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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 86 19:06 PST
Subject: Interview revisited

[This is IED's very first message!!]

Hi, Kate fans. A. Marvick responding to unexpectedly voluminous verbiage from parts East and elsewhere. Knowing nothing about inter-computer communication as yet, I may frequently commit gaffes of user etiquette. Please bear with me. Concerning Douglas Allen's interview (New York, 11/20/85) with Kate Bush, I was very happy to find that among the questions he posed were two which I consider to be of incalculable importance, to wit:

1) What did the new "backward track" (from "Watching You Without Me") entail in the way of technical difficulties?; and 2) What does she feed her cats? Unfortunately for Mr. Allen, suitable follow-up time either was not available, or was cleverly and deliberately evaded by Kate herself. No doubt the inadequacy of Kate's replies to these two equally crucial questions was intentional.

In the first case, the excerpt from "Watching Me Without You" was designed, I think it is clear, with the primary aim of intriguing the serious (and at least mildly obsessive) listener, and of encouraging him or her to spend untold periods of time puzzling over both its precise sonic make-up and its root meaning, which latter I am convinced is of considerable depth. The solution of this passage is more important than I can say, and I am certain all readers are in total agreement on this point. It is therefore not excessive optimism on my part to expect that all readers will henceforth make it a habit to study this passage with a critical and analytical ear at least once each day until such time as an unassailable solution has been reached, shared with the international Kate Bushological community, and, after suitable discussion among students of the subject, ratified by the majority and approved -- if possible, through official channels -- by Kate herself. In future days, should interest prove sufficient, further details and theories in connection with the new "backwards" passage will emanate from this source.

In the second case, Kate's charming but too-brief reply indicates, I submit, a reluctance to consider, at least within the context of an interview for fans, the ultimate implications of her commitment to strict vegetarianism, and the attendant ethical dilemma which arises in the face of her equal devotion to the rights and dignity of all animals -- the instinctual carnivorous bent of the domestic cat being, arguably, one of that noble and elegant animal's rights by nature. My sincere thanks to everyone for their patience and consideration. Responses, obviously, are encouraged. Until they are received, may we all continue in our venture INTO THE GARDEN...

[Editorial note: I met Mr. Marvick in Romford, England, at the Kate Bush Club Convention at the end of last year, so it seems likely that there is now another Katefan almost as fanatical as I on the list. And if Hugh Maher (another American who was at the KBC Convention) ever figures out how to send mail from the University of Sussex, then there will be yet another. --Doug]


Date: Fri, 02 May 86 14:01 PDT
Subject: KT ramblings

Mainly to Doug in re KT video trade: I haven't heard from you about my explanation of my KT video collection. I think it's possible I forgot to send it to you after writing it. This computer stuff is really messing me up. If interested in complete list, let me know. An edited version of the message follows this one, just in case.

Old message follows:

Dear Doug,

I appreciate your interest in getting a copy of the video I just had transferred. I have been collecting Kate video for the past three years now (it took me four years before I discovered other people even had any Kate video). Regarding the digital transfer I referred to, the word, which conjures up images of crystal clear pictures, is highly misleading in this case. I long ago gave up any hope of collecting good copies of Kate video, since every copy I've ever been able to get hold of has been at least third generation.

In this case, although I was told the transfer was done digitally, two things lead me to disbelieve this myself. First, the price ($48.00 for about 40 minutes) was suspiciously low for digital service; and second, the picture is not at all sharp and seems compressed in a way similar to (although not as severe as in) Cinimascope film when projected from a normal 35mm projector. On the other hand, previous optical transfers of mine have a flicker which this copy does not have, so who knows?

On top of this, the original signal was not top quality at all. Now out of these 40 minutes Kate herself only appears in about ten (unless you want to count the official videos which I'm sure you already have in a better version, especially if you got a copy of the Night Flight interview show on Kate, in which "Cloudbusting" and "Hounds of Love" appeared in their entirety, or the "Friday Night Videos" broadcast just mentioned in Love-Hounds Digest.) These ten or so minutes consist of a lip-synch of RUTH from TOTP which is extremely similar to that done on the Wogan show, which, as you know, was shown many times on MTV last October; and a brief (about 3 or 4 minute) interview with Kate on Whistle Test.

The remaining time is filled up with chart listings from (I assume) TOTP and The Sky Channel -- these include nothing really new or of great interest to serious Kate fans. Now, I would be willing to make a transfer of this, or of a larger collection of rare Kate video edited by me (excising official videos where they appear, etc.) providing you were willing to send me blank tape and money for postage. But it's more complicated than that, I'm afraid, because all my video is on Beta, and I do not own a VHS machine. I could make a transfer of a tape to VHS for you, but it would mean more money for the rental of the VHS machine.

The main reason I mentioned the video was in order to find out whether you or anyone else in Love-Hounds had equally rare Kate video to trade. Making some minor profit in dollars out of this doesn't interest me. I have been trying to get a copy of Kate's appearance on Saturday Superstore and her performance of "Army Dreamers" on Australian TV, among other things, for more than a year, but have met with no success as of yet. Above all, I am interested in acquiring a copy of the famous "Dutch videos" which were done, I think, in 1978 or so. There were at least 8 done, and I know that a copy exists somewhere in North America (Dale Somerville must have a copy, for example), but thus far I have not even seen an excerpt from them. If you are still interested, please let me know what Kate video you have in your collection, and I'll copy out a list of my stuff, too.

As for the Vermorel book, of course I've got it! I've had Kate on the brain since March 1978, when I first heard "Wuthering Heights" on Italian radio. No item of Kate-related ephemera with which I've come in contact since then has gone without my making a stab at acquiring it. But at this point, the printed word, especially in the form of now-out-of-date press releases, interests me least, since I too have so many xeroxes and ratty old clippings from NMEs and Liverpool newspapers, etc., that I don't know how to keep anything in order anymore. The rarest printed thing I have-- or at any rate the most precious to me -- is a yellowed and dog-eared copy of Harry Dougherty's June 1978 piece on Kate from MM or NME or Sounds (forget offhand), which was the first Kate-related item I ever bought (aside from records). There are now very few Kate Bush artifacts which I still covet.

