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Pt. 4

[this is NOT a discography, just some mails compiling the records.
The title only indicates that this might be interesting for a discography. --WIE]


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Date: Tue, 25 Aug 92 17:38:28 +0200
From: Ulrich Grepel <uli@intellektik.informatik.th-darmstadt.de>
Subject: FAQ-comments, div. info/questions

Hi all, this is my first post via mail, I hope it arrives...

after re-reading the faq, I found I had to make some additions:

1. Kate's session work is not completely listed:

In 1990 she did BVs on the title track of Roy Harper's album 'Once':
Roy Harper - Once
Line Records, LICD 9.00892 O, copyright 1990

Peter Gabriels third album is available in a German version. Just for completeness: Kate's original backing vocals are used in the two songs 'Keine Selbstkontrolle' (No Self Control) and 'Spiel ohne Grenzen' (Games Without Frontiers). The CD order number is: virgin xcdscd 4019, its name is 'peter gabriel - ein deutsches album'.

Another recording with Peter Gabriel is 'don't give up' which is availlable in several versions. The video soundtracks are not the same length as the LP version, same for the version used on Peter's 'Shaking the Tree' best of. And there is yet another mix availlable on a promo version of 'don't give up' that is even shorter. On the promo (CD and vinyl 12") there are two versions: an 'edit' with 5:26 and the LP version with 6:30. Unfortunately the only differences I can hear are the length of the intro and 'extro' parts.

2. I have a video tape with Rocket Man.

I would love to trade that (and the others I have) for other Kate videos I do not have, please email me to get more enlightened. (I will at a point in the near future have the ability to do some NTSC<->PAL conversions since a friend of mine is going to spend money for that Panasonic machine)

3. Books:

For the curious: There's a German translation of 'An Illustrated Biography' by Paul Kerton, published by Bastei Luebbe, but already deleted:

Paul Kerton - Kate Bush
Die britische Rock-Sensation der 80er Jahre!
Mit zahlreichen Farb- und Schwarz-weiss-Fotos und kompletter Discographie
Bastei Luebbe 60 050, ISBN 3-404-60050-9, published in 1981

The two lines are:

The British rock sensation of the 80s!
With numerous color and black-and-white photos and a complete discography
It is a paperback edition with 127 pages.

The following items have nothing to do with the FAQ, but they spinned around my mind for quite a time, so I put them here:

4. The Magician:

I have the German version of that film. The song is only played once with voice parts by Kate, when the magician's former girl friend arrives in Warshaw (?) to be with him and his actual girl friend is not pleased by the idea that he goes down to her on the street. (Dunno the names at the moment.)


a) Is the position of the sung song the same in the English version?

b) I imagine the following: One gets both versions of the film. One digitizes both. One does a FFT on both. One synchronizes the tracks. One takes out any frequency that is not on both tracks. One reverts the FFT. One has the song with much less talking over it. One is happy.

Does that seem reasonable?

5. Candle In The Wind:

Look for 4 b). Then take CITW and CITW instrumental version. Get rid of the synthesizer. Get a better instrumental version. Mix'em up. Be happy again. Comments?

6. Back Sides:

In a recent article about Kate Compilation Bootlegs there were some comments about the back sides bootleg album. One of IED, Evan Walsh or Ron Hill said that he thinks BS is pressed on top of another record from Maria Stanmore because of hearing something at the end of TBS and the LP label. Haven't you read the titles of the Maria Stanmore songs? They are as following:

side a:

1. Last Day Of The Month - replace Day with Month, Month with Year and you'll get December, and the song is in fact December will be...
2. Hot And Relax - replace hot with warm, relax with soothing and you'll get the actual song, Warm and Soothing.
3. A Dance For All - Waltzes are a kind of dances, and this is the Ran Tan Waltz.
4. No Room To Move - isn't this what you get when you have a Full House?
5. Nobody But Us Chickens - If a chick is alone at home, this title applies. If you misspell the actual title of the song as 'The Empty building' (as it is done on the outer sleeve), you'll get a similar situation.

side b:

1. A Bridge Too Far - this is Burning Bridge. I do not know what 'burning' has to do with being too far (away), but... I've got to get closer now
2. Maybe Later - that clearly sais 'Not This Time'
3. Could They Be Meaning Me! - Could be connected to a handsome boy who is acting like if he is innocent...
4. Don't Catch Me Out - Where is ivy growing - surely not inside buildings...
5. Patrick Moores Dream - A Book Of Dreams by Peter Reich is one connection that comes to my mind. Who is Patrick Moore? Why does the bootlegger do this mistake, since the song is The Big Sky, not Cloudbusting? Another connection might be that there's a Henry Moore, sculptor, who happens to celebrate his birthday on Katemas. But the actual connection would surely be that Kate is dreaming in that song - even if it is not literally mentioned in its lyrics. Besides, there is a Stanford Moore (1913-1982, Am. biochem.), think about Marias surname...

My comment on the mislabeling with Maria Stanmore is that this is a fairly common action by bootleggers when they have to find a record press making the bootleg record. They normally shouldn't know what they're doing, at least not everyone. So the bootlegger claims that he has the copyrights to the recordings, but that doesn't work well with too well known artists. So they invent another one, in this case Maria Stanmore. The record label of this boot obviously is 'Pink Frost Records', a typical name for these labels. The CD is by 'Observation Records', and not mislabeled. There is a Prince Bootleg CD that is labeled to be from a group called 'Funky Power Research', a more-or-less Princeish name...

The other song audible at the end of TBS might be anything, perhaps a song the bootlegger listened to when he made the 'masters'. Some stereos are not able to separate inputs completely. I experienced a similar thing when I once made a tape for my car and searched, on another tape deck, connected to the amplifier, for empty tapes. The not-empty-ones can be heard on the tape I recorded for my car.

BTW: The 'noise' at the end of TBS is on the CD version as well. Hence it's the same masters or it's a copy of the vinyl edition. You can't press a CD on top of another. Can't you?

Another BTW: It would be quite accidentally if the 'original' record by Maria has the same length as the BS itself. And, it won't fit exactly into the original groove, so some needle-crashing would have to be heard.




Date: Tue, 12 Jan 93 11:24:01 +0100
From: Ulrich Grepel <uli@intellektik.informatik.th-darmstadt.de>
Subject: Under the Ivy Bush

Whew! I'm almost blow(n) away!

I got hold of a copy of the 'Under the Ivy Bush' bootleg LP. Amongst others it features a live version of 'James and the Cold Gun' that's blowing me away. This one is really different, and - as IED says - remarkably good for '79 audience bootleg recordings. Anyway, this version is incredibly, only recommended for Truefans, because it is quite disturbed/ing! Nobody seems able to hold a note. That stands not only for Kate's vocals, but for all instruments too. If this is not some pitch problem with the recording, it has to be purpose! Alltogether, this piece is a heavy experience...

Oh, before I forget: A while ago we discussed the bootleggers' way to disguise the contents of a disc by selecting strange track titles that only resemble the actual one. We did that on the example of the 'Back Sides' vinyl label. The Label of the 'Under the Ivy Bush' LP is similar:

Side 1:

Climb every mountain - Running up that Hill
Blue Sky - The Big Sky
Jimmy get your gun - James and the cold gun
Gymnopedies - Satie's first Gymnopedie & Moving

Side 2:

Only have eyes for you - The Man with the Child in his Eyes
Fiddler on the roof - Violin
Horror at home - Hammer horror
High as a bird - Kite
High Society - Wuthering Heights
Under the Ivy - Under the Ivy

The last one is an exception to the rule, but since it is more unknown than the other ones (it is not an album track) and since the whole album has that title, it's not adding too much to the risk of producing the bootleg. Note also that the album is by the KTB Band, something we all know, but something that not everybody connects with Kate Bush.




