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Date: Tue, 20 Aug 85 18:04:20 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: Track listing

Direct from England! Here is the full track listing of "Hounds of Love" (scheduled for September 13th release in the U.S.):

Side 1 (Hounds of Love):

Running Up That Hill
Hounds of Love
The Big Sky
Mother Stands For Comfort

Side 2 (The Ninth Wave)

And Dream of Sheep
Under Ice
Waking The Witch
Watching You Without Me
Jig of Life
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog

There will be a massive push by EMI (in England) including TV ads. The cassette (I hope this means the CD, too!) will include at least one extra track.

I mentioned in a previous note, that a friend who is visiting England saw Kate Bush publicity posters that said "That Big Hill". Maybe they really said "The Big Sky"? Maybe that's the next single? Maybe that was originally planned as the single? Just idle speculation....

"There is thunder in our hearts"



Date: Mon, 2 Sep 85 17:04:10 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: The Holy Grail

According to the radio show Rock Over London, the B-side to "Hounds of Love", "The Ninth Wave", was inspired by the poem "The Holy Grail" by William Loyd Tennison. Does anyone know anything about this poem?



Date: Wed, 18 Sep 85 17:58:32 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: Next single from "Hounds of Love"

Peter Morris of "Homeground" (a Kate Bush fanzine published in England) tells me that the next single from "Hounds of Love" will be the song "Hounds of Love". I would have guessed "The Big Sky", but what do I know? Peter gets mucho inside info.

The song has lots of potential for an interesting video. I can't wait!

"The hounds of love are hunting"



Date: Fri, 20 Sep 85 19:22:22 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: "Hounds of Love available now!

"Hounds of Love" came into the record stores around here *today* as a British import! I am listening to the CD at this moment. Boy did I get a lot of the lyrics wrong!

"That cloud, that cloud -- looks like Ireland"



Date: Thu, 26 Sep 85 16:39:45 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: Special Marbleized Limited Edition

The U.S. pressing of "Hounds of Love" is on colored marbleized vinyl! Can you believe it? Of course this is all a ploy by the record company to get me to spend more money, but it does look sexy on the turntable....



Date: Mon, 30 Sep 85 00:37:20 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: "Hounds of Love" at number one!

I just posted this to net.music:

Hi here!

The following appeared in one of Daily papers here:

Date: 26 sept


...to sultry Kate Bush whose comeback album *Hounds of Love*, has shot straight into the charts at No.1.

If you havent heard it yet, rush out and buy a copy... Its by far the *classiest* album of the year so far.

That's right, KB's new album "Hounds of Love" has *entered* the British charts at NUMBER ONE, knocking Madonna (insert many side remarks here) out of that position, which she only held for one week with "Like Perversion".

This is the second time that Kate Bush has had an album enter at number one. Five years ago, "Never for Ever" also entered the British charts at number one. At that time she was the only woman ever to have a number one album in England.

In any case, I guess it just goes to show, that every now and then quality does prevail. Too bad it happens so rarely.

"Now is the place where the crossroads meet
Will you look into the future"

Doug Alan


From: allegra!ihnp4!utzoo!dciem!jeff
Date: 8 Oct 85 04:13:30 CDT (Tue)
Subject: Did you like HoL first time through?

There seems to be a general concensus among Kate Bush fans that:

1) We didn't like "The Dreaming" the first time we heard it; in fact, it took several plays before we even liked it at all. But now, we think it's (one of) the best album(s) ever made. The delayed appeal is one of the things, or a side effect of the things that make it so great.

2) We thought the "Hounds Of Love" album was great the first time we heard it. Overall, it's probably not as good as "The Dreaming", but "The Ninth Wave" is at least in the same class as "The Dreaming", and we realized that the first time we heard it.

