  37. Michael Scott (Corvallis, Oregon);
  38. Mark Champine (Methuen, Massachusetts);
  39. Daniel Vanevic (Fremont, New Hampshire);
  40. David Steiner (Somerset, New Jersey);
  41. Dave Heath (Baltimore, Maryland);
  42. Roger Mach (Beaverton, Oregon);
  43. Steve Schonberger (Seattle, Washington);
  44. Kari Haug (Oslo, Norway);
  45. Jim Fowler (Columbus, Ohio);
  46. John Kruper (Bellevue, Washington);
  47. Robert Kelley (Tinton Falls, New Jersey);
  48. Barth Richards (Naperville, Illinois) ;
  49. Vickie Mapes (Kansas City, Missouri);
  50. Chris Williams (Kansas City, Missouri);
  51. Doug MacGowan (Palo Alto, California);
  52. Ray Radlien (Columbia, South Carolina);
  53. Stephen Bloch (San Diego, California);
  54. Bill Sommers (San Francisco, California) ;
  55. Darryl Cate (Dallas, Texas);
  56. Randy Smith (College Park, Maryland);
  57. Art Liestman (Burnaby, British Columbia);
  58. Vishal Markandey (Dallas, Texas);
  59. Lee Hounsell (San Ramon, California);
  60. Christer Lindh (Las Vegas, Nevada);
  61. Mike Kinsella (Bellingham, Washington);
  62. Henry Young (West Lafayette, Indiana);
  63. Steven Zwanger (Princeton, New Jersey);
  64. Mike Fischer (Great River, New Jersey) ;
  65. Stephen Martin (Toronto, Ontario);
  66. Mark Anderson (Vancouver, British Columbia) ;
  67. Tom LeMense (Pontiac, Michigan);
  68. Stephen Glennon (Minneapolis, Minnesota);
  69. Larry Hernandez (San Jose, California);
  70. Doug Alan (Cambridge, Massachusetts);
  71. Scott Lindsey (Mountain View, California);
  72. Dan Ts&csq.o (New York, New York);
  73. Barbara Petersen (Danville, California);
  74. Norvald Stol (Trondheim, Norway);
  75. David Brown (Redmond, Washington);
  76. Robert Gardner (Fort Collins, Colorado);
  77. Philip Smyth (Cleveland, Ohio);
  78. Goran Larrson (Linkoping, Sweden);
  79. Steve Jacquot (Charlottesville, Virginia);
  80. Martin Hanley (Bath, England);
  81. Melanie Caughron (Aylett, Virginia);
  82. Peter Dahl (Singsby, Finland);
  83. R. J. Caley (Edinburgh, Scotland);
  84. Scot Allen (Ann Arbor, Michigan);
  85. Antony Meadley (Palatine, Illinois);
  86. John Turnley (Durham, South Carolina);
  87. Rob Bieling (Eindhoven, The Netherlands);
  88. Bob Thaden (Austin, Texas);
  89. Stephan Greene (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania);
  90. Rick Harris (Troy, New York);
  91. John McLachlan (Boston, Massachusetts);
  92. Colin Selleck (Albuquergue, New Mexico) ;
  93. Craig Heath (Leamington Spa, Warwicks., England);
  94. Bill Watson (Austin, Texas);
  95. BIll Brey (Gainesville, Florida);
  96. Jennifer Juday (Houston, Texas);
  97. Michael Pritchard (Coon Rapids, Minnesota);
  98. Liz Owens (Evanston, Illinois);
  99. Dan Kozak (Berwyn Heights, Maryland);
  100. Julian Gomez (Mountain View, California) ;
  101. Mats Lofkvist (Stockholm, Sweden);
  102. Serge Malev (St Paul&csq.s, Australia);
  103. Hagit Attiya (Cambridge, Massachusetts);
  104. Mike Dyre (Louisville, Kentucky);
  105. Bob Kelner (Needham, Massachusetts);
  106. Willard Robinson (Andover, Massachusetts);
  107. Richard Kwong (Brisbane, Australia);
  108. Dan Hall (Exeter, New Hampshire);
  109. Robert Krovetz (Amherst, Massachusetts);
  110. Tom Loden (Cambridge, Massachusetts);
  111. Scott Stenberg (Redmond, Washington);
  112. Clemens Dorfner (Hirschau, West Germany) ;
  113. John Siwko (Livington, New Jersey);
  114. Duane Day (Fremont, California);
  115. Jon Scheer (Palatine, Illinois);
  116. Jon Cooke (Fremont, California);
  117. Karen Turner (Nottingham, England);
  118. Jason Gerber (Cassopolis, Michigan);
  119. Joe Turner (Boston, Massachusetts);
  120. Jon Drukman (Cambridge, Massachusetts);
  121. Mark Ganzer (San Diego, California);
  122. Andrew Marvick (Los Angeles, California);
  123. and everyone else at Love-Hounds


Date: Fri, 21 Jul 89 16:02:13 EST
From: JONES%RPIECS.BITNET@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Good show

A quick note to IED on your recent purchase of the Katemas present-- BRAVO! Not a measly dozen roses, but FOUR! I love it! My only regret is that I didn't get to send you any money, so that my name could appear on Kate's card. Nevertheless, an admirable job....my hat is off to you!