Date: Fri, 26 Feb 93 18:52:10 EST
From: woj@remus.rutgers.edu (l.l. cool bean)
Subject: butterfly kisses

Here, y'all KaTe KolleKTor sKum, is the track listing on the bootleg cd

"Butterfly Kisses"

1. wuthering heights (this is apparently from some tv program - i can think of two possibilities, though i do not know which this is from - i had never heard this recording of the song before, however.)
2. the wedding list (prince's trust gala concert, 21 july 1982)
3. the man with the child in his eyes (unidentified tv performance, possibly from saturday night live, but i'm not sure.)
4. them heavy people (unidentified tv performance - features backing vocals by a woman who does not sound like Kate at all.)
5. under the ivy (the tube - neil said this was not available on anything other than video bootlegs, but i believe that is incorrect. if i'm not mistaken, this also showed up on the passing through air vinyl bootleg, though i'm not sure of this.)
6. breathing (comic relief concert, 4/6 april 1986)
7. do bears ... in the woods (comic relief conerts, 4/6 april 1986 - duet with rowan atkinson.)
8. running up that hill (the secret policeman's third ball, 2nd night - with david gilmour on guitar)
9. the long and winding road (sound in s, japanese tv, 23 june 1978)
10. she's leaving home (sound in s, japanese tv, 23 june 1978)
11. moving (unidentified tv performance, possible 7th tokyo song festival, 18 june 1978 - another new track for my ears.)
the rest of the cd is all tracks taken from some unidentified tour of life concert: room for the life/strange phenomena/violin/in the warm room/kite/wuthering heights.

the packaging is decent: the cover is KaTe done up in the violin getup that she wore in the bbc special. inside the jewel booklet (which is more a pamph-let, i should say) are three black'n'white shots of KaTe in a dancing leo-tard and tights - maybe i'll digitize them sometime.

as i mentioned before, sound quality is fair to good as bootlegs go. strong recording levels were used, so that is a good sign. don't expect to hear crystalline sounds if you buy this, but it is not muddled beyond reconition either.



by Ron Hill, Andrew Marvick (IED), and Ulrich Grepel.
Compiled by Ron Hill

June 6, 1993

NOTE!!! This list is currently very incomplete, the main problem being the compiler does not have access to the early bootleg records (though he does have all the interviews on tape), and it's very confusing putting a list like this together without having access to the records. Eventually I'd like to have a more complete listing, with details as to which interviews are on which records, perhaps even the first question and answer from each interview.

Interview disks mentioned in the collector's guide but not yet included here are: KB7, BUSH7P, BUSH 7, Chat with the Stars, BUSH 7S, and KATE BUSH. Interview CDs are Greyhound and Bush 7 CD. If anyone has these, I'd appreciate it if you could post the first question and answer from each (and whatever other information you see fit), so that we can determine what has what. As far as I know, I have all of the interviews, I just don't know what is included on each disk.

It should be noted that unlike other Kate Bush bootlegs, interview boots are actually legal. There has been some discussion, however, as to whether or not that makes them ethical. On the "no" side it can be pointed out that Kate makes no money from any bootlegs, and the boots are often shoddy and misleading. On the "yes" side, some fail to see the fundamental difference between making a profit by selling an interview in a magazine and making a profit by selling an interview pressed in vinyl.


The earliest is a picture disc of The Kick Inside , released first in 1978, then again (without run-out groove message) in 1981 or 1982.

The second was a seven-inch pic-disc of "The Big Sky" single, UK only.


BAK 2006 - It is a British import, originally priced from between $7.98 and $10.99.

This record is reasonably well made, as such things go. It is NOT, repeat NOT an official EMI release, but an attempt has been made to make it APPEAR to be official (a pseudo-HoL type-style and EMI-like catalogue number). The two photos are in colour, and are relatively rare shots, both from early photo sessions with Kate wearing her old white dove earrings. Both were taken in 1978, probably quite early in the year. IED dates them that way because of the feathery choker she wears in one photo, a decoration which she wore during a 1978 German lip-synch. One of the photos is very distinctive: Kate stands against a blue background, and has both hands raised, as though displaying her manicure to the camera.

The record appears to have been made by the same people who put out a series of SEVEN-inch interview picture-discs of David Sylvian and Siouxsie Sioux about a year earlier.

This one contains an interview done with Kate in her studio by a British fan who apparently obtained Kate's participation by associating himself with an Australian group (probably the Aussie fanzine Dreamtime, who did send a couple of writers over to visit the UK KT community the year before). Kate obviously had no idea at the time of the interview that the tape would be used as yet another exploitive bootleg product. However, this is definitely not the same as the infamous "D. Cross" interview which Homeground exposed as a fraud perpetrated by upstart rival Under the Ivy, as this is definitely a real one-on-one interview, whereas the other was just a fake using Kate's pre-recorded answers from the Canadian HoL interview record and a voice-over of the cue-sheet questions. Nevertheless, in the picture-disc's "real" interview, both the interviewer and Kate are extremely nervous and ill-at-ease, especially at the beginning and end of the interview; and the questions range from the utterly banal (things like "What's 'Running Up That Hill' about?") to the completely weird and meaningless ("The cloudbuster that Ken Hill made -- What's become of it?" Answer: It's in storage in a garage, of course!). At the very end the interviewer throws in one of the questions Kate particularly dislikes getting, namely, "Do you follow current affairs and politics, Kate?". This time it was especially unwelcome because Kate thought the interview was finished, and then had to stay and answer this last question. She gives her usual non-committal answer, but this time it's also clearly intended to stop the conversation -- the closest IED has ever heard Kate get to open annoyance.

The interview begins:

I: When you launched the album, you had a laser show at the London planeterium (giggle)

K: Yes. (laughing) Were you there?

KB1011 - This one has two reddish photos, the first a shot taken during Kate's stay in New York in November 1985 (she is wearing the veddy proper white blouse and floppy bow tie in which she made most of her public appearances there), the other a still from either German, French or Dutch lip-synch performances of "Babooshka", from back in 1980 (this was the solo performance in a red jumpsuit with a bass viol as the only prop). The same group of bootleggers made this and the previous picture disks, and both have prominent catalogue numbers and copyright signs all over, to lend them a false air of authenticity (bloody cheek).

KATE BUSH II - This one features two more of the 1978 feather-choker photos, and is called "Kate Bush II". The other of the legitimate interviews (found on the latest BAK disc) has absolutely abominable sound. Let IED qualify that: the sound is all right, but the interview took place in a room full of loudly chatting people (a pub, perhaps, or at a party?), and as a result it's sometimes very difficult to hear all of Kate's answers. In this record's favour is the quality of the discussion itself -- really first-rate. The interviewer is either English or Scottish, IED thinks, and he manages to do what very few Kate interviewers succeed in doing, namely to turn an unnatural "interview" session into a very comfortable, mutually respectful chat of some thirty minutes' length. The conversation, which dates from just prior to the release of the "There Goes a Tenner" single, touches on a great many topics, and Kate makes many very interesting comments about subjects no-one has ever brought up with her before.

Note this interview is also included on the CD CBAK 4011, but apparently it is cut short (see that entry).

This interview begins:

How do you get on with the situation of only bringing out an album sort of every two years and...

"Well, it was difficult 'cause.. like the last album, when that was finished, it was just a matter of doing the promotion and then I free again to do another album.

the "CBAK 4011" version APPARENTLY ends at:

I think 'Oh yeah, that sound that Pad had, that'd be great in there.'"

Wheras this ends at:

I mean there's no doubt that when people change their names, they actually do change."

Kate Bush Interview, 1986 - A picture-disk 7" interview single The record contains the "official" promotional interview for HoL , conducted in 1986, according to the little sticker-label that is attached to the clear plastic sleeve of the record. (This label is the only identifying mark on the product; it gives a catalogue number but no label name. It is set in violet HoL -style italic type, and simply says "Kate Bush Interview, 1986".)