One thing the convention taught me is that one can NEVER have a "complete" collection -- you saw how many dozens and dozens of badges there were there, for example. So, unless you have a copy of the tour programme to spare (ha ha), or extra Canadian mini-albums in colors other than green, or unneeded copies of the "leather jacket" or "kimono" posters, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do much trading of merchandise, especially since I've never collected duplicates of anything Kate-related except for records.

Thanks for the old Kate writings, which I have now read avidly. I have translated a recent French interview (actually the only one she gave, as far as I know) which must have been given directly following her return from North America in late November, and just preceding her appearance at the Romford convention. I mean to transfer it to Love-Hounds as soon as time permits. As usual the interviewer is a moron, but also as usual, this doesn't prevent Kate from making it a good interview (witness that lame-brain Tony Myatt in the convention interview). Incidentally, Homeground #22, being a glossy production now, has been picked up by the inter-continental magazine distributors here, and a pile of them showed up in the import stores. I've been told that there has been a recent issue of Break-Through published, but I've not been notified by Dale about it. Have you any information?

As far as I can tell, Doug, you and I are the only hard-core fans of Kate contributing to Love-Hounds. I mean, Butthole Surfers and Foetus On Your Breath? I have nothing against these bands, not being familiar with their music, but why so little feedback on Kate Bush?


Date: Tue, 06 May 86 15:16 PDT
Subject: IED KT update, May 6

As usual, all verbiage from this correspondent concerns KT and KT only.


Partly out of a feeling of empathy for such a means of justifying one's obsessions, I have chosen to adopt Reich's pedantic forms and ponderous style in dealing with the work of Kate Bush, since this kind of obsessive interest in another person's life and work is better disguised, I think, when couched in the dry-as-dust language of the Orgonotic scholar.


Date: Wed, 04 Jun 86 16:14 PDT
Subject: Oh, forchrissake!

KATE BUSH...remember?


Date: 5-JUN-1986 16:35:47

OK, so what was that cryptic message from IED0DXM (a.k.a. Andrew Marvick) supposed to mean: "KATE BUSH - remember?..."? Huh? Am I missing part of the posting? Did I say something wrong?



Date: Wed, 18 Jun 86 22:09 PDT
Subject: Cathy, etc.

Just depleted life's savings on the top-of-the-line Sony 8mm table-top VCR. Now recording record collection (1700 plus and a real pain in the neck at this point) onto cute little 8mm video-cassettes -- used as an audio-recorder, this model can fit 24 hours of music onto ONE cassette; amazing quality, too, and virtually no machine or tape noise; nearly like a CD. The thought of putting every audio shred of Kate Bush on one cassette (including every bit of interview and every cover version) was too hard to resist. Hoping to make up the capital loss by selling record collection (save for KT) when it's all transferred.

In the process of re-recording her complete works I was able to hear the EARLINESS of her first LPs much more clearly (having been so caught up in Hounds of Love and The Dreaming for so many months now). Even Never For Ever is absurdly YOUNG-sounding Kate Bush.

There is absolutely no question that, to date, The Dreaming and Hounds of Love constitute, collectively, the greatest achievement in 20th century Western music.


Date: Sun, 22 Jun 86 17:02 PDT
Subject: KaTching up with the pack

When I lived in Cambridge (ca. '75-'79) I always read MM, NME, etc. in the old Out of Town in H. Square, only buying when KT news appeared. The proprietor inevitably tried to intimidate with obnoxious "Can I help you?"s and "Are ya gonna buy that, mister?"s I finally moved back to L.A.


Date: Fri, 11 Jul 86 22:22 PDT
Subject: IEDeosynchronicities

O.K., go ahead and maunder on about subjects unrelated to Kate if you want, Jimbo. IED was in a bad mood when posting that intolerant message. IED would like to ask one thing, however: WHY? WHY would you want to discuss OTHER music than Kate's? Or at least, why discuss other music except insofar as it might be related to Kate's in some way? This is truly a puzzlement...


Date: Tue, 15 Jul 86 16:18 PDT
Subject: KaTchall

Incidentally, there has never been any secret that IED0DXM is Andrew Marvick, who is having fun with a pseudonymous anagram. Yes, it is silly.


Date: Tue, 15 Jul 86 16:18 PDT
Subject: KaTchall

While on vacation in the Dairyland (Wisconsin, to be precise), IED met two people who noticed his KT t-shirt (the new U.S. one with the rainbow-colored print of the HoL cover). One felt she should fill him in on the details of Kate's career. "She was discovered by Peter Gabriel, you know." The other had this to tell him: "Woh, dude. Kate Bush, right? Woh. I don't like her album {this presumably a reference to Kate Bush's FIFTH album}. It's all about a girlfriend of hers who died of a heroin overdose. Rully self-indulgent. Hey, but she does a rull sweet job on "Don't Give Up", though. Woh, dude, rad, etc., etc., etc...."

This experience is related to emphasize the results of acquiring a high profile in our homeland.


Date: Sat, 19 Jul 86 19:04:33 EDT
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: Re: Is IEDreaming or what?

> IED agrees that there is no intrinsic merit in Big Country, only ancillary interest stemming entirely from their association with KT. Whether their music is good or not is immaterial. It is enough that they have worked with the greatest living human being.

Kate Bush the "greatest living human being"??? That's ridiculous. Dear Love-Hounds readers, I implore you, please let us keep things in the proper perspective. Kate the "greatest living human being"???

Kate is no mere human being, she is a God! Please try to keep this in mind before you speak heresy.

Kate saves,



Date: Thu, 24 Jul 86 10:34:12 EDT
From: Chris J. Valas <cv%linus@mitre-bedford.ARPA>
Subject: Two Little Music Hitlers (One Way, One Music, One Reich)

>Re: IED abuse
> In the digest, I have toned down your little flame to IED a bit. I know -- I'm worse than Reagan and the Nazis all put together, but we can be a little more civil in our abuse, can we not?


No. IED is one of the least-interesting, most-irritating jerks I have ever had to suffer through. Anyone who habitually refers to himself in the third person should be SHREDDED. YOU have almost a one-track mind, but IED is HIDEOUSLY boring. I am not a Kate fanatic; hers is one of MANY musics, but I read love-hounds for everything NOT about her. She has been done to death. I'll find his address and do it myself. Would you have toned it down if I had been insulting Krantz instead of one of your kindred spirits? I doubt it. Kate's heart should be taken off your sleeve and put back in your pocket where it belongs.

