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From: Neil Calton <nbc@vd.rl.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 87 16:30:22 -0100
Subject: The Secret Policeman's Third Ball

Latest news on Kate:

According to one paper I saw, Kate was scheduled to appear in 'The Secret Policeman's Third Ball' at the London Palladium on 28/29th March. This is the third of the irregular galas to raise money for Amnesty International. If previous events are any guide there will be a film/video and album to follow. Other artists mentioned included Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Jackson Browne, (Sir) Bob Geldof, Mark Knopfler and Joan Armatrading.

Kate is one of a whole host of British artists featured on a new version of the Beatles' classic 'Let it be'. The record is released under the collective title 'Ferry Aid' and all proceeds will go towards a fund for the relatives of the victims of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster.

The record is distributed by CBS records and is numbered AID1; it was recorded at PWL Studios, The Borough, London between March 15-17th. The sleeve features a small photo of Kate, along with ones of Paul McCartney, Boy George, Mark Knopfler, Mark King, someone who may be Jaki Graham, and the lead singer from Curiosity Killed the Cat. Kate gets to sing a couple of lines as lead vocalist about two thirds of the way through the song. The B-side features a short gospel mix in which it is impossible to distinguish any individual vocals. This single is widely tipped to enter the charts at number one this week. I expect there will be a video to go with it and will post any news as to whether Kate appears in this.


From: Neil Calton <nbc@vd.rl.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 87 16:37:48 -0100
Subject: KT at Amnesty gig

According to the music press, Kate appeared at the Amnesty gig(s) with a band which included Dave Gilmour. She played 'Running up that Hill' and a version of 'Let it be'. The latter was not well received by either the guy from Malady Mawker or No Music Express. Apparently it was an attempt to get the audience to sing along (and probably earn a bit more money for the Ferry Aid single) which fell a bit flat (in the reporters' opinion at least).


Date: Sun, 05 Apr 87 20:26 PST
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: Ferry Aid

KT News:

The Ferry Aid single is in L.A. shops, and herewith is a description blessedly devoid of the kind of sentimental drivel that attended the event itself; a review that has not been affected by the sanctimonious, a-critical thinking that the ferry disaster seems to have inspired in the majority of musical critics.

"Let It Be" begins with the original McCartney vocal superimposed over a typically sleazy 80's pop arrangement. This is followed by Boy George's slimy lounge-act vocal; which in turn is succeeded by an increasingly chaotic and tasteless assault of British pseudo-soulsters (why do British black singers have to assume American black idioms, accents, pronunciations and vocal embellishments, all of which are a denial of their own vastly different cultural heritage?; what is wrong with a British black sounding British?). Then there is a smarmy guitar-ridden instrumental bridge and a wildly over-blown chorus.

And then, folks, in the middle of all this JUNK, time blushes, delays: and Kate sings two lines. She uses her lowest register, and sings in an understated, precise English style that communicates volumes of emotion with a minimum of words and sound. It has nothing -- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING -- to do with the rest of the record.

Her vocal ends, and is succeeded by a predictable unison chorus of monumental seaminess that could not be more out of context with Kate's contribution than a volley of cannon-shot. The haste and bad taste with which this enterprise was undertaken is everywhere apparent except in Kate's tiny musical aside. Her distance from the recording as a whole is very clearly audible -- right down to the absence, even, of the most rudimentary drum-fill to lead the music out of her tiny, poignant reliquary back into the diseased, slobbering excess of the climax and denouement -- that's how much an afterthought Kate's part was in the foul, musically syphilitic mind of Boy George.

Her part could have made eloquent sense of a large part of his concoction had it immediately succeeded the embalmed extract from McCartney's original. But, obviously, Boy George had already determined that that honoured position on the totem pole should go to himself. As a result the progression from Beatle to Boy is one from writ to rotten; whereas a direct move from McCartney to Kate might have brought into beautiful, microcosmic focus the true progression of British music from Beatles to Bush. Instead, Kate is thrown into a mire of yUcKy contemporary pap that does the rest of the musicians a disservice by emphasizing their hopeless inferiority as it does her a dishonour by soiling the sacred garment of her music in the diseased puddle of their sonic offal.

Nonetheless, Kate's two little lines in Ferry Aid's "Let It Be" are like two glittering, holy eyes shining the light of perfeKTion from the center of the entire dirty storm, and more than redeeming the otherwise sordid enterprise. Strongly recommended.