The interview is the "canned" promotional interview for Hounds of Love, the questions were dubbed in later. (see The Conversation Series CD entry) The quality of the pressing is okay. The quality of the picture-disk itself is quite high. Both photos are from about 1985/6, and although the record is clearly "unauthorized", its production values are certainly as good as those of the official 7" picture-disk of "The Big Sky".

"Abbey Road" - A 12" picture-disk. One side features a 1985 publicity shot (often seen) of Kate in pink; the other is a nice twist on the TKI official picture-disk. It's a photo of Kate in the green body-suit from that disk, getting out of a chromium cylinder, but the shot is not exactly the same as the one from the official disk. The program is exactly the same Tony Myatt interview (47 minutes long) as heard at the Romford convention and on the CD (see the CD entry for more information).

Words about Music WAM05 - Limiteded (500) comes in a cardboard box with colour photo on front, two halftone photos inside. Two interviews, both late 1985, approx 15mins each. I think they're both fairly well-known - most of what she says sounds familiar. She doesn't sound particularly cheeful on the first one (neither does the interviewer) but the second is a bit better.

"Stand Up & Talk!" (1992) It's a 33rmp LP single picture disk. The picture is taken from the "Them Heavy People" video and gives the LP a weird shape. You also get a plinth (or stand) with the following instructions -

- A plinth is included to enable Kate to stand up. To fit simply fit the flat area of this disc into the slit on the plinth. Put on a shelf & drool." -

I assume it's from a series of interview LP's since it's numbered "Standup 2". I'm also informed that it's a limited edition and I own No. 859 of 1500.

"Just Saying It (Could Even Make it Happen)" (1992) Its front cover shows a nice photo of Kate at the '87 BPI's (IED refers to the ceremony at which Kate was dragooned into handing Peter Gabriel an award), wearing a high-collared black evening dress, with her hair pinned up. On the back is a color photo from Kate's appearance at the Laserium in 1985 for the premiere of the "Hounds of Love" LP (where she was accompanied by Del Palmer for the first time in a social context). The vinyl in the copy that IED saw was a peculiar sort of purplish-Pepto-Bismolish opaque color. The same interview on this album comprises part one of the "Words About Music" interview CD. The interview was apparently conducted circa 1985.


Conversation Disc Series ABCD 012 - The first-ever KATE BUSH PICTURE-CD.

Actually, though, it's still a pretty shoddy piece of merchandise. It's an interview-disk, a new entry in the continuing series of cult-rocker interview CDs that had been showing up in import CD shops during the past couple of months before this CD. (Earlier entries include Sisters of Mercy, Cocteau Twins and Peter Gabriel, plus perhaps five or six others.) The covers of all of these CDs are yellow, with a photograph of the artist/artists on the front of the "booklet". No label name is given, and it's possible that the company is the same that put out the long series of picture-disk vinyl interview LPs under the "BAKTABAK" label, but there's no way of really knowing.

The Kate Bush CD features a candid photo of Kate from her appearance at the laser-art press audition of the Hounds of Love LP in the fall of 1985. Another photo by the same photographer was used by Verkerke poster company as the source for a poster which appeared in Europe shortly afterward. Kate is seen wearing a plain off-white silk blouse and the dragon earrings which appear on the cover of the Hounds of Love twelve-inch (and elsewhere). The same photograph is reproduced on (and somewhat rattily inserted in) the label-side surface of the compact disc itself.

As for the audio content, it is comprised of two separate interviews, the first of about twenty-three minutes' length, the other of about nine minutes The first of the two from the French TV show Profile 6 and is an undoctored, legitimate conversation between Kate and an unidentified Englishman who asks all the usual and basic questions, receiving all the usual and basic replies, although Kate seems to take more than her usual care in choosing her words. The second interview is the "canned" promotional interview for Hounds of Love, the questions were dubbed in later.

Oh, one more thing, this by way of a warning to the buyer: on the back of the CD's jewel-box notes there is a "guarantee" that none of the interview CDs in this yellow series is less than 40 minutes in length. In fact, however, the Kate Bush CD is only a little more than 32 minutes long. So much for truth in advertising.

The first interview begins:

Int: Many congratulations on the success of the album hounds of love and of course the singles which have also been very successful. How are you coping with the success this time around - are you finding it alot easier than the "wuthering heights" days?

Kt: Yes and no, I mean it's easier cos it's something i've experienced before,

The second interview begins:

Int: Where do you get the ideas for the imagery in your music and videos?

Kt: I think most of my imagery comes from films. but, initially, it all comes from people.

"Kate Bush Interview, 1986" - A 3" compact disk, in a 5" "economy" jewel-box (same size as but thinner than a normal jewel-box) with adaptor and plain white-paper cover inside that says simply "Kate Bush Interview 1986", printed (as was the sticker on the cover of the picture-disk) in violet "Hounds of Love"-style script. The product bears no label name, but says "Made in UK" and has a catalogue number "KB3CD". The interview on the disk is identical to the picture-disk's, but the inside of the cover-card in the CD box has a short, illiterate and anonymously authored blurb about Kate and the interview.

This same 3" compact disk is also reported to have become available in "gold", i.e. with a gold tint to the CD.

Kate Bush: The Abbey Road Interview - Unlike most of the others released to date, this CD is an excellent product. It is apparently being made in an authentically "limited" edition--at any rate, each copy includes a serial number on the front cover.

The cover--which is made of card-paper in the style of a five-inch-size album cover--is beautifully designed, with pretty silver block lettering on a dark blue background. On the front cover it simply says "K A T E B U S H" above a reproduction of one of Guido Herera's HoL -era publicity close-ups, in full and good-quality colour. The back has the title, the serial number (printed in black on a white band) and a marvelously printed colour shot of Kate, dating from a series of photos for a ca.-1979/80 UK music-weekly interview (quite unrelated to the contents of the CD itself, but a wonderful shot nevertheless), showing her seated on a bank of black leather couches in a lobby, wearing a bright red dress with a butterfly brooch. Lovely.

The interview itself is not from "Abbey Road". God knows why such a title was chosen. At any rate, it probably wouldn't have been a good idea to identify the interview correctly, because the actual company which owns the rights to it--UK's Capital Radio-- almost certainly had nothing to do with this product. Anyway, the interview was really undertaken by Tony Myatt, a longtime friend of Kate's dating from November of 1977 when Tony and Capital decided that Wuthering Heights was such a great record, they would play it on their station even though its release had been postponed for four months. Their early promotion had a "teaser" effect on the British public, and helped make Wuthering Heights the success it was.

This particular interview was, as far as IED knows, recorded by Tony at Capital's own studios, but at the Romford Convention in November 1985 it was announced that the interview had been conducted expressly for the convention itself.

Anyway, the interview is one of Kate's very best, and even though Tony's questions are frequently very, very silly, his evident affection and respect for Kate have the effect of provoking some very interesting and emotional answers. It's also a long interview--the second longest that IED has ever heard/read. It lasts forty-seven minutes. Finally, the sound is superb--almost like a digital recording. Absolutely no hiss, though there is a very low-level intermittent buzz from the in-studio equipment. All in all, this CD gets an A from IED, and is recommended to anyone wishing to hear Kate talking over a broad range of subjects with the thoughtfulness and maturity that has distinguished her public conversation since 1985.

The interview begins:

Let's talk about The Hounds of Love [sic] first of all, ok? A wonderful title for an album, but where does it actually come from?"The title comes from one of the songs, which is entitled Hounds of Love, and this album for me is like two quite separate pieces of work:

CBAK 4011 - A picture-disk CD on the Baktabak label. This contains two interviews, the first from '82 (about 20 minutes long) and the second from '85. The first interview is the same as the one on "Kate Bush II" record, but this CD MAY only contain about half of the interview [NOTE: I'M NOT ENTIRELY SURE ABOUT THIS, I only know that the transcription I have this CD is only half as long as the recording I have from the album]. The second interview is the same as the BAK 2006 interview.