I can't wait to read how you reworded my posting. Goebbels would have loved you. Why don't you go work for the John Birch Society? They could use a little help computerizing their mailings....

Chris Valas


Date: Thu, 24 Jul 86 23:24 PDT
Subject: Reply to Chris Valas: Give IED an inch...

Well, Chris, IED was being just a little facetious when he asked what was meant to be the rhetorical question, "Why listen to anything other than Kate?"


In fact IED wastes away something like 50% of his life listening intently to extra-Katian musics. Yesterday he bought four LPs of more or less obscure Debussy (he's suddenly and almost inexplicably gotten hung up on the "Impressionists" Debussy and Ravel, trying to absorb their respective complete works for piano solo); and listened extensively to two of Ivo Pogorelich's recent CDs (his live Warsaw Chopin recital and the Ravel Gaspard de la nuit/Prokoviev 6th Sonata CD). IED's desert island pop top ten list, NOT including Kate, is as follows:

  1. Japan: Tin Drum and Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  2. David Sylvian: Brilliant Trees
  3. YMO: BGM and Technodelic
  4. Ippu-Do: Night Mirage
  5. Miharu Koshi: Tutu and Parallelisme
  6. Ronny (produced by Peter Godwin): To Have and Have Not (12")
  7. Doris Day (Andre Previn, piano): Duet
  8. Scriabin: Complete Sonatas, Roberto Szidon, piano (DGG)
  9. Rachmaninoff: 4th Piano Concerto, Vladimir Krainev, piano (Melodya)
  10. Chopin: Op. 10 and 25 Etudes, Maurizio Pollini, piano (DGG)


Date: Fri, 01 Aug 86 18:03 PDT
Subject: Another KT-shirt design; and: enKA-TExt

[re japanese music]

Yes, John, IED has all of Hosono, Sakamoto, Takahashi, even Kenji Omura, Akira Mitake, Plastics and Melon, Tachibana, Urban Dance and Shi-Shonen (prod. Hosono), Akiko Yano, Sandii, etc. Not that he thinks all of this stuff is good -- he dislikes early Hosono and Takahashi's Sadistic Mika Band stuff, that pre-YMO L.A./Little Feat stuff is awful, or at least very dull. To IED's ears, BGM was the first really significant Japanese pop LP. Technodelic even finer. Naughty Boys was a retrogression in terms of attitude, though not production-wise. Neuromantic was exceptional, but Takahashi's style hasn't fundamentally changed since then, only gotten more and more enka-ish (i.e. schlocky) -- although his sound is always first-rate. As for Sakamoto, he's too inconsistent as a solo musician for this taste; Esperanto was excellent, as was B-2 Unit, but Left-Handed Dream and The Arrangement, as well as Picture Book Music (Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia) and the latest (Miraiho Yaru, or Futurista) all show deplorable American-cum-Akiko Yano influence. (Yano herself, reputedly the "Japanese Kate Bush, is, IED thinks, tiresome, silly and MOR, "Rose Garden" excepted.)

Hosono is great from Philharmony on, although SFX and The Making of Non-Standard Music are admittedly very light. His ambient LPs -- El Nokto in Galaxia, Co-Incidental Music, Mercuric Dance, Paradise View, The Endless Talking -- are very well done, but there's enough of it now to last a lifetime. As for Shi-Shonen and Urban Dance, well, they're not great artistic successes. Interiors are a bit better, but not very expert. P-Model and Friction are execrable, and Phew! is respectable but dull. Both of Miharu Koshi's LPs are of the highest quality, and IED has a weakness for the Susan's two Takahashi-produced LPs: Do You Believe in Mazik? and The Girl Can't Help It.

IED's personal favorite from Japan is Ippu-Do's Night Mirage, which is exquisite in its details, and gloriously effete and aestheticist. Tsuchiya's Rice Music was very respectable, though not as potent as Night Mirage, but his latest (?), Tokyo Ballet, is too main-stream rock for this listener, despite one or two very refined tracks.

Equally fine, though only tangentially related, of course, is late Japan, and its members' various solo releases. The best of these are Sylvian's Brilliant Trees and Jansen/Barbieri's regrettably brief Worlds in a Small Room (Japanese-only import). Steve Jansen has reportedly released an album with Yukihiro Takahashi in Japan, and IED has heard that a 12" single from it has even been seen briefly in Tower, although his searches have always proved futile. It is called "Stay Close". And of course Sylvian has released his next single, from the forthcoming double-LP (hope that doesn't mean cuts will be deleted from the CD): Gone to Earth.

Does John Lorch collect CDs of any of the above? IED suspects that Night Mirage, Live and Zen, Rice Music, Tokyo Ballet, Tutu, Parallelisme, Neuromantic, B-2 Unit and Immigrants are all out on CD in Japan, but for some confounded reason no-one in the U.S. is making any effort to import them. Does John or anyone else out there know anything about this issue? Even more important, does anyone know if there has been anything new from Susan or from Miharu Koshi since, respectively, The Girl Can't Help It and Parallelisme? The Japanese are so prolific that it seems unlikely there hasn't been a lot of stuff from them in the past two years. The problem in L.A. is that The Other Side Records, which specialized in Japanese imports, folded with the advent of CDs, which have ruined the audiophile end of the Japanese import business.


Date: Mon, 18 Aug 86 12:41 PDT
Subject: coKTeau wins

IED recommends Treasure without hesitation as the first Cocteau Twins LP to buy. It is the first real flowering of the Cocteau Twins' sound, every track on it has real beauty, and the production is spectacular. Although it doesn't sound like The Dreaming, Treasure is comparable in that it is the Cocteau Twins' breakthrough album (albeit a breakthrough commensurate with the group's insignificant status in relation to that of KATE BUSH). The three subsequent EPs (Aikea Guinea, Tiny Dynamine and Echoes in a Shallow Bay) and the follow-up album Victorialand are all very close to Treasure in style and sound, but increasingly lack (in IED's opinion, of course) the substance and depth that distinguishes Treasure. The records preceeding Treasure (Head Over Heels, Sunburst and Snowblind, etc.) are good, but are more akin to Never For Ever (only in the sense that they show signs of major advances without really standing as landmark works on their own).