My question is, "does this mean anything?" "Hounds Of Love" is the first Kate Bush album that I liked all the way through the first time I heard it. Is that because it's shallower and simpler than her previous work, and therefore is easier to like at first but will probably be less rewarding in the long run? Or is it just because I've finally become accustomed to her weirdness, so when I hear something like "The Ninth Wave" for the first time, it doesn't shock me into thinking it's noise now but it probably would have 3 1/2 years ago? I think it's the latter because, although I may get tired of the "Hounds Of Love" side, "The Ninth Wave" sounds like something I'll love forever. However, I have another theory. Maybe she has taken the interesting, rewarding, layered complexity of "The Dreaming", and improved it by adding another ingredient, an ingredient that makes it more likeable on the first listen.

What do the rest of you think? Are there any KB fans who didn't like "The Ninth Wave" the first time? What do people that haven't heard her other work think of the new album?


Date: Fri, 18 Oct 85 18:56:13 edt
From: Doug Alan <nessus>
Subject: Cloudbusting 12 inch single!

I just picked up Kate's new "Cloudbusting" 12-inch single. The cover is wonderful! It's a solarized picture of Kate in the role of Peter Reich as a kid at the controls of this *huge* cloudbuster. On the back cover is the caption "We're cloudbusting, Daddy". (I wonder if she's wearing a wig, or if she really cut off most of her hair for the role....)

The A-side contains "Cloudbusting -- The Organon Re-mix". It's very different from what's on the album. It's very extended and has new material. It's better than the album version, though many of the lyrics are missing.

The B-side contains two songs. "Burning Bridge" is a song in some ways similar in style to the songs on the A-side of "Hounds of Love". It has a heavy rhythm and at-first-seemingly-happy background vocals, but Kate's lead singing is quite disturbed and unusual. It somehow sounds both pretty commercial and pretty uncommercial at the same time. It's quite good, but I haven't listened to it enough yet to determine just how much I like it.

"My Lagan Love" is a traditional song and is sung solo a cappella. (Be still my beating heart!) It's as beautiful as you could possibly imagine.

Think I'll go listen to it again.

"Our thumping hearts hold the Ravens in"



Date: Wed, 23 Oct 85 02:15:51 edt
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: Letter to New York Times

This is a letter I just put in the mail....

22 October 1985
Doug Alan
260 Sidney Street, Apt. 1
Cambridge, MA 02139

Dear Mr. John Rockwell:

I enjoyed your review of Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love" and Jane Siberry's "No Borders Here". You should know, however, that the devotion of Kate Bush fans (like me) is legendary and one who says that Kate's lyrics are "pretentious, vague and rambling" in print is seriously risking his life. I find them wonderful, complex, meaningful, deep, powerful, and fascinating. They are packed with emotion, intelligence, metaphor, symbolism -- everything that one could want -- no one's lyrics are better!

You are right, however, about her music.

Also, you say that her video for "Running Up That Hill" is "oddly unimaginative". To say this is to say "I have not seen the video". Perhaps you have seen what they are showing on Empty-V? That is not Kate's video -- that is a clip from a live appearance on the Terry Wogan show. Kate's video is so unusual that Empty-V refuses to show it. If you live in the New York area, perhaps you should be watching U68 instead.

Kate's video is a largely a work of modern ballet and is very beautiful and highly symbolic. For example, when Kate sings "Is there so much hate for the ones we love?", Kate and the male dancer become symbolically crucified on each other. At the end of the video, Kate drowns in a crowd of Kate Bush's -- symbolizing how we are forever trapped within ourselves. It is a masterpiece!

Doug Alan

P.S. I also would rather not see any more less than complementary comments on Suzanne Vega!

P.P.S. You could have selected a more dignified photo of Kate. Everyone makes a mistake every now and then, and that outfit was one of Kate's....


Date: Fri, 1 Nov 85 07:27:36 est
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: German verison of Ruth?

I sent a letter off to the Kate Bush Club asking where I could get a copy of the German version of "Running Up That Hill". I got a letter back from Lisa, Kate's best friend and the person in charge of answering letters to the club. She said that there is no German version of RUTH. So, now I don't know who's lying to me. The two friends who said they heard it in German while in Germany (they wouldn't be mistaken because one of them is a big fan, and they hadn't heard the song before -- they recognized it as Kate by her voice), or Lisa. I guess this means that if there *is* a German version, then it is just a demo tape that Kate gave to a radio station. She has done this before. There are songs which she's given to radio stations, but which aren't on any record. Argh! How can one continue life with such knowledge?