'Words About Music' (1992) - It's order number is 'WAM 05'. My xerox-source sais that there are two interviews on it: 1. the same one as on the picture LP 'Tell Tales / KB1011A / 1987', but with some more questions (?), 2. The "canned" promotional interview for Hounds of Love, the questions were dubbed in later. (see the Conversation Disk Series CD entry).

"Kate Bush Interview" is made in England under the "Discussion Records" lable. It's got a CD number as well but I recon it's a silly play on words and that's all. It's numbered "NEVER 4 CD". The box it comes in says that it's a limited edition (I got #360) and also comes with some nice pictures inside. The actual CD cover is a beautiful KT picture.

So, to the interview, ... it's a direct tapeing (about 45 mins long) in some very public place since there is a LOT of background noise. It's seems to me that it was taped just before the release of NFE since that's what most of the discussion's about.


Hearing recent interviews after a long spell of listening to some of the earlier interviews, it occurs to IED again that Kate has become an even more articulate and eloquent speaker than she was a decade ago. She has also radically reduced both the expressive range of her speaking voice and the "South London" accent which she used to assume in interview situations. For years it has seemed to IED that the now-forsaken "popular" accent which Kate used to sport during her public appearances was affected rather than ingrained, because no other members of Kate's family spoke with such an accent, and because its intensity seemed to vary depending upon the social and topical context in which she was speaking. Her present accent, which more closely approximates "U" diction, and which she has used with a new consistency over the past three years or so, is very likely another more or less calculated element in her promotional campaign for the post- Dreaming work, since it reinforces the seriousness and sobriety of thought and feeling which Kate has tried to communicate in her tone and choice of words since 1985, in a clear effort to correct her undeserved image as a naive and overly effusive flower-child.




Date: Fri, 24 Sep 93 17:38:48 EDT
From: Andrew B Marvick <abm4@columbia.EDU>
Subject: This Woman's Live Work

Btw, IED glimpsed Riuichi Sakamoto there yesterday. Yes, IED actually can recognize and identify musicians who have no connection with Kate Bush. However, because of his irrelevance to Kate's work, IED saw no point in engaging him in conversation.

Also by the way, there are several gross errors of track identification on the new limited-edition import CD, "This Woman's Live Work". For one thing, the first track on the CD is not from Saturday Night Live -- Kate didn't perform "Wuthering Heights" on that show. On the other hand, IED doesn't recognize this live version of the song from any of the video performances which he has seen -- could this be an audio recording of the long-lost first-ever Kate Bush Top-of-the-Pops appearance? The penultimate track on the CD, Kate's live performance, with Peter Gabriel, of "Don't Give Up", at Earl's Court, excuses the (high) price of the produKT.

-- Andrew Marvick (IED)




Date: Fri, 17 Dec 93 15:10:08 EST
From: Andrew B Marvick <abm4@columbia.EDU>
Subject: If You Could See Me Fly

Marcel asks about the bootleg product(s) entitled "If You Could See Me Fly": there are indeed two entirely unrelated recordings which go by that title. The first is a vinyl album containing excerpts from the Bill Duffield charity concert; the second is one of the two CDs that contain, between them, most of the so-called "Cathy demos" which (according to Love-Hounds' much-valued late intelligence) Kate doesn't much like to see on the market! This disk's companion CD is called "Passing Through Air", which is confusing enough, too, since that was not only the title of Kate's own legitimately released b-side (from the Army Dreamers single), but also of a ca.-1985 bootleg multi-LP vinyl album which contained brazenly illegal transfers of most of Kate's b-sides to date, but no "Cathy demos".




Date: Sat, 26 Feb 1994 22:35:00 +0100
From: uli@zoodle.RoBIN.de (Ulrich Grepel)
Subject: "tell it thru the song"


Did you know that the 7" version of The Man With The Child In His Eyes actually is availlable on CD? It's contained in the 3CD sampler 'tell it thru the song' which I found today. (Thanks Klaus for mentioning it, though I only found out later. But you brought up the idea of searching samplers in me...)

Bye, Uli

"tell it thru the song"
Kate contributes with the 7" version of The Man With The Child In His Eyes
3CD Teledisc Tel CD 48

tell it thru the song 193:55
CD1: 70:37
1) Don McLean - Vincent 4:00
2) Kate Bush - The Man With The Child In His Eyes 2:50




From: Craig Heath <craig@sco.COM>
Date: Tue, 10 May 94 14:12:53 BST
Subject: Skyscraping by Paddy Bush

"Skyscraping", by BushTucker (Paddy Bush and Colin Lloyd Tucker) Catalogue number: Humbug BAH 8 Distributed by Trident Music Int., P.O. Box 2903, London N1 3NE

Apparently they will send you a catalogue if you send them a stamped addressed envelope.




From: Ulrich Grepel <uli@zoodle.robin.de>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 95 23:55:04 +0100
Subject: Re: The Single File version differences

Just to clarify the question, here's the original (2nd) message again:

Date: Fri, 5 Aug 1994 23:29:17 +0200
From: endwar@phys.psu.edu (Andrew Russ)
Subject: The Single File remixes/remasters (repost)

I'm reposting this because i got no response to my (admittedly arcane) questions before. If i don't get any answers this time i'm forwarding the questions to Homeground for the next KaTe Convention trivia quiz. :-)

I recently had the joy of getting The Single File (copy no. 2795) for an embarrasingly low price. Several singles were apparently remastered, and I was able to notice at least two audible changes on a casual listen:

The Single File version of "Army Dreamers" fades while the original 7" does not fade. I think the original single mix is thus about ten seconds longer, and the line "Mommy's Dying" that KaTe says at the end is cut off the Single File version. Also, the inscription "Life Is To Love" was not scratched into the Single File master. The matrix numbers are:

original: EMI 5106 A 1
Single File: EMI 5106 A-3-1-1-2
The matrix numbers of the B-sides are identical.

There was other musical difference i was able to find: my German copy of "Babooshka" has about 10 seconds more of the breaking glass effects at the end of the song than does my Single File version.

Otherwise, i've noticed some of the wind-off groove inscriptions have been removed, and again the matrix numbers of those sides are changed (at least for the two that i can check against regular EMI issues:


A-side matrix numbers and inscription identical.
B-sides differ:
original: EMI 5058 B-3
inscription: "Happy Aniversary to the P's"
Single File: EMI 5058 B-4

The Dreaming: both sides have different matrix numbers:

A side: TOWNHOUSE EMI 5296 A-1U-1-1-2
A side inscription: "For Rolf"
B side: TOWNHOUSE EMI 5296 B-1U-1-3-15
Single File
A side: EMI 5296-A-3-1-1-1
B side: EMI 5296-B-3-1-1-1

I didn't detect any musical differences in either of these singles.

The remastered sides of "Army Dreamers" and "The Dreaming" and "Babooshka" all have the matrix numbers in the same style of lettering, whereas the original matrix numbers (c.f. side two of "Army Dreamers" and both sides of "Breathing") are in a smaller lettering (Thus i suspect the different matrix numbers for the second sides of my two copies of "Breathing" originate from the original single release rather than with the Single File).

I would like to ask a few questions, though:

1. How many copies of the limited edition of the Single File were issued? The four digit number would seem to indicate less than 10000.

2. The signature on the inside cover of the booklet (with the inscription "I hope you enjoy this collection") looks like a printed facsimile. Is it?

3. Anybody have any idea if a copy of the Breathing single that is missing a side 1 label (the one with the many KaTes danging around the spindle hole) is any kind of rarity? My copy of this oddity has no picture sleeve.

4. Anybody else noticed these (or other) musical differences between Single File versions of songs and original single mixes? I would expect that many of the songs were slightly remixed for the singles, so there might be slight variations from the album versions (and not so slight, as in the intro to "The Man With the Child In His Eyes").

5. Is my guess about the differences in lettering indicating remastered sides correct? Some expert may know.


Now I put up a question in the air: has anyone verified if all given singles of the same kind are acoustically the same? Maybe changes like those two indicated in the above message also happened during repressings?




