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duet with Roy Harper


Date: Mon, 19 Jun 89 00:03 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Roy Harper

KT Rumour:

IED has been told that Kate Bush is an active guest-musician on several tracks of Roy Harper's "new" album. Unfortunately IED's source is not a knowledgeable Kate fan, nor did he remember the title of the album, but he says Kate's voice is unmistakable. He says she sings and plays keyboards on several tracks, but that only Paddy Bush is actually credited in the album's liner-notes. Kate herself is identified only as --"Jackie Turnip"!

IED will, with any luck, be able to hear the CD of this album sometime this week, but in the meantime any clarification from Roy Harper afficionados would be much appreciated.

-- Andrew Marvick


"Sister and Brother"

duet with Midge Ure


Date: 4 Jul 88 13:21 +0100
From: Kari Haug <haug%si.uninett@TOR.NTA.NO>
Subject: Midge Ure & Kate Bush

Andy Tucker writes that he had heard some rumours that Kate Bush will appear on Midge Ure's forthcoming solo-album. He wants to know if this is true. Well, I don't know, but what I know is this: In 1985, when Midge Ure released his first solo-album, "THE GIFT", he said that he would very much like to work with Kate Bush on his next solo-album. So, I will not be surprised if she's on that album.



Date: Mon, 22 Aug 88 17:10 PDT
Subject: K T N E W S

In other news, Midge Ure's lead-off single to his forthcoming second solo album has been released in 7" and 12" vinyl formats. IED has not determined yet whether Kate is featured on any of the 12"'s three tracks, but the album is due at any moment.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: 10 Aug 88 9:55 +0100
From: Kari Haug <haug%si.uninett@TOR.NTA.NO>
Subject: Review

I have now heard a song called "Sister and Brother", taken from Midge Ure's forthcoming solo-album, due for release on August 29. "Sister and Brother" is the song in which Kate Bush appears. I heard it at the record company a couple of days ago, and I'm sure that all you Love-Hounds will be interested in a review, so here goes:

"Sister and Brother", Midge Ure with Kate Bush, taken from Midge Ure's forthcoming solo-album "Answers":

I have only heard it once, but I was immediately impressed. I have a feeling that this is the type of song that becomes more and more interesting every time one hears it. It is strong, powerful, overwhelming, interesing and exciting.

First there's a sequence with only Midge Ure singing.

Then there's a sequence with only Kate Bush singing.

Then there's a sequence where they sing together.

And, there's an instrumental sequence which is quite influenced by Kate Bush's style. All in all it is a fantastic song, you should be looking forward to it!

--- Kari ---


Date: Mon, 19 Sep 88 10:09:32 BST
From: Richard Jennings <hpopd!richi@HPLABS.HP.COM>
Subject: Review: Sister & Brother

Went into Our Price this weekend and invested in the new Midge Ure long player; primarily because of Sister & Brother, not because I'm a particular fan of the chap.

It's not too bad, a wee bit too obviously "crafted" in places, often you can guess he's sat back and listened to the mix to see what twiddly noise he can overlay next. Kate's duet is quite acceptable, hardly another Waking The Witch, concept very much in the Don't Give Up mould, lots of good, powerful KT-screams (dig those "OH-NO"s).

The inner bad credits mention that Kate's vocals were engineered by Del and I guess her usual production values show there.

Brother: I am equal to / All a man can do / I am your sister

Brother: If you need me here / In you doubt and fear / I'll be your sister



Date: Tue, 18 Oct 88 16:15 PDT
Subject: KT NEWS

from the latest (32nd) issue of "Homeground":

There are no plans to release Midge Ure's duet with Kate, "Sister and Brother", as a single. (By the way, the album, "Answers to Nothing", bombed royally, if the first three weeks' UK chart listings are anything to go by. Same with the lead-off single.)


Date: Fri, 13 Jan 89 09:50:54 EST
From: suneast!rahthum!ppk@Sun.COM (Pravin Kumar)
Subject: KaTe is on Midge Ure's new album

Midge was interviewed on WFNX in Boston on Wednesday morning. I detest the morning disk jockey on 'FNX (actually I detest 'FNX - I say, move WHFS from DC to Boston, but that's another story), but Midge was so interesting that I had to listen. The song "Sister and Brother" is pretty damn good. It has Kate Bush, Robin and Ali Campell from UB40, the bass player from Level 42 (Mark <somebody>) and others. I think Midge also played live during the interview, but I missed that part. I'm definitely looking forward to the album.

Apparently Midge met Kate at a social event and passed on a tape of the song to her and told her that he'd like her to participate. She called him back a couple of days later and said that she was very moved by the song and that she'd do it, but he had to send her all the tapes, and that she'd add her vocals herself. She then called Midge back a week later and told him that she was finished, and (of course) Midge was blown away.

By the way, for all those folks with enquiring minds that want to know, Midge is actually the phonetic spelling of Jim backwards. His name is really Jim Ure. According to Midge, one of the first bands he played on, already had a Jim, and since his name was also Jim, they named him Midge. Ure is a traditional Scottish name.

Disclaimer: I was driving around listening to the interview in my car, and most of the text above is from memory.

Pravin Kumar

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