"If I only could, I'd make a deal with God"



From: COBLEY A (on DUNDEE DEC-10) <A.Cobley%dundee.ac.uk@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
Date: Wednesday, 12-Feb-86 14:02:47-GMT
Subject: kb on tv gb

first kate on British tv.

monday night saw the annual british music industry awards on the bbc 1 channel, Kate got three nominations, best video, best single, and best female singer

BUT she didn't win any of them, (i'm not surprised, she's much too independant for this sort of award) For a concilation prise she did get to ding the new single HOUNDS OF LOVE so at least that should boost the sales.

sorry I dont have this on video as i was away on a course watching in a hotel room.


Date: Thu, 20 Feb 86 00:51:06 EST
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: British Music Industry Awards and Kate

I caught the British Music Industry Awards on TV last Friday. (See, I didn't miss it, Tim! "England's newest pop star"???? "England's newest pop star"??? "England's newest..."??? ...) In any case, for those who missed it, you didn't miss much. Most of it was a complete farce. The highlight of the night came when the award for "Best International Group" was presented. Among those nominated were The Talking Heads and Hewey, Dewey, Lewey, and The News. Needless to say Hewey, baby, won. And later this beautiful human being came out to give this wonderful speech about how the music industry is so competitive these days, and how this is such a wonderful thing for everyone. Sign me up on the ideology! I wanna be a record company executive now.

In any kase, Kate was nominated for three awards, Best Album, Best Single, and Best Female Artist. She lost all three. Best Album was won by Fill Colon for "Faith Valueless". Best Single was won by Spears for Queers for "Everybody Wants To Rule The Whirlpool Refrigerator". And Best Female Artist was won by Annie Eunuchs.

There were pseudo-live (lip-synched) performances by Fill Colon, Spears for Queers, Hewey, and Kate Bush, among others, who I've probably forgotten. It's good to see Kate thrown in among so much talent in front of 100 million viewers.

Kate performed "Dogs of Lust". The lighting and the eclecticness of the band and the clothes the band members wore were quite impressive. There were Kate, two cello players (one of them Paddy), a keyboardist (Del Palmer), and three (yes, that's right -- *three*) drummers. The drummer in the middle played sampled electronic drums (he was dressed rather formally and acted very mechanical and precise, as if playing the part of a human drum machine) and the other two drummers played normal acoustic drum sets.

Still, it was a bit disappointing because Kate basically just stood there and sang (or pretended to sing, rather). I've also seen live appearances for RuTH and Cloudbusting, and in neither of these did Kate do the strange dancing she is famous for. Kate's dancing and choreography ability for live appearances reached a peak after "The Dreaming". Once she appeared on the Italian equivalent of "Solid Gold" and had to perform the song "The Dreaming" on a transparent disco stage with rotating and flashing lights -- but the stunning power and quality of her bizzare dance for this song is so amazing that the video clip is a classic just for the superposition of such class and such tackiness. And the dance routine she did for live appearances of "Suspended In Gaffa" is bizzare, cute, and wonderfully charming.

In videos, her dance skills reached a peak in the video for "Running Up That Hill", which is beautiful and wrenchingly poignant. But the dancing disappeared for "Cloudbusting" and in her recent live appearances. It's almost as if she's saying "I achieved my goals in dancing -- my live appearances for 'The Dreaming' and the video for RuTH are the conclusion of what I have to say in that area, and now it's time for me to go on to something different." On the other hand, maybe in her old age, she's just become more self-conscious about appearing foolish with dancing, because she's not a professional dancer, and wants to appear more in total control and be the target of less ridicule for her "poncy" dancing. She certainly appears more "impressive" and mature recently, but it this necessarily a good thing? What happened to the youthful spunk and naivity? Is this what three years can do to you? Don't grow old too quick, Kate! ("Stay young. And keep in touch.")

Then again, Kate risking appearing silly by playing a little boy in the "Cloudbusting" video helps restore my faith. (Hear that Hofmann!)