From: Ronald.Girardin@dartmouth.edu (Ronald Girardin)
Date: 26 Jan 1995 14:51:12 GMT
Subject: The Singles File...remixed versions?

Well...I did some investigation to see if indeed the singles found in the boxed set (The Single File) differ from the original releases of those singles. Here's what I found so far:

1. "The Dreaming", "There Goes A Tenner" and "Sat In Your Lap" are identical musically. However, different plates have been used to press those singles (they probably all have different plates, this IS delt with in the Collector's Guide...)

2. Babooshka (The Single File) is DEFINITELY shorter by about 10 seconds. I verified this against my UK and Japanese releases.

3. I was unable to check out Army Dreamers because it seems that both of my copies did in fact come from the boxed set. :-( So I still don't have an original release of Army Dreamers. Bummer!

i still have to check Breathing, On Stage, Wuthering Heights and December...

I won't be able to check "The Man With The Child In His Eyes", "Wow", "Hammer Horror" and "Ne T'Enfuis Pas" because I don't have seperate singles for them....yet!. I can check them with other sources though. i DO know that "The Man..." is probably the video version ("He's here...he's here...")

I will keep you posted...

Can someone at least check out the 45s that I can't? Thank You

Another thing we must keep in mind is: Are there differences between the original numbered release of the Single File and the subsequent unnumbered release?




From: Ulrich Grepel <uli@zoodle.robin.de>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 19:04:54 +0200
Subject: Re: Chart Positions


I did a little bit of research and came up with the following file which - in newer versions if I get more input - will be available from me on request, at least until I finally get my ISDN connection to the 'real internet' (soon now) and my new harddisk (also soon now).

A smaller version (only highest position in each country) is now part of the FAQ (coming next week again).

This is a very incomplete list of chart positions for Kate's singles, albums and video tapes. If you have further entries or corrections, feel free to speak up!


Wuthering Heights:
UK (BMRB): 42 (78-02-07) 27 (78-02-14), 13 (78-02-21), 5 (78-02-28), 1 (78-03-07), 1 (78-03-14), 1 (78-03-21), 1 (78-03-28), 3 (78-04-04), (4 more weeks in the charts)
NL: 1
B: 1
NZ: 1 (5 weeks)
Aus: 1
G, F, Bra, Arg, SA, Dk, Swe, SF: top 10

The Man With The Child In His Eyes:
UK: 60 (78-06-10), 30 (78-06-17), 17 (78-06-24), 6 (78-07-04) US (Billboard Hot 100): 85 (entry: 79-02-17, 4 weeks totally)

J: 1

Hammer Horror:
UK: 73 (78-11-11), 49 (78-11-18), 44 (78-11-25)

UK (BMRB): 61 (79-03-13), 35 (79-03-20), 23 (79-03-27), 27 (79-04-03), 14 (79-04-10), 14 (79-04-17), 14 (79-04-24)

On Stage:
UK: 10 (79-10-09)

UK (BMRB): 44 (80-04-22), 29 (80-04-29), 24 (80-05-06), 16 (80-05-20) Babooshka:
UK (BMRB): 63 (80-07-01), 16 (80-07-08), 7 (80-07-15), 7 (80-07-22) 5 (?) Aus: 30 (80-08-25), 1 (80-10-20), 1 (80-11-03) I: top 10 G: 29 (80-12-29) F: 5 (80-12-10), 3 (81-01-25) Cnd: top 10 Arg (Pelo): 1 (end of 81) Army Dreamers:
UK: 57 (80-09-30), 16 (80-10-21), 14 (80-10-28), 17 (80-11-04) peak: 16? December Will Be Magic Again:
UK: 39 (80-12-02), 29 (80-12-09), 36 (81-01-10), 74 (81-01-17) Isr: 10 (81-01-02), went further up Sat In Your Lap:
UK: 11 The Dreaming:
UK (BMRB): 49 (82-08-03), 48 (82-10-10), 65 (82-10-17) UK (RB): 57 (82-08-02), 37 (82-08-09), 37 (82-08-16), 61 (82-08-24) UK (NME): 29 (82-08-09) UK (MM): 28 (82-08-09) UK (RL): 30 (82-08-09) Suspended In Gaffa:
most of Europe, Cnd, Aus: top 10 There Goes A Tenner:
UK: did not chart Ne T'Enfuis Pas:
F: top 30 (end of July 83) Running Up That Hill:
UK: 9 (85-08-13), 3 (11 weeks totally)
UK (12" charts): 2
US (Billboard Hot 100): 95 (85-09-07), 30 (85-11-30)
US (12" chart): 49 (85-09-07), 21 (85-10-12)
NL (radio charts): 1
NL: 23 (85-08-21), 6 (85-09-18), 6 (85-09-25)
G: 13 (85-09-13), 3 (85-09-27), 3 (85-10-04), 3 (85-10-11), 3 (85-10-18), 3 (85-10-25)
most of Europe, Cnd, Aus: top 10 Cloudbusting:
UK: 26 (85-10-22), 20 (85-10-29), 20 (85-11-05) Hounds of Love:
UK: 18 The Big Sky:
UK: 39 (86-05-10), 37 (86-05-17), 54 (86-05-24), 84 (86-06-07), 84 (86-06-14) Don't Give Up:
UK: 31 (86-11-01), 16 (86-11-08), 9 (86-11-15), 9 (86-11-22), 12 (86-11-29), 24 (86-12-06), 36 (86-12-13), 48 (86-12-20) US: 72 (4 weeks totally) Aus: top 10 Experiment IV:
UK: 40 (86-11-08), 23 (86-11-15), 35 (86-11-22), 54 (86-11-29) Ferry Aid - Let It Be:
UK: 1 (87-03-30) The Sensual World: UK (gallup): 12 (89-09-24), 15 (89-10-07), 29 (89-10-14), 44 (89-10-21), 65 (89-10-28)
NL (chart antechamber): 23 (89-09-30), 3 (89-10-07)
NL (top 40): 24 (89-10-14), 17 (89-10-21), 17 (89-10-28), 21 (89-11-04), 36 (89-11-11)
US (Billboard: post modern airplay chart): 18 (90-01-20), 8 (90-01-27), 6 (90-02-03), 8 (90-02-10), 9 (90-02-17), 13 (90-02-24), 17 (90-03-03), 30 (90-03-10)
G: 78 (89-10-16), 69 (89-10-23?), 29 (89-10-30?), 33 (89-11-06?), 40 (89-11-21?)
SF: 12
Aus: 45
I: 19 (2 weeks) This Woman's Work:
UK (gallup): 30 (89-12-03), 25 (89-12-10), 31 (89-12-17), 41 (89-12-24), 45 (89-12-31) Love & Anger:
UK (gallup): 39 (90-03-04), 38 (90-03-11)
UK (gallup mid-week): 23 (90-03-01), 33 (90-03-08)
US (The Gavin Report: most added to album tracks airplay lists): 2 (89-10-13)
US (The Gavin Report: album tracks airplay chart): 50 (89-10-13), 32 (89-10-27)
US (The Gavin Report: Alternative tracks airplay chart): 28 (89-10-27)
US (Billboard: modern rock airplay chart): 13 (89-10-28), 6 (89-11-04), 5 (89-11-11), 2 (89-11-18), 2 (89-11-25), 2 (89-12-02), 1 (89-12-09), 1 (89-12-16), 1 (89-12-23), 2 (89-12-30), 2 (90-01-06), 2 (90-01-13), 2 (90-01-20), 17 (90-01-27), 30 (90-02-03)
US (Hits: post modern rock airplay chart): 20 (89-10-30), 5 (89-11-06)
US (Hits: playlist adds): 2 (89-10-30)
US (Hits: hots): 5 (89-10-30), 1 (89-11-06) Rocket Man: UK (gallup): 13 (91-11-30), 13 (91-12-07), 12 (91-12-14), 18 (91-12-21), 19 (91-12-28), 23 (92-01-04), 43 (92-01-11), 74 (92-01-18), 70 (92-01-25) UK (airplay): 47 (91-12-07), 29 (91-12-14), 15 (91-12-21), 29 (92-01-04), 15 (92-01-11), 44 (92-01-18) US (Billboard; modern rock tracks chart): 24 (91-11-09), 15 (91-11-16), 14 (91-11-23), 14 (91-11-30), 11 (91-12-07), 17 (91-12-14), 23 (91-12-21), 28 (92-01-04), 30 (92-01-11) F: 45 Aus: 14 (92-03-01), 12 (92-03-08), 5 (92-03-15), 2 (92-03-22) Rubberband Girl:
UK (gallup): 12 (93-09-13), 14 (93-09-20), 36 (93-09-27), 50 (93-10-04), 60 (93-10-11)
UK (Music Week: airplay chart): 8 (93-08-28)
UK (Music Week): 9 (93-09-04?), 29 (93-09-11?), 31 (93-09-18?), 12 (93-09-25?), 12 (93-10-02?), 10 (93-10-09?), 10 (93-10-16?)
UK (network chart): 22, 15, 19, 30
UK (MRIB): 7, 7, 25
Cnd (CFNY chart): 12
Cnd (local record stores): 13, 29
Cnd (Record top 40 radio airplay chart): 64 (93-10-13), 57 (93-10-18), 44 (93-11-10), 44 (93-11-17)
Cnd (Record single sales chart): 18 (93-10-13)
Irl (gallup): 1
SF (local charts in Tampere): 4 (93-10-04)
Isr (Reshet Gimmel: daily phone-in chart): 3 (93-08-22)
Isr: 26
US (Billboard: Modern Rock): 21 (93-11-20), 12 (93-11-27), 7 (93-12-04), 7 (93-12-11), 10 (93-12-18), 8 (93-12-25), 10 (94-01-01), 10 (94-01-08), 12 (94-01-15), 18 (94-01-22), 24 (94-01-29)
US (Billboard: Hot 100): 88 (93-12-25), 99 (94-01-01), 97 (94-01-08), 95 (94-01-15), 93 (94-01-22), 99 (94-01-29)
US (MTV video playlist): 45 (93-12-18), 45 (93-12-25), 48 (94-01-01), 33 (94-01-08), 49 (94-01-15)
G: 68 (93-10-25), 81 (93-11-01), 65 (93-11-08), 72 (93-11-15), 72 (93-11-22), 74 (93-11-29), 71 (93-12-04)
Europe (MTV Eurochart): 19 (93-12-04) Eat The Music:
US (Radio & Records: New Rock chart): 15 (93-10-04), 10 (93-10-11) US (Billboard: Hot dance maxi-singles): 31 (93-09-25) US (Billboard: modern rock): 13 (93-10-09), 14 (93-10-16), 12 (93-10-23), 10 (93-10-30), 11 (93-11-06), 30 (93-11-13) Moments of Pleasure:
UK (gallup): 26 (93-11-22), 32 (93-11-29) UK (MW Single): 32 (93-12-04), 51 (93-12-11) UK (MW Radio Play): 34 (93-12-04), 33 (93-12-11) UK (ITV Network): 34 (93-12-04), 40 (93-12-11) The Red Shoes: UK (gallup): 28 (94-04-11), 21 (94-04-18), 53 (94-04-30) UK (MW Radio Play): 28 (94-04-23), 26 (94-04-30) The Man I Love: UK (gallup): 27 (94-07-25), 22 (94-08-01) And So Is Love: UK (gallup): 26 (94-11-14), 51 (94-11-21)