-- Andrew Marvick


From: Neil Calton <nbc@vd.rl.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 87 11:46:28 -0100
Subject: Band Aid

The 'Let it be' video was played (it's No. 1) on TOTP last thursday. It is very similar to the Band Aid video i.e. studio shots of the artists recording their various bits. Kate's brief (c. 12 secs.) appearance shows her in close-up in front of a microphone the size of a basketball superimposed with a longer distance shot, before changing to just the close-up. Unlike most of the other performers she was not wearing 'cans' whilst singing. The video ends with a communal sing along featuring as motley a crew of pop persons as you could imagine. So far I've been unable to spot Kate amongst the aasembled multitude. She probably took one look at them and fled in terror!


Date: Wed, 08 Apr 87 12:41 PDT
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: Talk about sleazy...

> I'm a bit confused by your use of original here IED. Do you really mean the vocal track recorded with The Beatles? Certainly, the video shows an ageing McCartney at the piano singing the lines.

Thanks for all your comments, Neil, as usual you are very helpful. IED had heard in U.S. news reports that Boy George and the producer had begun the song with "Paul McCartney's original Beatles vocal recording" re-mixed with the new backing track. Obviously, this report was incorrect, however. (The video has still not appeared here, unfortunately, although it may show up on MTV at any moment.) He does sing it with nearly every original inflection unchanged, however.

The Sun's association has always been well understood. The "Chart File" columnist for Record Mirror (the best of the British music weeklies, because it has by far the best news service, most complete chart information and least political/cultural input from its reporters) this week pointed out the suspicious-at-best motives behind the Ferry Aid project, without naming names. Our Mayfair critic would do well to read the column. Incidentally, RM, too, singled out Kate's contribution as one of the only worthwhile things to have come out of the project.

> Perhaps my hearing is fading but I felt Kate was a little off on the very last note. Just short of perfeKTion in my opinion but she looks stunning in the video.

IED will have to listen again, but he thinks he knows what you're alluding to, and he had believed it was a deliberate touch. Maybe not.

-- Andrew Marvick


From: Neil Calton <nbc@vd.rl.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 87 17:54:27 -0100
Subject: Observer

John Peel writing in the Observer newspaper about the Amnesty gig states that Kate Bush was "dressed as a Victorian cyclist". Roll on the video say I. He all says that the Ball is calculated to raise over 1 million (pounds) for Amnesty. Clearly A Good Thing.


From: mcvax!tcom.stc.co.uk!lkt@UUNET.UU.NET
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 88 13:04:07 GMT
Subject: Kate takes part in London Charity event

Kate Bush made an appearance in London this weekend (30/8/88) in support of an event called "Shop Assistance", in which celebrities became shop assistants, waitresses and barmen for the day. In addition to fund raising events the shops concerned also donated a percentage of their takings to the event, which was in support of AIDS charities.

Kate had a surprise when the shop she was "working" for, presented her with a birthday cake.

The event is set to reach its 100,000 pounds target.


Date: Tue, 2 Aug 88 14:06:10 GMT
From: Antony Zachariah Meadley <mcvax!datlog.co.uk!azm@UUNET.UU.NET>
Subject: Shop assistence

Last Saturday, to raise money for AIDS, various celebrities "worked" in stores in London's Covent Garden. Kate herself was there, serving in the clothes store Blazer.

Latest news from GB is that Kate's new album is to be released in December. This was announced recently on Channel 4's chart show when they did a mini-retro of Kate's videos.

Ant in London


From: duane@Sun.COM (Duane Day, I.R. - Applications Development)
Date: 3 Jun 89 18:59:06 GMT
Subject: "Spirit of the Forest"

Watching today's "Our Common Future" benefit telecast, I was happily surprised to see a few moments of Kate Bush - not in live performance, unfortunately, although they did say that would have surprise guests (no, that's too much to hope for...) but rather in a video for a new benefit song titled "Spirit of the Forest". The format of the portion of the video they showed is very similar to the "We Are the World" video - many stars standing around in a group, with headphones, some of them taking solo turns. Kate actually has a couple lines to herself, and if I remember correctly was joined by Jon Anderson. Other people I spotted include Little Steven, Debbie Harry, and (I think) Lena Horne.

Also - does anyone know the story behind this song, i.e. who wrote it, who organized it, etc.? Nina Blackwood, who's hosting this thing, was pretty sketchy in her information (as usual).


Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 14:22:24 -0400 (AST)
From: Fiona McQuarrie <fmcquarr@upei.ca>
Subject: Mojo Mag

In the current issue of MOJO magazine from the UK, there is mention of, and a little picture of, Kate in their gossip section at the front. She was one of the contributors to an art show organized by Brian Eno to raise money for Bosnian relief.

Her contribution was a framed piece of black velvet with a blinking red light in the middle, entitled something like Missing Person in the Ocean Hoping that An Airplane Will Spot Them. The identical companion piece was titled something like Airplane Hoping To Spot Missing Person In the Ocean (The Ninth Wave, anyone? ;))

The item didn't say if or for how much the piece sold for, but there was a very nice picture of "La Bush" standing next to Brian Eno at the opening of the exhibit, both looking healthy and happy.

