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Little kids and KaTe


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Date: Fri, 22 May 87 13:42:30 PDT
From: ganzer%trout@nosc.mil (Mark T. Ganzer)
Subject: KT (what else is worth talking about?)

I have 2 small girls (3 yrs and 18 mos) who both love to watch my Kate videos. My 3 year old loves to dance along with Kate. Since then, my wife has become a little more tolerant and may be coming around...


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1991 07:01:19 -0800
From: greg <greg@cmatter.physics.indiana.edu>
Subject: Infants

> btw, my 5 year old son has fallen in love with Kate. He asks me: 'Who is my girlfriend?', to which my only valid response is: 'Kate'. He has taken to hoarding the Sensual world CD's as often as he can.

The only CD covers that my 1-1/2 year old (whose name happens to be Kate, for some reason!) recognizes are the KaTe ones. She likes to rifle through the CD crates, pull them out, and run around saying, "Kate Boosh, Kate Boosh, Kate Boosh." It makes me happy! She knows them all, except for Never Forever, which may take some time - with no photo of Kate on the cover. - Greg Clark


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 20:32:27 -0500
From: Steven Willis <netwrk!pseserv1!sjw@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: my daughter

Here's another "Kate first experience": My daughter, also named Kate (hmmmm...), is almost 5 and has always enjoyed Kate Bush. I've been playing it for her since she was born. She really enjoys listening to Kate Bush and expressing her interpretation of the music through dance. It's really quite amazing to watch what she does to a particular song. She makes quite the little Babooshka!

Back a couple of years ago, she used to SAY that SHE was Kate Bush and would dance around trying to sing along and say, "Daddy, listen! It's Me Bush!" So, if nobody has seen or heard anything from Kate Bush lately...


From: davidh@harlequin.co.uk (David Hembrow)
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 13:01:47 GMT
Subject: my daughter

The other problem I have is that I am beginning to get sick of hearing Wuthering Heights. I thought this could never happen, but my 18 month old daughter has decided she likes copying Kate dancing. She says "Keh Boosh" over and over, pointing at the laserdisc player or disc. When Wuthering Heights is playing she does a remarkably credibly job of copying Kate.

---David Hembrow

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