"Moving stranger, does it really matter? As long as you're not afraid to feel"


P.S. Newsflash: The U.S. 7" single for "Hounds Of Love" appeared in the record stores around here today. And the British single for "Hounds Of Love" was released on Monday. Unlike in the U.S., release dates in England are when you can actually buy the record in the stores, so better import record stores should be getting the import by Friday.

The British single has a new song on it -- an a cappella cover of "The Handsome Cabin Boy". (Wasn't this done by Bert Loyd and Ewan MacColl? Or am I totally off the wall?) The 12" single will also have "Jig Of Life" on it. The U.S. single has "Burning Bridge" on it.


From: Jeff Dalton <jeff%aiva.edinburgh.ac.uk@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 86 18:01:38 GMT
Subject: Various

BMI Awards: According to the gossip on Radio 1, Kate was a replacement for Sade, who was supposed to sing but couldn't do it given tour, &c. At least they got it right the 2nd time.

The award for best female artist went to Annie Lennox.

Also, it's just possible that Kate might not have been lip-sync -- she had a cordless mic and was holding it in her hand even while being spun around. (Or at least it looked that way to me.)

From NME, 15 Feb 1986:

KATE BUSH releases the title track from her 'Hounds of Love' LP as her new EMI single next Monday, coupled with the traditional and unaccompanied 'The Handsome Cabin Boy'. She's recorded a completely new vocal for the 12" extended version, which is called 'Alternative Hounds of Love', and this also has the bonus of 'Jig of Life'. And to complete the action, Kate has directed her own video of the single.


Date: Thu, 27 Feb 86 11:41:53 est
From: bdmrrr!potomac!jsl@seismo.CSS.GOV (John Labovitz)
Subject: Re: Various

On the subject of the BMI awards...

I got my brother to tape it, and when watching it later, I fast-forwarded through *everything* except Kate Bush. What a junky show. Not quite as bad as the Grammys, but pretty close (at least Kenny Rogers didn't host BMI).

Kate looked bored as hell, and like she wasn't having much fun. I think she was lip-syncing, cuz otherwise the song would have sounded like shit (no excitement or effort on her part). She also looked pretty awful --someone put about an inch of makeup on her.

Note that I'm not cutting down Kate, because I'm sure that it wasn't all her idea. Just that I wasn't very impressed, and I'm pissed that I had to sit there for an hour fast-forwarding thru the shit to get to her. Oh well. Such is life, and TV, and business, and...

John Labovitz


Date: Sat, 22 Mar 86 01:32:50 EST
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: Kate and Peter are at it again! Etc.

Issue 22 of "HOMEGROUND -- The International KATE BUSH Fanzine" has just arrived in my mailbox, and they've gone glossy (to compete with "Under The Ivy", I suppose). The late-breaking Kate news is:

-- Kate has been working with Peter Gabriel on his new album. There will be a new duet (their version of "Another Day" has never appeared on a non-bootleg album), and it is planned that it will be released as a single.

-- Kate has shelved the "Ninth Wave" film, and has decided to instead work on her next album after finishing her current projects.

-- Three books of photographs of Kate taken by John Bush are due for publication within the next few months. These are of Kate as a child, a teenager, and as a famous person, and will contain 'biographical' captions.

-- Kate has been nominated for two of the prestigious "Novello" awards for songwriters. The nominations are Best Song for RUTH and Best Lyric for "Cloudbusting".

-- The next single will be "The Big Sky". Kate will be shooting the video soon and the single is scheduled for release at the end of May or the beginning of June.

"When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are"



Date: Thu, 17 Apr 86 18:28 PST
Subject: HoL Single promotion

At this point, A. Marvick is resigned to the apparent failure of the U.S. follow-up single "Hounds of Love". The seven-inch version has been widely available for more than three weeks now, yet it is still unlisted in either the Billboard or the more optimistic Cashbox Top 100 charts; as a result, MTV have absolutely no intention of even considering air-time for the film. Furthermore, it is not listed by any of the playlists recently published in Billboard, nor is it on any dj's "bubbling under" lists or "pick" lists. Perhaps in reaction to this indifference to the single, EMI seem to have scratched plans (if such plans ever existed) to release the twelve-inch version domestically; and there has been no visible promotion for the single.