The Kick Inside: UK: 3 (78-04-04) Lionheart: UK: 36 (78-11-21), 6 USA (Billboard Top 200): top 200 (84-03) Never for Ever: UK: 1 (80-09-16), 44 (81-01-10), 34 (81-01-17), 44 (81-01-24) G: 20 (80-12-29), 17 (81-01-05) F: 7 (81-01-25) The Dreaming: UK: 3 (82-09-21), 8 (82-09-28) US (Billboard Top 200): top 200 (late 82) Kate Bush (mini-EP): US (Billboard Top 200): 187 (83-07-03), 170 (83-07-10), 160 (83-07-17), 152 (83-07-24), 148 (83-08-07), 192 (83-08-14) Hounds of Love: UK: 1 (85-09-20), 61 (86-06-05) US (Billboard Top 200): 74 (85-10-26), 30 (85-12-14) NL: 39 (85-09-23), 1 (85-09-30), 1 (85-10-07) G: 8 (85-09-30), 5 (85-10-07), 2 (85-10-14) Irl: 1 (3 weeks) Pol: 1 (June 88) The Whole Story: UK: 3 (86-11-22), 2 (86-11-29), 3 (86-12-06), 3 (86-12-13), 3 (86-12-20), 1 (87-01-17), 1 (87-01-24), 1 (87-01-31), 2 (87-02-07), 5 (87-02-14), 8 (87-02-21), 12 (87-02-28), 14 (87-03-07), 20 (87-03-14), 21 (87-03-21), 28 (87-03-28) 25 (87-04-04), 95 (87-09) UK (CD only): 1 (87-01-17), 2 (87-01-24), 2 (87-01-31), 1 (87-02-07), 2 (87-02-14), 2 (87-02-21), 6 (87-02-28), 7 (87-03-07), 14 (87-03-14), 13 (87-03-21), 13 (87-03-28) US (Billboard Top 200): 74 (peak), 154 (May 87) Aus: 28 Swe: 48 (June 87) F: 41 (March 87), 30 (May 87), 11 (June 87) SF: 10 (March 87) The Sensual World: UK: 2 (89-10-21), 6 (89-10-28), 15 (89-11-05), 23 (89-11-12), 24 (89-11-19), 31 (89-11-26), 32 (89-12-03), 26 (89-12-10), 21 (89-12-17), 16 (78-12-24), 27 (89-12-31), 36 (90-01-07), 38 (90-01-14), 44 (90-01-21), 51 (90-01-28), 55 (90-02-04), 66 (90-02-11), 66 (90-02-18), 72 (90-02-25), 70 (90-03-04) US (Billboard Top 200): 84 (89-11-04), 49 (89-11-11), 46 (89-11-18), 43 (89-11-25), 43 (89-12-02), 46 (89-12-09), 46 (89-12-16), 50 (89-12-23), 45 (89-12-30), 44 (90-01-06), 48 (90-01-13), 46 (90-01-20), 49 (90-01-27), 59 (90-02-03), 60 (90-02-10), 61 (90-02-17), 66 (90-02-24), 76 (90-03-03), 87 (90-03-10), 101 (90-03-24), 114 (90-03-31), 143 (90-04-07), 136 (90-04-14), 160 (90-04-21), 180 (90-04-28) US (Billboard CD charts): 28 (89-11-18?), 16 (89-11-25), 18 (89-12-02), 24 (89-12-09), 23 (90-02-03), 30 (90-02-10) US (Cashbox chart): 72 (89-12-09?), 32 (89-12-16) US (Rolling Stone): 29/18 [??] (90-02-22) US (Pulse [Tower Records]): 3 (89-12) US (Hits): 40 (89-11-06) US (The Gavin Report: College Album chart): 1 (89-11-19), 1 (89-11-26), 1 (89-12-03), 1 (89-12-10), 1 (89-12-17), 1 (89-12-24), 1 (89-12-31), 1 (90-01-07), 3 (90-01-14), 3 (90-01-21), 4 (90-01-28) Cnd: 16 (entered on 89-11-13 on 19, 4 weeks totally) NL: 20 (89-10-28), 10 (89-11-04), 8 (89-11-11), 8 (89-11-18), 10 (89-11-25), 12 (89-12-01), 23 (89-12-08), 32 (89-12-15), 50 (89-12-29), 60 (90-01-05), 67 (90-01-12) Europe (Music and Media Pan-European chart): 6 (89-11-04), 14 (89-11-27), 14 (89-12-02), 13 (89-12-09) I: 18 (89-11-20), 17 (89-11-27) Dk: 21 (89-10-27), 18 (89-11-03), 18 (89-11-10), 18 (89-11-17), 20 (89-11-24) SF: 5, 5, 5, 10 Pol (Radio 3): 5, 5, 5, 4 Pol (Longliste): 1 Aus: 25 (4 weeks) F: 38 (89-11-11), 49 (89-11-18?) G: 20 (89-10-30) The Red Shoes: UK: 2 (93-11-07), 8 (93-11-14), 14 (93-11-21), 16 (93-11-28), 18 (93-12-05) UK (Music Week?): 16 (93-12-04), 17 (93-12-11), 19 (93-12-18), 21 (93-12-25), 19 (94-01-01), 23 (94-01-08), 20 (94-01-15), 22 (94-01-22), 22 (94-01-29), 33 (94-02-05), 42 (94-02-12), 63 (94-02-19) US (Billboard Top 200): 28 (93-11-20), 55 (93-11-27), 83 (93-12-04), 117 (93-12-11), 145 (93-12-18), 159 (93-12-25), 167 (94-01-01), 161 (94-01-08), 196 (94-01-15), 180 (94-01-22), 146 (94-01-29), 126 (94-02-05), 142 (94-02-12), 164 (94-02-19) G: 48 (93-11-15), 18 (93-11-22), 18 (93-11-29), 24 (93-12-04), 55 (94-01-01), 64 (94-01-08), 62 (94-01-15), 58 (94-01-22) NL: 35 (93-11-13) SF: 4 (93-11-08), 2 (93-11-15) Cnd: 13 (93-11-10), 14 (93-11-17), 16 (93-11-24) Europe (Billboard/Music&Media Eurochart Top 100): 8 (93-11-22), 6 (93-11-29), 8 (93-12-06), 10 (93-12-13), 17 (93-12-20) F (M6: Top Nuggets): 14 (93-11-15)