All the best,

Deb Wentorf


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 89 16:51:44 PDT
From: ide!lofdahl@Sun.COM (Corey Lofdahl)
Subject: flowers

I'd like to thank IED for sending Kate the flowers.

It brightened up my whole day.

As we used to say in New York,

"youse gots real class sendin da flowas IED, real class".



Date: Wed, 26 Jul 89 18:42 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Thankyou notes

IED has been getting lots of very nice, friendly e-mail notes from Love-Hounds since the beginning of the week.

He does not refer to the thankyous for the flowers, a gift for which more than 140 Love-Hounds can share credit (although to the thankyous he received for performing his task as flower-agent, IED replies that it was his pleasure).


P.S.: IED will try to check up with the florist's shop in Welling on Monday to make sure that everthing went OK with the roses.


Date: Wed, 02 Aug 89 11:23 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Vickie's radio program

Glad to hear from Norvald Stol in Norway. Thanks for the note.

Incidentally, Vickie Mapes, a longtime Kansas City Kate fan, has been the DJ of a weekly 2-hour local radio program called Suspended in Gaffa for over a year now. The program's only format limitation is that all the music she plays is either composed or performed (or both) by women. Aside from that one characteristic she is the most eclectic programmer in the U.S. (Oh, IED forgot one other peculiarity--she always plays one recording of Kate's in every show...)

Well, beginning last Sunday (that's right, it was on Katemas!) Vickie began a six-hour-long (three-week) special series all about the life and magic of Kate Bush. Any- and everyone within range of the Kansas City, Missouri radio-waves should be sure to tune in for the second and third shows. It is well worth it. IED has heard the first program (on tape) and Vickie did an extremely good job. Next Sunday she covers the Never For Ever and The Dreaming periods.

Uh, only thing is, IED doesn't remember the call letters of the station. Still, you've all got till Sunday to figure out where it is on the dial...


Date: Wed, 18 Oct 89 11:28 EDT
From: PMANCHESTER@ccmail.sunysb.edu
Subject: Count me in!

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3725
Peter Manchester
Religious Studies
18-Oct-1989 11:22am EDT

SUBJECT: Count me in!

I just learned of your existence, and now that our friend has returned from her protracted occultation I am extra eager to be added to the mailing list.

I would eagerly see any compilations of back-material you may have on line.

Many thanks!

Fanatic since March '85,

Peter Manchester

[first ever mail from Peter Manchester. --WIE]


From: chris@world.std.com (Joe-dude)
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 89 03:31:25 GMT
Subject: Hello, world!

hi everyone, vickie & chris from kansas city here. joe turner just logged us on (nice guy!) first, hi to all who called our "deeper understanding" hotline what fun hearing from all of you in far-flung places. she really is! having a small bush bash here. having fun wish you were here.

vickie and chris

[first time online! --WIE]


From: Doug Alan <nessus@mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 90 23:23:15 EST
Subject: A Change

Starting on April 1st, I am changing jobs. I will be working at the Media Lab here at MIT. Unfortunately, I cannot bring my computer GAFFA.MIT.EDU with me. I will eventually acquire a computer there, I am sure, but unless someone volunteers to run Love-Hounds, the mailing list and rec.music.gaffa newsgroup may be down for an unknown period of time.

In order to run Love-Hounds, you should have a Unix machine which you can use to run the mailing list, you should know how to make a digest, and you should know how to feed mail directly into "/usr/lib/sendmail". Any volunteers?



Date: Fri, 29 Jun 90 03:57:16 EDT
From: nrc@cbema.att.com (Neal R Caldwell, Ii)
Subject: All Quiet On The Gaffa Front

It seems that there have been a couple of people on here asking -- no, pleading -- to be taken off the mailing list. That's all well and good but the proper thing to do is note "because I've got access to the newsgroup now." Failing to do so will cause us to wonder if you're leaving Love-Hounds entirely which will in turn cause doubts about your mental stability. Everybody knows that no one who's mental stability is in question should be permitted to take such a drastic step as dropping Love-Hounds.

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Wieland Willker
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