If anyone out there among the lion/love-hearts/hounds is more optimistic in the face of the above barrage of bad news, let him/her speak soon. My explanation for this apparent failure is two-fold: first, it is possible, even in the snail-paced Stateside music business, to let too much time pass between the release of an album's first single and its follow-up, and this, due to the delay in delivering the promotional film for "Hounds of Love", may have been the case here; second, there is fiercer competition from the hordes of "seasoned American pop artists" now than there may have been last summer/fall.

My suggestion is, for those devoted Kate fans who just spent hours trying to request the "Cloudbusting" film from MTV, that they schedule another dial-a-thon to that infamous corporation, but with the new U.S. single in mind, not a Europe-only release like "Cloudbusting". A similar project might be undertaken with EMI-America as the target, with the aim of encouraging the release of a twelve-inch, now that the seven-inch of "Hounds of Love" has had time to sow the seeds of interest among the poor benighted, swindled-of-music American people. Waiting to hear any comments from l/l-h/h's nation-wide...


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 86 19:18:30 EST
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: EMI-America

I called up EMI-America today. The person at EMI-America Publicity in NY said "There are no plans to release any more singles from that album". The person at EMI-America Marketing (for "alternative" marketing") in CA said, "Yes, 'The Big Sky' will be a single, and there's a video! I'll send you a copy."

The guys at "alternative marketing" usually don't seem really know what's going on, however....

"They look down at the ground, missing"



Date: Wed, 23 Apr 86 06:17:42 EST
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: KB news: The Big Sky

I went away for the weekend, and when I came back there was an incredible amount of international mail in my mailbox. The latest of Kate's semiannual newsletters was there. A newsflash from *Homeground* was there. And a pile of poetry by John Carder Bush was there.

The *Homeground* newsflash:

The Big Sky

Kate's next single THE BIG SKY will be in the shops on the 28th April. The 7" (KB4) will have a remix of THE BIG SKY for the A-side, and a new song NOT THIS TIME on the B-side. The 12" (12KB4) will feature a *ten minute* remix of THE BIG SKY plus NOT THIS TIME and THE MORNING FOG.

It's now up to all of us to push this single into the Top Ten, so get to work -- HUP HUP!!

Kate says in her newsletter:

The visits to America and Canada were lots of fun, everyone seemed so positive about this album -- it is so nice to think people in different parts of the world are listening to ideas you might have had in the bath!

The difference in the attitudes of the journalists was very apparent -- a lot of the interviews were conversational and their enthusiasm, endless. We did one in-store appearance in New York and it was a very moving experience. There were so many people there that they went around the corner of the street, everyone was so considerate and well behaved that even the New York police commented on how unusual this was. It was wonderful to meet you all and we were very taken by warmth and all the presents you gave -- thank you.


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 86 15:39 PDT
Subject: HoL

Incidentally, during my final visit to London in March of this year, Kate performed a lip-synch of "Hounds of Love" on TOTP, with the same three drum-kits and two celli used at the BPI awards, but without the 31 Steps film-star type and dressed in a restrained business pants suit, not noticeably forties-era in style.

Other news: the May 2 issue of Billboard came on the stands today, and Kate's LP was not in the top 200 for the first time since its release; curiously, it was #200 two weeks ago, then went back up to #196, I think, perhaps a faint transfusion of energy from the "Hounds" single; but it's seen its last legs on the charts, I'm afraid. 27 weeks in Billboard. 30 weeks in Cashbox now, and still only down to #167 there. Who really knows which is more accurate, anyway? The one thing I'd really like to know is what these rankings signify in terms of sales figures, but no-one ever mentions the subject in Billboard unless a record makes gold or platinum. I would have thought 27 weeks in the top 200 in the U.S. would be more than enough to go gold, but I guess not. Meanwhile, all the weeks in the UK charts since November 15 (when the platinum record was issued) have racked up insufficient sales to merit a second platinum, despite the amazing resurgence following the release of the "Hounds" single (it got up to #4 in some charts).


