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A 'Best of' Love-Hounds Collection


A. The Albums

Hounds of Love/The Ninth Wave


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Hounds Of Love

General Thoughts
The Reviews
The Videos
The B-sides
Collaborations (includes Comic Relief '86)

The Songs
"Running Up That Hill"
"Hounds of Love"
"The Big Sky"
"Mother Stands For Comfort"
"Cloudbusting" Pt. 1
"Cloudbusting" Pt. 2


The Ninth Wave

General Thoughts
Fastnet: Force 10
The Ninth Wave Screenplay

The Songs
"And Dream Of Sheep"
"Under Ice"
"Waking The Witch"
"Watching You Without Me"
"Jig Of Life"
"Hello Earth"
"The Morning Fog"

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written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
Sept 1995 - June 1996