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Date: Fri, 30 Aug 85 04:29:42 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: An interesting Kate Bush quote

I just found this interesting quote by Kate Bush while digging through some clippings. Unfortunately it was translated from English into French for publication,, and then back into English by someone else. I Wonder what the original quote looked like....

"I believe in the magic reality of transformation. I believe that in myself occurs a continual mutation -- as if from the larva of a nymph, from a chrysalis nymph in the process of sublimation. Music, dance, and art have these powers as well. I dream and I believe that I am able to transmute into a butterfly."


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 86 15:39 PDT
Subject: Madonna

Finally got a digital transfer made of new Kate UK TV appearances, the original PAL copy of which was sent to me from Paul Thomas, very nice fan I met in Romford. There were only two things I didn't already have in some condition or other, namely, the Top of the Pops lip-synch of RUTH, and the Whistle Test guest shot. The latter is fascinating, although, of course, very brief. The jerk who usually hosts that show was marginally less asinine than usual, and actually asked reasonable questions, among them:

"What do you think of Madonna, Kate?"

Answer (paraphrase from memory): "Well, I don't actually know much about Madonna, but I saw her on Live Aid, and she was actually quite good, really..." {Lapse into silence and usual polite but enigmatic smile}

Question: "But you do things very differently from Madonna, don't you; I mean, not selling a sexy image, and all that...?"

Answer: Silence, polite but not-so-enigmatic smile...


Date: 23 Aug 1995 05:52:43 GMT
Subject: Kate on Tori Amos

Larry Hernandez wrote:
> Even if it was possible, I couldn't imagine Kate stooping to the level of mentioning Tori in any context.. Which makes me wonder: Has Kate ever deigned to remark on this Tori phenomenon?

In the Tower Records-produced (I believe but could be wrong) magazine called 'Pulse,' Kate was interviewed to promote The Red Shoes. She was asked about several artists whose work has apparent similarity to hers. When she was asked whether she'd heard a Tori Amos song, she answered in the affirmative and said, "It was...umm, nice."

Tori on the other hand has been quoted as saying the following:

"Yeah, I guess we could do each other's songs."

"Sometimes I want to tell her to stop screaming, there's no mouse."

and finally,

"I think she smokes a bit more weed than I do."

What Kate meant by "...umm, nice" is up to debate, but these quotes are all pretty indicative of Kate and Tori's *differences*, don't you think? If there are ill feelings, they're being demurely swept under the carpet by one and boisterously beaten out of it by the other.


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