Video tapes:

The Single File: UK: 7 (84-01-28), 5 (84-02-4), 3 (84-02-11), 1 (84-02-18), 1 (84-02-25) 4 (84-03-3), 5 (84-03-10), 13 (84-03-17), 18 (84-03-24), 18 (84-03-31), top 20 - 5 to 14 - for all of Q2 86 The Hair Of The Hound: UK: 6 (86-06-28), 1 (86-07-05?), 11 (end of Sept. 86) The Whole Story: UK: 5 (86-12-20), 2 (87-01-17), 1 (87-01-24), 1 (87-01-31), 1 (87-02-07), 1 (87-02-14), 1 (87-02-21), 1 (87-02-28), 2 (87-03-07), 1 (87-03-14), 1 (87-03-21), 1 (87-03-28), 1 (May 87), top 20 (March-August 88, March 89) US: 8 (87-06-06) The Sensual World: US (Billboard: Videocassettes sales chart): 30 (90-03-10), 24 (90-03-24), 25 (90-03-31), 28 (90-04-07) US (Billboard: Music Video sales chart): 10 (90-03-17), 13 (90-03-31), 13 (90-04-14) UK (MRIB video music top twenty): 11 (90-12-15), 11 (90-12-22?), 9 (90-12-29?), 10 (91-01-05?), 10 (91-01-12?), 14 (91-01-26?)

Country codes: UK = United Kingdom, US = USA, G = Germany, F = France, Cnd = Canada, NL = Netherlands, Aus = Australia, SF = Finland, Dk = Denmark, I = Italy, Swe = Sweden, Irl = Ireland, Isr = Israel, J = Japan, B = Belgium, NZ = New Zealand, Bra = Brazil, Arg = Argentinia, SA = South Africa

The biggets part of this list was compiled by studying old issues of Homeground.




From: Ulrich Grepel <uli@zoodle.robin.de>
Date: Tue, 30 May 95 22:52:34 +0200
Subject: Kate Bush sampler index


as promised a few moments ago, here's an excerpt of the current version of the discography (still needing time to be completed). If you want an updated version of this list, feel free to email me.

[content deleted. --WIE]

Sampler/Soundtracks/Magazine promos:

18 x Wuthering Heights
10 x The Man With The Child In His Eyes
8 x Running Up That Hill
Don't Give Up
December Will Be Magic Again
7 x Babooshka
6 x This Woman's Work
4 x The Wedding List
2 x The Sensual World
Spirit Of The Forest
Be Kind To My Mistakes
Rubberband Girl
1 x Wow
Love And Anger
The Man I Love
Ferry Aid - Let It Be
Army Dreamers
Sat In Your Lap
Hounds of Love
Rocket Man
Do Bears...

Radio Shows & similar:

8 x Running Up That Hill
3 x Hounds of Love
Don't Give Up
2 x Babooshka

Covers/Samples (only those contained on sampler albums):

3 x Cloudbusting (Utah Saints - Something Good)
Wuthering Heights (Kate's Project - Wuthering Eights, White Flag)
2 x Running Up That Hill (Blue Pearl, TILT!)
1 x The Man With The Child In His Eyes (Dark Orange)
Night Scented Stock (Les Enfants du Paradis - Loopzone)




Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 17:35:49 +0200
From: willker@chemie.uni-bremen.de (Wieland Willker)
Subject: Engravings (Kate Messages)

Hallo friends,

inspired by the reading in KBC No. 5 (5. april 1980):

Interviewer: ". . . Do you know anything about the messages scratched on the smooth circle just before the centre of the records?"

Kate: . . . I wrote them and they are messages to go with the record."

I took all my records and inspected them carefully:

Here are my results:


- December will be magic again: "Happy Christmas"
- The Dreaming: "For Rolf"
- TWW, Picturedisk: "Up yours ugly"
- The Red Shoes: A: "One for the Arcters"
B: "Buzzzz"
Rubberband Girl: " . AMONT"
(very thin, maybe one more letter in front, any idea?)


- Moments of Pleasure: "Alive and kicking"
- Rubberband Girl: "Whack it on"


- The Red Shoes: "For H"

These engravings are sometimes difficult to identify. You should use a good lamp. There are also several single letters, sometimes appears -ORLAKE- and -TOWNHOUSE-. It seems to me that these messages only appear on UK records. However, most of my records are from Germany or Europe. So I think there can be many more messages. I would like to collect them.

Best wishes





From: Ronald.Girardin@Dartmouth.EDU (Ronald Girardin)
Date: 13 Jun 1995 11:50:13 GMT
Subject: messages in runout groove (rather long)

Hello lovehounds;

Someone recently asked about the "secret messages" that are etched near the runout groove of UK released vinyl.

I went through my collection (one by one) and with the help of the Illustrated Collector's Guide To Kate Bush, here's what I found:

It seems that only the UK releases have these messages.

Format title Side Message

7" Wuthering Heights A Remember the whales
The Man With The Child A The Child Hides In The Light
Hammer Horror A We are all playing a hunch
Wow A Thank You Emily
Breathing A We all share the same air - B Happy anniversary to the P's
Army Dreamers A Life Is To Love
December Will be magic A Happy Christmas
Sat In Your Lap A Well Done JB 1st Dan - B Thank You Donovon
The Dreaming A For Rolf
Running Up That Hill A&B Townhouse
The Big Sky A&B Townhouse
The Big Sky (pic. disc) A&B Orlake
Cloudbusting A for Peeps
Hounds Of Love A Woof! & Cooperman - B Townhouse
This Woman's Work A Up yours Ugly! - B Townhouse DMM
This Woman's Work A up yours ugly!&orlake - (pic disc) B Q.&orlake
Rubberband Girl A&B Jamont
12" Hounds Of Love A Woof! - B Townhouse
The Big Sky A&B Townhouse
Cloudbusting A&B Townhouse
Experiment IV A&B Townhouse
Love And Anger A Townhouse - B Q.
The Sensual world A (no room because of double groove) - B Penthouse
This Woman's Work A&B Townhouse
Moments Of Pleasure A A live and Kicking
Rubberband Girl A Whack It On

LP The Kick Inside A Remember Yourself!
Hounds Of Love A&B Townhouse
The Red Shoes A For H

This list is NOT complete 'cause I don't have all the UK releases on vinyl.