Of course, the single most clearly Kate-influenced track of all by Cocteau Twins is the cover version of R. Harper's "Another Day", sung by Elizabeth Fraser. It's on This Mortal Coil's only LP, a kind of collaborative record featuring members of various 4AD groups. No matter what anyone says about Fraser's decision to sing this song, there can be absolutely no doubt that she saw the Kate Christmas special and heard Kate's version of the song with Peter Gabriel.


Date: Mon, 08 Sep 86 12:57 PDT
Subject: can-Kate-inations

> "Rituals" is a nice contrast to Kate's music, and that the more music one is exposed to, the more he/she will appreciate Kate's.

Nothing against "Rituals" in particular, Mark, but your basic conclusion is certainly true! Generally speaking, the more music IED is exposed to, the more he realizes how BAD it is compared to Kate's.


Date: Tue, 07 Oct 86 15:09 PDT
Subject: IED DIED, I SURVIVES! IS IT TRUE? Well, for now, anyway...

Wow! IED is (I am -- happier, "g rady"?) impressed. All this offended feedback!

It's easiest to answer all of the responses by responding to the best of the responses, so the following is in reference to Doug's posting.

> Now, Andy, don't you think it a little silly to ask for "concrete evidence" on issues such as artistic quality?

A big question. As an art historian, I have to deal with this riddle all the time. Perhaps the term "evidence" was misused here. I intended to invite just what you did give, i.e. a system for forming personal preferences. Perhaps there is no absolute means of judging quality in art, but even if not, this is no justification for simply saying, "I like it better, therefore it is better". Whether they be invincible to refutation or not, reasons for such a judgment ought to be presented -- as you have done.

... [HoL better than TD debate]...

Please, then, allow me to identify myself as an exception to your generality, since I do consider myself to have been enlightened by her music, yet do not prefer The Dreaming. I am interested first and foremost in the MUSIC of Kate Bush; second, in the ancillary means of artistic expression which she uses to amplify that music; and third, in the great mystery which I see in the fact that a living human being is actually responsible for this art. In self-defense, I'd like to testify that the first two weeks of my obsession for Kate Bush were based entirely on the sound of "Wuthering Heights" on Italian radio -- I had no idea what she herself looked like, nor anything else about her --not even that her name was Kate Bush or that she spoke English! During that period, the only thing that mattered to me in life was the art in that recording.

...[lengthy debate HoL/TD again]...

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Mon, 20 Oct 86 23:56 PDT

Let IED apologize again to Blore (and to any others who may have felt the ugly sting of Andrew's temper, which tends to rise at intervals in response to the goadings of more dispassionate admirers of Kate). The ad hominem remarks were uncalled for, this cannot be denied. Henceforth let IED confine himself as well as he is able to the matters at hand.

> The term "over-produced," to me, indicates a piece of music which has had too much production done to it.

Words fail IED in the face of such a powerful argument!

> In other words, something that would have sounded better with less production.

Blore, don't you see how empty these comments are? "Production" is a GENERAL term -- there's production and there's production, it's not a SPECIFIC THING! You seem to be visualizing "production" as some kind of sandwich spread: an "over-produced" record is like a hotdog with too much mustard! The point is, production is about as vague a term as any in modern music, and The Dreaming offers perfect proof that a HEAVILY produced record need not be an OVER-produced record.

> Take a listen to "And Dream of Sheep"--one of the best cuts on the album. No balalaikas, no pan-flute, no digerido, in short (and to avoid any further misspellings of words not found in "spell") a nice little un-embellished song.

Blore, it's YOU who should take a listen to "And Dream of Sheep"! Really LISTEN to it! "A nice little un-embellished song" -- it is NONE OF THESE THINGS. It's not "nice", it's not "little", it's certainly not "un-embellished" -- hell, it's not even strictly speaking a "song"!


Then Doug writes:

> Parts of Hounds of Love I also don't find as interesting musically. HoL has more harmony and less counterpoint than *The Dreaming*. Counterpoint is better than harmony. Baroque music and Stravinsky are better than Classical music for this reason.

This is all a big joke, right, Doug? You're not serious, are you? Because if you're serious, well...you'd just have to be joking. Of all the ridiculous ideas in the world! Counterpoint is "BETTER" than harmony!?! Stravinsky "BETTER" than -- than "Classical music"?! -- Do you mean the WHOLE corpus of Western music from Haydn through Rachmaninov, including Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wagner, Bruckner, Mahler, Debussy, etc., etc. -- !? Simply because the former explored one aspect of musical construction in a new way, and the latter was more often harmonically based? This has got to be the silliest idea ever posted in Love-Hounds, Doug.

(Anyway, if you're so sold on the contrapuntal in music, why isn't your favorite Kate Bush track "The Morning Fog", her most complex piece of non-linear composition to date?)


Date: Sat, 25 Oct 86 13:19 PDT
Subject: IED is singing "Too-lee-ay, too-lee-o..." just as hard as he can

>> OK, then, Average Guy, you're so sure that Kate's music is "over-produced", IED dares you to point out even one sound in The Dreaming that's unnecessary. JUST ONE.

> Well, technically speaking, the whole album is unnecessary. But I know what you mean and unfortunately I can't answer you. I don't own a copy of the album, and the friend who played it for me 'way back when is out of town.

This is really a scream, Blore. You've been carrying on this argument all this time, and not only do you not even own a copy of The Dreaming, but you've only listened to it once? The Dreaming?! ONCE?? THE DREAMING??? O N C E ? ? ? This conversation can serve no further purpose.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: 30 Oct 86 13:04:00 PST
From: "ROSSI J.A." <rossi@nusc.ARPA>
Subject: IED vs Blore


At a more subjective and psychological analytical level. The EMAIL behavior of IED as exemplified by most of his recent behavior (nonwithstanding his annoying (in my opinion) third person presentations) suggests that he has gone beyond that hazy line which separates the connotative meanings of the words 'fan' and 'fanatic'. If there was a Kate Bush religious cult, I'm sure that IED would behave in similar devotion as do the Scientologist followers of L. Ron Hubbard. In fact, in order to displace his apparent fellings of selfworthlesness, I would suggest that IED find a religious cult, with whom he can affiliate, so that these longings for meaning can be expressed in true cult fashion. Although Kate Bush's music is arguably asthetic appealing to most of us that read this list, I doubt that many of us have a cult like attitude toward her work. Even Doug, her strongest non-brainwashed advocate, occasionally can find subtle problems or things he doesn't like about her work (Of course, much of Doug's behavior can be attributed to his over zealous sexual attraction to Kate, i.e., a matter to be settled with gonads, not brain).


