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Date: Wed Nov 01 00:39:08 1989
From: radlein!ray@uunet.UU.NET (Ray Radlein)
Subject: Veronica

In a message of <30 Oct 89 19:04:00 GMT>, Andrew Marvick writes:

> Someone asked what "Novercia" might mean. IED does not know. Could it be a contraction of "Nova veritas" (new truth) or something? This sounds very flimsy to IED.

If you think *that* sounds flimsy, how about *this*: "Novercia" is an anagram of "Veronica." Not being as familiar as some with the Bush family history, I could not begin to hazard a guess whether this could be the name of some grandmother, aunt, childhood friend, pet cat, or whatnot. Perhaps she was making reference to Archie and Jughead's friend (Veronica was the rich one, right?). :-)

-Ray R.


Date: Wed, 01 Nov 89 10:14 PST
From: IED0DXM%OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: re Veronica

Ray Radlein, IED loves the "Veronica" theory! That surely is it! IED must do some research to discover who the Bushes could have had in mind.


Date: Fri, 3 Nov 89 22:45:16 PST
From: ed@das.llnl.gov (Edward Suranyi
Subject: stepmother

About Novercia: My dictionary defines "novercal" as "pertaining to a stepmother", from the Latin noverca meaning "stepmother". Don't know if this has anything to do with it, though.


From: Scott Telford <s.telford@ed.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1992 06:58:25 -0800
Subject: Veronica

Btw, Last night, while I was waiting for my brain to switch off and let me go to sleep, a sudden thought struck me: "Novercia" is an anagram of "Veronica". Who was Veronica? Another question for the list I think....


Date: Thu, 3 Feb 1994 13:44:31 -0800 (PST)
From: "Karen L. Newcombe" <kln@crl.com>
Subject: Novercia

Novercia is a Latin word which literally means "she who is new" which is exactly what Kate was in the music world way back when they formed the company. Clever!

The Latins used the word to mean what we call "stepmother", equally clever since Kate used Novercia in place of EMI -- ostentibly to hold EMI at armslength; therefore if EMI had been her music industry "mother" up to that point, Novercia became her replacement or "stepmother" in the industry.

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