Can someone out there please complete the list? Thanks.

I also checked interview picture disc and most had "orlake".Perhaps Orlake is the name of the company that manufactures picture discs??

I also found "Precision SM"on the 7" US release of Hounds Of Love.I don't think this has anything to do with Kate. what's this "townhouse" all about?

peace ron




From: llovich@aol.com (Llovich)
Date: 13 Jun 1995 21:22:32 -0400
Subject: Re: Engravings (Kate Messages)

Wieland Willker wrote:
The Red Shoes: A: "One for the Arcters"

I don't have this on vinyl, but surely it must be "One for the Archers" ("The Archers" were what The Re Shoes director Michael Powell and writer Emeric Pressburg[er] called themselves) -- can you double check this one?

Thanks. Vanceman




From: CLBECKWITH@aol.com
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 09:55:14 -0400
Subject: Re: messages in runout groove (rather long)

> Running Up That Hill A&B Townhouse

I am 99% certain this refers to the Townhouse Studio in England where Kate's records were mastered.

> This Woman's Work A Up yours Ugly! B Townhouse DMM

A bit strange to see a direct metal master designation for a 7" single, don't you think?

Take care, Chris




Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 11:16:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Karen L. Newcombe" <kln@crl.com>
Subject: Inscriptions,

The Townhouse and Orlake inscriptions are from the facilities where the vinyl was cut -- no special meaning. Kate's messages look much more like they were scratched in with a pin, sometimes so lightly they don't press very well.

Karen kln@crl.com




From: a.l.dover@bham.ac.uk (Adrian Dover)
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 08:53:59
Subject: Re: messages in runout groove (rather long)

Ronald Girardin writes:
>Subject: messages in runout groove (rather long)
[list of run-out messages deleted]
> what's this "townhouse" all about?

Townhouse is (was?) one of the best mastering studios in the world, i.e. the place where the dies that make the stampers that make the LPs are produced (sorry, I might have the terminology a bit skewed, but you know what I mean).

Presumably 'Penthouse' is a pun on this (related to the infamous not-the- real 'Kate Bush' photos?).

--- Adrian Dover




Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 10:12:03 +0200
From: willker@chemie.uni-bremen.de (Wieland Willker)
Subject: Scratched messages -Red Shoes- Single


I rechequed the "Red Soes" Single:

The "H" looks very much like a "t", but with the knowledge of "Archers" in mind one can see a very, very thin line on the left side of the "t", which makes it an "H".

Thank you for this information!

Thank you Ronald for your long list of messages! Very prompt answer!

Everyone: Please check your record collection!






From: Ulrich Grepel <uli@zoodle.robin.de>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 23:40:26 +0200
Subject: Re: TWW-CD-Source

The sources for the 'live' volume are as following:

1 UK TV, Aspel & Company, London, June 20, 1993 (lipsync)
2,3 The Secret Policeman's Third Ball, March 28, 1987, London Palladium
4 Anyone knowing which P.G. concert this was? (when/where)
5 UK TV, The Tube's 100th show, March 1986
6 Prince's Trust Royal Gala, Dominion Theatre, London, July 21, 1982
7 Comic Relief, London, April 4-6, 1986
8-12 Hammersmith Odeon soundtrack
13,14 Japanese TV, Sound in S, June 23, 1978
15 UK TV, probably Top Of The Pops?, 1978
16,17 US TV, Saturday Night Live, December 9, 1978

with the following track listing (the sources in there are those given on the album):

Kate Bush - This Woman's Work Live 66:49

1) Moments Of Pleasure (London TV Show - 1993) 5:20
2) Running Up That Hill (London - Amnesty International Gig - 1987) 4:55
3) Let It Be (London - Amnesty International Gig - 1987) 4:25
4) Don't Give Up (London - P.Gabriel Concert) 7:30
5) Under The Ivy (London - TV Show 1985) 2:11
6) The Wedding List (London - 2nd Secret Policeman's Charity Gig - 1982) 4:13
7) Breathing (London - TV Show - 1980) 3:04
8) Moving (London - Live Concert - 1979) 3:31
9) Violin (London - Live Concert - 1979) 3:39
10) Wow Wow Wow (London - Live Concert - 1979) 4:07
11) James And The Cold Gun (London - Live Concert - 1979) 8:49
12) Oh England My Lionheart (London - Live Concert - 1979) 3:24
13) The Long And Winding Road (Japanese - TV Show - 1978) 1:40
14) She's Leaving Home (Japanese - TV Show - 1978) 1:31
15) Wuthering Heights (USA - TV Show - 1978) 2:59
16) The Man With The Child In His Eyes (USA - TV Show - 1978) 2:45
17) Them Heavy People (USA - TV Show - 1978) 2:44




From: Ulrich Grepel <uli@zoodle.robin.de>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 95 22:20:40 +0200
Subject: Re: Oh I'm In Love...With Egypt

Robb wrote:

> Also, Uli, I've never seen 'This Woman's Live Work.' Would you mind listing what's on it?


This Woman's Live Work

This CD contains a collection of TV, charity, surpriese and guest appearances. Sources (not listed without errors...):

1 "Bios Bahnhof" German TV February 1978
2-3 "Saturday Night Live" US TV May 1978
4-6 Japanese TV 25 June 1978
7,8 German TV April 1979
9 Live in London 12 May 1979. Charity gig with Peter Gabriel & Steve Harley
10-14 UK TV Special 28 December 1979 with Peter Gabriel on track 14
15 UK TV 1980
16 Live in London October 1982. 2nd Secret Policeman's Ball with Pete Townshend on guitar and Phil Collins on drums
17 "The Tube" UK TV 1985
18,20 Live in London 28 March 1987. Amnesty International charity gig with David Gilmour on guest vocal and guitar
19 Surprise guest appearance at a Peter Gabriel gig 28 June 1987

CD Invasion Unlimited ?/? IU 9304-1
Sand-through-the-hands picture

Kate Bush - This Woman's Live Work 74:08

1) Wuthering Heights 2:57
2) The Man With The Child In His Eyes 2:42
3) Them Heavy People 2:43
4) Moving 2:36
5) The Long And Winding Road 1:38
6) She's Leaving Home 1:28
7) Room For The Life 3:47
8) In The Warm Room 3:29
9) The (Wom)man With The Child In His(Her) eyes 6:10
10) Symphony In Blue 4:41
11) December Will Be Magic Again 3:54
12) Ran Tan Waltz 2:44
13) Egypt 4:47
14) Another Day 3:24
15) Breathing 3:02
16) The Wedding List 4:12
17) Under The Ivy 2:07
18) Running Up That Hill 4:53
19) Don't Give Up 7:28
20) Let It Be 4:24

Bye, Uli




From: Anders Hultman <anders.hultman@unisource.se>
Date: 17 Jun 1995 08:53:24 GMT
Subject: Re: messages in runout groove (rather long)

> what's this "townhouse" all about?

Isn't Townhouse the vinyl manufacturing plant, or the company who's actually cutting the masters? That's my impression anyway.





Date: 06 Oct 95 08:55:46 EDT
From: Ronald.Girardin@Dartmouth.EDU (Ronald Girardin)
Subject: There Goes a Tenner 7" (runout groove msg.)

Hello Love-hounds;

Someone recently asked about the meaning of the message in the runout groove of side-A of There Goes a Tenner 7".


This is my guess: I think "RAYS" stands for Ray Staff. Ray Staff is credited on the picture sleeve for cutting the record. It says: "cut by Ray Staff"

Does anybody out there have other explanations?

peace ron

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