So, IED, as per a long winded discussion here last year about the critical value of using explicatives as adjectives or adverbs lacking any 'super-critical' clout, so too your over zealous, pompus and fanatical comments are probably erased daily by people who still are in control of their own choice behavior. We all know that you are a Kate fanatic. Personally, I'm tired of hearing about it. Maybe, you would do better writing your EMAIL to net.religion or somplace you might find others like yourself (If there is no cultlike talk in net.religion, I appologize for suggesting IED write to your group.



Date: Fri, 07 Nov 86 22:48:58 -0500
From: nessus
Subject: Re: IED vs Blore

> [John Rossi:] Even Doug, her strongest non-brainwashed advocate, occasionally can find subtle problems or things he doesn't like about her work (Of course, much of Doug's behavior can be attributed to his over zealous sexual attraction to Kate, i.e., a matter to be settled with gonads, not brain).

Now, Mr. Rossi, please keep your amature pop-psychology to yourself. My ideal object of sexual attraction is the lead singer of Romeo Void, not KB. Though I must say that the book of photos I just got of Kate as a little kid show her to be a very cute little child indeed.

But music is much more important than sex. When I fell in love with Kate's music, I didn't jerk off for nearly a whole year...



From: ihnp4!inuxj!rael
Date: 5 Jan 87 13:02:43 EST (Mon)
Subject: IED ?

Maybe we can put the whole subject to rest by holding a "What IED stands for" contest. We could all submit our entries and let IED choose the best entry [IED: I hope you don't decide to electronically impale me for suggesting this; I think it'd be fun; my own entry: "I Envy Doug"].

Dan Vanevic

[first ever entry to "What IED stands for"]


Date: Tue, 13 Jan 87 21:16 PST
Subject: Writing Style

[Re IED's style:]

Thanks again, Doug. As those who are interested will understand from the above statement, IED's Bushological style is the result of his fascination with -- and imprisonment within -- the legacy of Western scholarship; a corpus of work which, arguably, finds its most compelling, frightening and disturbing expression in the late publications of the Orgonon Press. In his last years Wilhelm Reich published, in faultlessly learned and footnoted fashion, some of the most shockingly psychotic, yet disquietingly beautiful theoretical papers that IED has ever found. It is unlikely that anyone could, after reading them, hear "Cloudbusting" in quite the same way again. (N.B.: For hardcore Kate fans only.)

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Tuesday, 13 Jan 1987 19:31:34-PST
From: brandenberg%star.DEC@decwrl.DEC.COM
Subject: IED: yet another theory

Actually, like a Kate Bush song, it's meant to be played backwards to get the hidden meaning, thus becoming the object of several of her songs. Conclusion: compensatory neurosis.



Date: Tue, 3 Feb 87 14:37:09 cst
From: hsu%uicsrd.CSRD.UIUC.EDU@a.cs.uiuc.edu (William Tsun-Yuk Hsu)
Subject: IED == G*D

After fasting for 7 days and abstaining from sex, drugs, alcohol, and industrial music for the same period, I have finally come to the conclusion that IED is G*d. Either that, or he's pretty close.

How did I come to this conclusion, you understandably befuddled heathen masses may ask? Well, with my own eyes I have witnessed two feats of IED which I thought were impossible, and which will probably never be duplicated. By definition, these are "miracles".

You see, IED has succeeded in pissing off two of the most calm, reasonable and tolerant people on the net. I never thought anyone could incite rossi or gtaylor to say anything that even approaches displeasure, but IED, in the space of a few months, has performed both impossible feats.

I now see the wisdom of IED, and accept his writings as "the one true way". At least until I recover from temporary insanity, chemical imbalance, constant migraine, etc.

The 7 Commandments of IED, as far as I could infer from his holy writings:

"I am the messenger of Kate thy G*d,

1) Thou shalt have no strange Gods before Kate.

2) Thou shalt not abuse the works of Kate, nor blaspheme against Kate by claiming that *anything* comes close to the works of Kate in perfeKTion. Kate *is* perfeKTion, Kate defines musical complexity and quality.

3) Thou shalt keep holy the Sabbath day (Kate's birthday).

4) Thou shalt not kill, nor commit verbal abuse, except when involved in verbal tirades against enemies of Kate.

5) Thou shalt not commit adultery by claiming allegiance to any other than Kate in love-hounds.

6) The two greatest visual artists working in America these days are David Lynch and Terry Gilliam. It is blasphemy to claim that Jim Jarmusch, Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, or anybody else even comes close.

7) Dune is a great movie, despite its snail-like pace, excessive self- indulgence, relatively shoddy look for all the money spent on it, ridiculous design for stillsuits, inappropriate overuse of voiceovers, and pseudo-mystical/religious/philosophical ending."

The above are, of course, religious *facts*, and anyone (me included) who try to argue them will burn in hell.



Date: Wed, 04 Feb 87 17:24 PST
Subject: Message from A. Marvick re IED

Hi, folks, this is Andrew Marvick speaking. You haven't heard from me in Love-Hounds before, although my name is probably familiar to you. I'm writing to you myself because I'm a little worried about IED. (He's the guy I post messages for -- although, having very little interest in pop stars myself, I rarely pay any attention to what I write for him.)

It seems that this morning IED disappeared. I mean, he simply DISAPPEARED. Here's how it happened. I was awakened this morning by the sound of IED's car door slamming outside the house. I looked out the window in time to see his car driving off towards Pasadena (of all places!), and as he sped down the road I thought I could hear him screaming something about "Poo-bah's" and "no time to waste!" I didn't know what to make of it.