This issue of MOJO has REM on the cover, if you are looking for it. I think it's the October issue but I could be wrong.


From: gtp10@bootes.cus.cam.ac.uk (Dr G.T. Parks)
Date: 09 Nov 1994 09:36:58 GMT
Subject: Re: Mojo Mag

The same story appears in the latest Q magazine (with Madonna on the cover). (Q and Mojo come from the same "stable".) The Q story reveals a few more details. Firstly, their picture shows Kate with Paul MacCartney (another contributor). It also has pictures of the two works although the red dots are invisible. It reveals that David Bowie thought Kate's pieces were the best in the show, but that he didn't buy them. They were, however, sold for something over #1000.


From: Connie Lofton <Connie_Lofton@sonymusic.com>
Date: 22 Dec 94 11:54:21 EDT
Subject: Kate the artist

I don't recall seeing this posted already by any gaffans, but in the "Stories" section of the December issue of Q magazine (the one with Madonna on the cover), there is a photo of Kate with "Mr. Thumbs Aloft" himself, Paul McCartney! I was quite pleased to see two of my absolute favorite musicians in the world in a snap together--it made my day. (Yes I know I'm probably in a minority in my devotion to Macca, but I can't help it, I love the guy!)

Anyway, the two were together with a bunch of other music folks for the War Child charity auction in London raising funds for Sarajevo. Brian Eno asked a number of rockers to contribute a piece of original art for the auction. Kate's contribution: two matching pieces, each containing a tiny red dot in the middle of a black background. The captions on the pieces read:

"Someone Lost At Sea Hoping A Plane Will Find Them" and

"Someone In a Plane Hoping To Find Someone Lost At Sea"

A popular theme with Kate, eh? The article went on to say that David Bowie (another of the contributors) declared Kate's pieces his favorite, but someone else ended up buying them for around L1,150.


Date: Sun, 1 Jan 95 19:13 CST
From: chrisw@fciad2.bsd.uchicago.edu (chris williams)
Subject: Re: Kate the artist

A couple of odd things. Maybe it's just something about Kate, but in both of these photos, Paul has the *dopiest* open-mouthed expression on his face! Maybe it's just something that Kate brings out in him. Also, Kate in heels is almost a full head shorter than the not-tall-at-all Paul.


From: mk59200@proffa.cc.tut.fi (Markku Kolkka)
Date: 02 Nov 1995 15:11:35 +0200
Subject: KaTe Christmas cards!

I read from MTVtext that the War Child charity organization is publishing a series of Christmas cards designed by various rock stars, including Kate Bush. Has anyone seen them, and will they be sold outside Britain? If someone wants to send me one, just email for my snail-mail address :-)

Markku Kolkka


From: nbc@inf.rl.ac.uk (Neil Calton)
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 11:38:26 +0000
Subject: Greeting Stars - Kate's Xmas card design

I feel sure someone must have posted this before but if they did I missed it so here goes. The Greeting Stars Xmas card set is now on sale in HMV stores (certainly in the Oxford one).

As has been mentioned they are being sold in aid of the War child charity (with 2 pounds from each pack sold going to War Child). The price I paid was 5-99 pounds. There are 12 Xmas cards - one each from The Boo Radleys, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Brian Eno, Siobhan Fahey & Dave Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, Oasis, Iggy Pop, Pulp, Radiohead, and The Stone Roses.

Kate's card features the circular Red Shoes image of a dancer's two crossed feet but with ice skating blades on the ballet shoes and the supporting foot resting on a snow covered chimney with glacial scenery in the background. There is Kate's signature in the lower right hand corner. Inside is the single word Peace ( several of the cards also contain this inside so it is probably the default message put in if the artist specifies nothing else). Each card is about 5 inches square. A reduced image of Kate's design appears on the front of the pack - which is not too surprising since IMHO most of the designs are fairly awful and I would not even send them to my enemies.



From: Garrick Twinney <G.Twinney@plymouth.ac.uk>
Date: 7 Dec 95 13:47:37 GMT
Subject: 'War Child' charity

I haven't seen any mention of this here yet although I suspect that it's fairly common knowledge throughout the KaTe speaking world. There is a set of 12 Christmas cards for sale in aid of the 'War Child' charity, the cards being designed by various artists, as you may of guessed by now, as I wouldn't bother writing this otherwise, one of the cards is designed by our very own KATE! In fact her design graces the front cover of the box! It is the 'Red Shoes' shot from the cover of TRS but wearing ice-skates and balancing on a roof.

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