Date: Fri, 02 May 86 14:01 PDT
Subject: The Big Sky

Mainly to Doug in re KT video trade: I haven't heard from you about my explanation of my KT video collection. I think it's possible I forgot to send it to you after writing it. This computer stuff is really messing me up. If interested in complete list, let me know. An edited version of the message follows this one, just in case.

I have "The Big Sky" Meteorological Mix in front of me --haven't listened to it yet, but my whole week has just been made. This record feels to me like the cornerstone of the album -- eight months after the release of "RUTH", we have finally got the last track in its entirety.

This whole Kate Bush 12" business is a great new aspect to her music, I think, since she doesn't just leave the re-mix to some Jellybean or other, but ammends and enriches the original herself, or with Del. The only thing like it before Hounds of Love was "Dreamtime", and of course that bit of video-tape of Kate rehearsing to an instrumental of "Sat In Your Lap".


From: KNIGHT@MAINE (Michael Knight)
Date: Tue, 6 May 1986 15:14 EDT
Subject: Saturdays show.

For those of you who haven't gotten around to reading the TV listings for that Kate Bush concert coming up this Saturday night (Sunday Morning technically..) here's the line up as I read it. It's on a show called 'Night Flight' on the USA Network.

12:30 'A video profile of Kate Bush.' Sounds like that lineup of videos we've all heard about recently.

1:00 'Footage of a 1979 Kate Bush concert.' 60 minutes.

If you bothered to read on it repeats again at 4:30 and 5:00am respectively. I know *I* plan on tapeing this. Let's all pray for no interuptions by Captain Midnight.


Date: 25-JUN-1986 14:38:10
Subject: Japan. HoL CD

A few brief notes:

Although I havn't had a chance to thoroughly compare them, the first difference I have noticed between the second Japanese pressing of the CD of "Hounds of Love" and the original British-released pressing is in the beginning of "Running up that Hill." One things I've always noticed (and sort of been bugged by) is how the fairlight droning intro (when I listen on headphones, or turn it up loudly) has a "break" in it - so instead of steadily fading in from nothing, it sort of fades in a bit, and then suddenly increases in volume, which was probably due to some sort of CD mastering error. (Perhaps the engineer sneezed while holding onto the fader....)

However, on the Japanese second pressing, they must have corrected it, 'cos it fades in evenly and slowly. (OK, flame at me for promoting KT trivia...)


Date: Wed, 09 Jul 86 17:37 PDT
Subject: EMI-America

Just sent off a list of questions for Kate to answer in future issues of the KBC Newsletter. With luck she may take pity on us and let us know what those Latin and Czech (?) choruses are saying.

Meanwhile, EMI-America has finally released the 7" "Special Single Mix" of "The Big Sky" -- two weeks AFTER MTV dropped the film from their rotation lists. I swear those EMI people are the biggest nudniks on earth. What do they eat for breakfast? Don't they KNOW that Robyn Carstairs-Somerville will take this latest episode of EMI's de-promotion of Kate as further proof of subversive corporate conspiracy?


Date: Tue, 15 Jul 86 16:18 PDT
Subject: MTV award

Get the following for irony: Kate's "video" for "RUTH" has passed into the semi-finals for MTV's annual award for "best video by a female performer", or whatever. The joke is that MTV NEVER SHOWED the official promotional film, only the Wogan Show lip-synch performance.


Date: Tue, 07 Apr 87 16:17 PDT
From: IED0DXM%UCLAMVS.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu
Subject: CD-single Cloudbusting

> This should make up for my little lapse, though, IED -- a brand-new Kate Kollectible is on the market. A CD single of "Cloudbusting," produced by good ol' EMI America. There's only one li'l hitch --it's promo-only. Which means that they are scarce and expensive. Music Machine had a copy which they wouldn't part with; they'd only gotten a couple in and the first one had immediately sold for $20. I told them to pleeease hold one for me if they got another one in, but they could make no guarantees about their availability. Some artifaKT, eh?