You know, most of the time IED just sits around in the back yard with an old Sony D-5 and some headphones --he's not in the habit of driving to Pasadena, I can tell you! Aside from sitting listening to a couple of Kate Bush albums over and over (pretty weird stuff if you ask me), all he ever does is dictate alot of obsessive, histrionic messages to me every day. Anyway, I thought no more of it, but about one this afternoon he returned home, carrying something in a brown paper bag, and slammed the door to his ROOM behind him. (IED NEVER goes into his ROOM!)

I called through the door to him, asking if there was anything wrong, and he gave a pretty strange answer. I don't know what to make of it, but maybe you Kate Bush fans will understand what he was talking about. As near as I could make it out, what he said was this:

"I've been out in the Garden for sixteen months, and now I've come back into the House!"

Anyway, the gist of the matter is that when I opened the door and went in to ask him what the devil he was talking about, he was gone -- there was NOBODY IN THE ROOM. Well, I mean to say, the twins (who are back in L.A. for a few weeks, on holiday from their home in the Kentish veldt) and I were more than a little put out at this sort of behaviour, even from a weird old get like IED. So I ask you, what are we to make of it?

-- Andrew Marvick

P.S.: Looks as though you'll have to wait a bit for IED's next posting, so try to remember where you and he left off in whatever your latest dumb argument is.


The Strangest thing ever appeared on love-hounds:

Date: Sat, 07 Feb 87 10:53 PST
Subject: Krypt-ic Tales from The House

No, it's not poetry, just a story, says IED of his latest posting to me, which I relay to Love-Hounds. He says it's just a reflection of "the way I got out of The Garden, and back inside The House." He says that the reason for the order the lines are in is obvious. It's pretty corny, if you ask me, but who cares what I think?

-- Andrew M.

This is the front door. Knock on it. Pound on it. Knock the door in.
Frustration whips round in my mind
as the siren wind whistles and sings to The House.

Already I've run out of steam,
yet I must somehow slip in with the wind.
Knock, pound, whip, whistle.

How desirable the spoils of such a siege,
how maddening to be passed by the hardworking seekers of the world!


Now, quick, down the stairs,
the loud, winding, uncertain stairs.

To reach the top, I must first go down endless flights of stairs,
across endless deserts,
across endless oceans,
and still I will be standing outside The House.

As I sat,
slumped and empty,
in front of The House
that could not be entered,
I saw a small marching band.

The band was coming
directly toward me,
marching down the street.

Crunch. Crunch.
Um-pah. Um-pah.

A driver was delayed by the band.
shouted the car and its driver.
And then, finally, I lost patience.

I took out some gelignite and blew the bleeding door open.

("What was that?"
"Only your imagination.")

This is true happiness! This is getting rich quick!

Wait a minute...wait a minute...

What's this?

This isn't pleasant.
This isn't pleasant at all notatallnotatall.

The guitar chirps angrily, people twist notes like rotten bamboo.
What a sick...a sick...a sick feeling.
The House is striking ME. Rather striking SOMETHING...
Striking something UP...striking something up IN ME...

This is not The House...This is not a house at all.

Here, in the darkness, I could be anywhere!
A hot wet wind
is attacking me from the rear; and I want to get out,
and live indoors.

Listen, let's get the hell out of here, flutter away in the night wind.
Look over there! (Where?)
The terrain is getting more familiar.

It's English countryside

I see below.

If Stonehenge is outside
in the garden,
then we must really be inside The House.
But if God is not here but out there
in the studio,
then maybe we should get out there again.
Dreaming doesn't help.

I stomp about, in antiquated rhythms,
through numberless rooms,
in The House. But always I remain outside.

Inspiration is elusive.

Every step
past the threshold
is hard won,

But at least I'm inside.

Now, guard this new advantage,
guard this prize.

(But you know that's not the way...)

(But you know that's not the way...)

Just open it, and leave it that way.

Love alone will give you the art you seek.

Well, since you ask,
It's the open air that I'm open to.
The garden air buzzes, flirts.
Heavenly breezes skirt the walls of The House.

Let's explore this House, how about it?
Well, I don't know...it's awful big, and there are no lights.
No lights? Oh, you're right, no electricity.

Well, o.k., we'll look for the fuse-box.
Where is it?
It's usually in the basement.
The basement? It's dark down there.
Yeah, but you've gotta risk something to gain something.
O.K., let's hit the stairs. HEY! It smells funny down here!
What do you mean, 'funny'?
Well, kind of EARTHY...
It's an earthen floor! There's ANIMALS down here.

Quick, forget the damn lights,
Let's get out of here!
Up, up! Go! keep climbing, quick!
Whew, what a relief! Fresh air, the fresh, dark night air.
Hey! We've gone all the way up to the roof!


How do I relax? There's still no light, no moon...

Ssh! I hear something!

It's just music, squirming around the foundations of The House.
Yeah, and someone's down there, too,
making alot of racket. I'm very worried!
Why? Nothing to worry about, love.

Worry rattles around in my head. I'm going
downstairs again.
Do what you like,
but you're being silly.
Something may come
after you
up there!

Come on, come downstairs NOW!

Down, down, down, and we're in the front parlor.
Crepe covers the windows.
This is worse than death,

this is death with consciousness,
death with pain,
The pain that brings the will to live and relive,
To run for dark hills in the open.

This is the sound of death, nevertheless;
the cool, airy song of death;
the sweet,
urgent sound
of remorse.

Remorse carries me into life again.
I'm still in the front parlor, but the crepe has gone.
I have hired strange agents
To help relive.
Their vulgar interference is horrible, but what choice have I?
We must enter The House, or leave it,
together or not at all.

And still it doesn't happen.


Protect me from the wind,
the dark wind hanging heavily overhead as it flies,
entreating me to give it a room.
The House is love, The House is complete.

The House is loved, The House is holy.



HERE IT IS! (My goal lies here,)
THERE! (The dead of night calls)
WHO'S THAT? (For his goal is the same,)

THIS IS THE END! (But he is not yet formed, as I.)
THAT'S IT! (Protect me! Protect me!)
HERE I WILL REMAIN! (Protect me from the cold night wind of evil.)

COME TO ME! (Magician, help me now!)
FACE ME! (Let me turn and flee!)



Date: Fri, 20 Feb 87 17:44 PST
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: w/a mind that renders everything sensitive, what chance does I. have?

Incidentally, since you have seen fit to make condescending remarks about our relative knowledge of art, it's not out of line for IED to mention that he graduated from Harvard (with high honours) in art history; received his M.A. in nineteenth-century painting from UCLA; and will receive his Ph.D. in same from Columbia this October. Please let him know if your own credentials greatly exceed his; and while you're at it, you might explain how you came to doubt the appropriateness of his reference to late Rembrandt.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: 7 Apr 87 14:49:39 PDT (Tuesday)
From: Messenger.SBDERX@Xerox.COM
Subject: IEDsucksIEDsucksIEDsucksIEDsucksIEDesucksIEDsucksIEDsucks

The diseased & warped mind of IED spews forth:
> The Ferry Aid single is in L.A. shops,
> ... sentimental drivel ... sanctimonious, a-critical thinking ...
> typically sleazy 80's pop arrangement, ... increasingly chaotic and tasteless
> ... British pseudo-soulsters ... smarmy guitar-ridden instrumental ...
> wildly over-blown chorus ... monumental seaminess ... haste and bad taste
> ... diseased, slobbering excess ... foul, musically syphilitic
> ... embalmed ... mire of yUcKy contemporary pap ... hopeless inferiority
> ... diseased puddle of their sonic offal ... dirty storm ... sordid enterprise.
> Strongly recommended.

Meanwhile the bodies continue to rot, and the insurers are under no legal obligation to pay up more than 36,000 pounds ($57,000) compensation to those injured or the relatives of those killed. Evidence mounts that the accident was due to negligence. The ferry operators announce that they are *considering* topping up insurance claims "on a discretionary basis in cases of extreme need", ha ha.

BUY IT!!!!!

A hard copy of IEDs diatribe has been sent to Ms Bush for her comments

-- Angry of Mayfair


Date: Sat, 02 May 87 12:35 PDT
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: The Wickham Street Irregulars

"Watson?" "Yes, Holmes?" "I'm afraid you're an incorrigible bungler!"

Dave's comments re WSI are re-assuring, but no, the new idea is not related to the now-stagnant Kovers projecT (your hypothesis #3). Thanks for your concern, Dave, but IED was not hurt or upset by your earlier remarks, not at all. The delay in answering is due to the fact that, on re-reading the following explanation of the WSI, it seemed to IED that he had failed to bring across the essential uniqueness of the hypothetical group -- it may still sound a bit like Love-Hounds, something it has very little in common with. This is because the primary distinction of WSI is philosophical, and IED is rotten in philosophy. The main ideator of the WSI, by the way, is not IED, but a non-Love-Hound KT fan from Missouri. IED just thought it was worth sharing with the group, whether it inspires any reciprocal verbiage from the pack or not.

Announcing the formation of

T H E - W I C K H A M - S T R E E T - I R R E G U L A R S

The group discussions of the Wickham Street Irregulars differ from those of other Kate Bush fora in two crucial respects. First, they stem exclusively from the music and ideas suggested by Kate herself, and as such, they do not revolve around the daily trivia which surround Kate and her career. Second, they stem from the unanimous realization that there is no "true" interpretation of the art of Kate Bush, and that therefore mutual benefits and enlightenment may be gained as much from subjective, creative interpretations as from objective, analytical ones.

Above all, the aim of the WSI texts is not necessarily to understand more about how Kate herself works and interprets her music, but to examine and celebrate the members' personal re-actions to it.

For example, the topics of the WSI may range from as tangible a subject as the pursuit of Wilhelm Reich by the FDA during the 1950s; to the personal associations of one contributor's childhood memories of sky-gazing -- even though those associations may bear, in the end, only the most tenuous links with "The Big Sky"; to a rambling narrative about the effects of alpha-interferon on lunar cheese cultures, conceived during an angel-dust-listening to "Houdini".

So long as the inspiration for or source of a contribution is genuinely Kate-related, its eligibility and appropriateness for the WSI, as well as its essential "correctness" -- its acceptance as an unassailable part of the canon, doctrine and outlook of the WSI -- will never be questioned. This would mean, for example, that if, say, Doug Alan's interpretation of "Hounds of Love" (chosen here because it is well known to Love-Hounds), linking many of its lyrics with the theme of Kate's relationship with her fans, were submitted to the WSI, it would not be -- could not be -- refuted. Instead, it would be absorbed into the communal WSI view of the work of Kate, just as though it had been proved to be a fact. In the long run, interpretations as personal as Doug's, treated as objective truth because of the premium placed on the subjective within the WSI, would begin to combine with and enrich each other, creating an increasingly elaborate super- (or sub-) structure of WSI doctrine, in much the same way that a role-playing game is slowly improved by the convolution of its various players' shared and mutually respected imaginations.

The main medium of the WSI is paper, and early contributions have come from outside the computer world; but any Love-Hound who wishes to offer something to the WSI for inclusion in the WSIQ may simply post to Love-Hounds with a note requesting its inclusion in the WSIQ.

The postings and publications of the Wickham Street Irregulars constitute a mouthpiece for the thoughts, feelings and creative impulses of a particular breed of Kate fan: one who seeks an outlet for the expression of his or her ideas, whether their relevance to Kate's art is initially clear to others or not; and one who is hopeful of gaining insight and inspiration not only from Kate's own work, but also from new ideas for which Kate's art may be only the catalyst. Above all, the WSI encourages open discussion of its members' ideas, in the belief that through the sharing of our diverse imaginations and areas of expertise, we may discover new things about Kate's work -- and about ourselves.

The proposed group was conceived under the influence of two entities: the Baker Street Irregular Quarterly, after which the WSIQ is modeled; and the philosophical implications which arise out of the discussion section of the Meteorological mix of "The Big Sky".

If you wish to join in the continuing discussions of the Wickham Street Irregulars, you are encouraged to enquire of Andrew Marvick (IED0DXM).


Date: Tue, 21 Jul 87 15:42 PDT
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: Subject: eKsTasy!