This is really an amazing co-incidence, Sue. Only LAST NIGHT IED got a call from a Missouri Kate-fan (and good friend), telling IED of the new limited edition promotional CD single of "Cloudbusting". THIS GUY HAD JUST GOT ONE FROM MUSIC MACHINE YESTERDAY! He paid $20.00, just as you said. He must have been the person that you said they had sold one to! Anyway, IED called MM at the crack of dawn this morning, only to be told that he was too late, but that they would be trying to get more in. There are supposed to be only 1,000 of them. Anyway, since this morning IED has made the complete rounds of every record store in the L.A. area asking about the damn thing, but no-body here had seen or heard of one yet. Darn it! If you find an extra one, could you PLEASE let IED know?? He will forever pledge his troth unto you, or whatever...


Date: Fri, 09 Jun 89 11:40 PDT
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: Cloudbusting video

Well, IED's not as mad as he was yesterday. He even answers the latest question to be asked and answered again (for about the fifth time). The reason Terry Gilliam is thanked in the liner-notes of Hounds of Love is because he helped Kate work on the storyboards for the Cloudbusting video and then, when he couldn't continue, helped Kate to get the right crew to work with. (The video's director, Julian Doyle, worked under Gilliam on Brazil, one of Kate's favourite films.) Also, there are references to Gilliam's films in her own self-directed video The Big Sky. And she also contracted Michael Kamen, now a very busy and highly respected filmscore composer but then virtually unused except by Gilliam, to provide orchestral arrangements on The Ninth Wave ; and shortly after Brazil came out Kate was invited to record her own version of the old popular song Brazil for the soundtrack album. That album was never released, and Kate's version obviously doesn't appear in the film itself, so no-one has ever heard it, but it's another sign of the close ties between Kate and Gilliam.


Date: Wed, 27 Dec 89 02:26:50 EST
From: chris@world.std.com (Chris'n'Vickie of Kansas City)
Subject: Kate in the US for HoL

Vickie & I and Frank Maiale met her plane (the Concorde) at Kennedy Airport when she came to the U.S. and Canada to promote HoL.

Kate and Del took a long time to get off the plane and through Customs. We took to joking about the other people getting off the plane "oh there's Kate, She's dyed her hair black and gotten a foot taller!" Al Pacino walked past. (he was in the midst of filming "Revolution" with Donald Sutherland. Did he and Kate talk on the plane?) Finally us and one other couple were the only people waiting. We asked if they were waiting for Kate. They looked at us funny and moved away. Finally Kate and Del came out. We talked for a bit. I told them we drove from Kansas City, half-way across the country, and Del said "what intrepid fans!" Kate's honesty has been batted around on the net. Well, one thing that she very definitely lies about is her height. She is tiny. Very tiny. And she was wearing heels.

I gave her the most recent edit of "The Infant Kiss" and they got into a grey limo with the couple from EMI. We saw Kate and Del several times later that week - outside of radio stations and at the Tower Records signing. We also talked to Cynthia Freidland, the producer of "Night Flight", and she invited us to see the interview being taped for "NF", "Radio 1990" and "Heartlight City" at United Video. We sat on a couch at the back of the control room with Kate's brother John. The picture was astounding and the sound guys were total fools. Well, that's our tale.

She is a truly nice person. It is always a pleasant surprise when you meet someone you admire and find them friendly as well. I've been a big fan of Todd Rundgren for 16 years and on the "30 second" times I've met him I haven't gotten a civil word out of him yet. I still love his music and admire him. Damm shame he's an arrogant jerk, it really is.

Chris of Chris'n'Vickie


From: graham@UG.CS.DAL.CA (Michael Graham)
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1991 12:53:47 -0400
Subject: Nigel Kennedy

There was a little segment on Nigel Kennedy tonight on Much Music. He is playing with the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra for a few nights I guess. I couldn't believe what a great violinist he is. I knew he was good, but I didn't know that he was THAT good!

He was on stage wearing a tatered black shirt, jeans, and a bandana (sp?). They showed a segment of Exp. IV, and then he commented on working with Kate. He said (I'm forgetting already) something to the effect that she was one of best composers around right now and that working with her was like having a jam session with Mozart or Bach!

He sang her praises a bit more and then there was more orchestra footage. Luckily the show is repeated so I will tape it when it rolls around again.


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