Lisa of the Kate Bush Club has sent IED a note saying that she found a recent letter from him to be interesting enough to pass on to Kate personally. That letter had a careful description of Love-Hounds in it, so we can all rest assured that by this time Kate knows quite a bit about us! (What her opinion of us is IED can't tell you, but in case you are worrying about it, no, IED did not use the third person to describe himself, so Kate probably doesn't yet think that Love-Hounds are total idiots!)

-- Andrew


Date: Thu, 01 Oct 87 12:52 PDT
Subject: Ktrivia

The other night MarK and he held another marathon SymKatesium, and afterward IED was forced to come to the conclusion that the only thing in life worth wasting any thought on at all is Kate Bush. Everything else is just killing time.

-- Andrew Marvick (staring at the phosphour through the eyes of a zealot.)


Date: Mon, 07 Dec 87 14:33 PST
Subject: Khristmas Thoughts

Upon careful consideration, IED has come to the conclusion that Kate Bush is not merely a higher form of life. Kate Bush is, after all, God.


Date: Sun, 15 Nov 87 21:12 PST
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: IED returns to the garden gate, and knocks humbly for readmittance...

During this same period, IED naively participated in what was supposed to be an improved alternative group for serious Kate discussions. Except for some excellent postings from marK T. Ganzer, the experimental secession was a waste of time. So, IED hereby gratefully returns to the fold, and henceforward will concentrate on Love-Hounds chat. He humbly asks the group's forgiveness for his ill-conceived wanderlust, and promises to give the marriage another try.


Date: Tue, 24 May 88 16:47 PDT
Subject: WSI: Constitution and By-laws (with thanks to myKrofT)

Following are the Constitution and By-laws of the Wickham Street Irregulars (WSI).


Article 1
The name of this society shall be the Wickham Street Irregulars.

Article 2
Its purpose shall be the study of the Sacred Works.

Article 3
All persons shall be eligible for membership who pass an examination in the Sacred Works set by officers of the society, and who are considered otherwise suitable.

Article 4
The officers shall be: an Inquisitor, a Mother, and a Cold Gun.

The duties of the Inquisitor shall be those commonly performed by a President.

The duties of the Mother shall be those commonly performed by a Secretary.

The duties of the Cold Gun shall be to telephone down for ice, spirits, waldorfs, Kit Kat bars, chocolate eclairs, and whatever else may be required and available; to conduct all negotiations with waiters; and to assess the members pro rata for the cost of same.


1. An annual meeting shall be held on July 30, at which the canonical toasts shall be drunk; after which the members shall drink and eat at will.

2. The current round of drinks shall be bought by any member who fails to identify, by title of song and context, any quotation from the Sacred Works submitted by any other member.

Qualification A. If two or more members fail so to identify, a round shall be bought by each of those so failing.

Qualification B. If the submitter of the quotation, upon challenge, fails to identify it correctly, he/she shall buy the round.

3. Special meetings may be called at any time or place by any one of three members, two of whom shall constitute a quorum.

Qualification A. If said two people are of opposite sexes, they shall use care in selecting the place of meeting, to avoid misinterpretation (or interpretation either, for that matter).

4. All other business shall be left for the monthly meeting.

5. There shall be no monthly meeting.


1. The examination is incomplete as of this writing. When completed, the examination will be made available to all readers of Love-Hounds who may ask for it. All those who send IED correct solutions -- but they must be correct in every detail -- will automatically become members of the Wickham Street Irregulars.

2. Those who solve the examination will then be notified of the time and place of the first annual meeting.

3. The first order of business for the first annual meeting will be the choosing of an official toast. It has already been suggested that the first health be drunk to "Emily". Succeeding sentiments have been put forward for " The Man (Del Palmer)", "Dennis", "Kashka", "Emma", "Peter", "Alfred", "Werner", "Rolf", "Eberhard", and anyone or anything else one might care to name.

That is all.

-- Andrew Marvick, Acting Inquisitor, pending review by a quorum of the WSI.


Date: Thu, 25 Aug 88 23:18 PDT
Subject: KT News, plus mailbag

First, an apology for the prolixity of IED's prose in this posting, which is even more tiresome than usual. He spent the day in Victorian studies, and some of that era's style seems to have rubbed off on him, with unpleasant results.


Date: Mon, 12 Sep 88 15:01 PDT
Subject: IED gets his comeuppance, again; and misK. mailbag items

> IED, if you keep sending me such fulsome compliments, I may ask you to bear my children. You turn my head.

But isn't it some kind of sin to sleep with one's own auntie, Lizoo? Actually, though, the idea turns IED on. He's ALL YOURS, Lizooshka, Lizooshka, Lizooshka-ya-ya!

> IED, I'm curious about this quiz for the WSI. Can I get more info?

IED would like to oblige, but there's not much to add. No further clues for the quiz itself, that wouldn't be fair. The WSI is the Wickham Street Irregulars, a group which to date can count two members among its ranks. It is therefore officially no longer imaginary-- just inactive. The organisation's new by-laws were recently published in Love-Hounds. The original purpose of the WSI was to encourage the submission of imaginative works of prose which offer novel interpretations of Kate's art without dependence upon factual or textual support. In other words, through its proposed irregular quarterly the WSI would foster the creation and communication of a new and ever-expanding world of Kate-inspired but not Kate-dependent culture. It was intended to offer thereby an alternative to all current fanzines/books/computer fora, which thus far have tended inevitably to concern themselves with the factual, literal truth surrounding Kate (a kind of truth which IED feels has a definite place and time, and does not mean to criticize here). In order to assure the seriousness of the members, however, it was thought necessary to require applicants to pass an entrance exam, one which demands a considerable knowledge of the factual side of Kate's work and life. This is completely inconsistent with the avowed goals of the WSI--which makes sense, in a WSI sort of way.

Actually, however, anyone who takes the trouble to inquire or to take the exam, no matter what their score, will be welcome to join the WSI...especially you, Lizoo, darling!

Also, all the above high aspirations about a WSIQ have been indefinitely shelved in favour of the new order of business as set forth in the by-laws: namely, getting together and drinking a lot; and in the event that no meeting is possible, just getting drunk on our own.

[Plenty of time for KT?]

Finally, getting time off from work is everybody's personal problem. Forget the career, friend, this is KATE BUSH we're talking about.

On to IED, Pt. 2

written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
Sept 1995 June 1996