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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 85 01:30:06 edt
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: Break-Through

> From: Susanne E Trowbridge <ins aset@jhunix>

> BTW, has another issue of "Breakthrough" been published?

There hasn't been a new one since issue seven, which was Christmas '84. Robyn Somerville says she plans on coming out with some more issues sometime. Rumor says that Dale Sommerville has totally removed himself from the project. He was disillusioned or something when he met Kate in person.

> I subscribed for the first three or four issues, and thought the pictures were nice and enjoyed the article reprints, but its level of KB-worship seemed a bit on the fanatic side, or at least I thought so at the time.

Yeah, it can be kind of silly at times. There are only so many silly stories one can take about unicorns and Kate or Kate Bush crossword puzzles or Kate Bush connectograms. But there's plenty of interesting stuff too to make it quite worthwhile.


Date: Mon, 21 Oct 85 16:20:26 edt
From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Subject: Dale Sommerville

> Doug, did the rumour about Dale Sommerville becoming disillusioned after meeting KB give any clue as to why?

Well this probably isn't the most appropriate place to discuss such things. It is said that Dale can be quite pushy and that the record company and Kate's family, etc. didn't appreciate this.



Date: 10-JUN-1986 12:16:16
Subject: Under The Ivy Fanzine

As far as the "Under the Ivy" fanzine goes, I'm personally staying away from it, since it sounds pretty shady. Apparently, it is run by Andrew Whiteside, who has been a Kate fan for a long time, but who is also practicing to be a rock critic along side with Richard Cook! Several years ago, he sent an article in to Homeground, completely slagging off "Never for Ever" and most of Kate's other albums in the same sort of Richard Cook style. When Peter Morris questioned why he was sending such an overly negative review in to Homeground (and asked him to tone it down somewhat), Andrew ran off like a bratty kid and started up his own fanzine. I have never read an entire article, but someone read me his "review" of "Hounds of Love" in which he ran down all the songs, saying, for instance, that "Running up that Hill" is such a boring song, that everyone he knows wants to skip the needle over it and go on to the second song!



Date: Thu, 10 Jul 86 22:18 PDT
Subject: HG 23

Got "Homeground" number 23 yesterday. Doug has mentioned the big news to L-Hs, with appropriate dubiety about its reliability. IED would like to add for the record that this issue is really a major improvement over earlier HGs. If it were just the glossy paper I wouldn't be (too) impressed (I hope), but the artwork is a definite improvement: Debbie's (?) cover is really an exceptional drawing after a photo, and Steve's "Cosmic Kate" is much better organized than it used to be, and quite funny. Perhaps the competition, as well as the shot in the arm they've got from Kate's apparent endorsement, have combined to push them to new heights.


Date: Sun, 30 Nov 86 11:19 PST
Subject: new Break-Through

The new Break-Through is out, and includes the UNEDITED post-Hounds of Love interview by Peter Swales for Musician magazine, the interview with Kate, Del and Paddy together, in what IED considers to be BY FAR the best interview ever done. Swales asks absolutely wonderful questions, understands many (though not all) of the fine points of Kate's music and thoroughly understands the general importance of it. Furthermore, as a close and longtime personal friend of the Bush family, he has brought to the interview situation an informality and relaxed atmosphere that has produced long and extremely frank comments from all parties involved. It is INDISPENSIBLE reading.

Also something of a relief: the Christian shit has been confined mainly to the first page editorial, perhaps partly in reaction to IED's and Mike Weaver's polite but strong suggestions that this be done. Overall, in IED's opinion, this edition of Break-Through stands as the best single Kate Bush fanzine issue published to date. Of course there's alot of scumwad schlock in it, but in all fairness to Robyn, she has published an awful lot of thoughtful and edifying KT-related stuff in the past three issues, and is to be thanked sincerely for her policy of printing nearly everything sent to her without editing or abridgement. This is in marked contrast to Homeground, and obviously it is a service completely unavailable from the official Oracle of KT, the Kate Bush Newsletter.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Wed, 30 Dec 87 18:32 PST
Subject: KBC NEWsletter

The latest Kate Bush Club Newsletter finally arrived on IED's doorstep today, the last day of 1987. It's altogether a rather disappointing little booklet, overshadowed by Kate's announcement that Zoodle has died, evidently prompting the termination of Kate's years-old Zoo-and-Pye comic strip...

Still, there are a couple of very bright spots in this otherwise sad issue: several previously unpublished colour photos, among them two absolutely breathtaking shots -- one of which is the first-ever colour print of a photo from The Ninth Wave, and the other of which, as far as IED can tell, is a staggering new front-cover portrait of Kate in very unusual makeup and leotard, and looking very much thinned out ...


Date: Thu, 31 Dec 87 00:56:46 EST
Subject: New Kate Bush Interview.

Here is [an excerpt from] the interview from the new Kate Bush Club newsletter.

Q. I know you like animals and I hear you keep cats.. I wondered how many you have?

A. I used to have 2 cats.. Zoodle and Pyewackit but I'm afraid that Zoodle died earlier this year.. I was very upset but she was eleven and had a good life. She was a beautiful cat. Pyewackit is absolutely fine although she missed Zoodle at first. A few months ago we adopted a stray, feeding her and letting her live in the garage and she had 3 kittens. We now have the 3 kittens, they are called Rocket, Sparky and Torchy and although Pye didn't like them all at first.. they all get on really well now and we find them cuddled up on a chair together when we get in.. they're such good company for her and they all have such different personalities.. it's so entertaining just sitting watching them play.. it's bringing out the kitten in Pye, I've noticed her springing across the floor and leaping onto ledges that are far too small for her.. she does things she hasn't tried for years and seems to be enjoying it all. I guess we're all young at heart.. but sometimes it takes something to rediscover it!


Date: Wed, 16 Mar 88 17:29 PST
Subject: New Homeground (30) is out

The 30th issue of Homeground (The International Kate Bush Fanzine) arrived today, and it included a nice plug for Love-Hounds. Here is the entry:

Aside from this, the latest issue is more or less typical Homeground fare. It includes the latest in Peter's "Five Years Ago" series, a few (necessarily) insubstantial "news" updates, quite a few works of art by fans -- a lot of these quite good, especially the thoroughly professional though perhaps a little too gooey and commercial monochrome images of Kate by Debi Bowes -- and several pages of yucky-soppy poetry and fiction...plus letters, swaps and personals. Peter also announced plans to publish the complete "Five Years Ago" entries as a collection (this is basically just a prose version of the Kate Bush Complete chronology, with the occasional extra fact thrown in) for subscribers only. And IED has it from Andrew Marvick that he was not too annoyed to find his article on bootlegs butchered and abridged to ribbons, with at least one new factual error and one grammatical error thrown in for good measure.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Thu, 14 Apr 88 15:53 PDT
Subject: Yet another KT fanzine is out

Actually the revival of an old KT fanzine which had been reported as defunct in Homeground and elsewhere. IED is speaking of Under the Ivy, a British-based Kate publication for fans who must have anything to do with Kate no matter how exploitive or shoddy. Love-Hounds may remember reports of the first five issues of UtI, the last one of which was published over nine months ago. Now there is Kate, An Under the Ivy Publication (Issue Number 6).

No reason is given for the change of title, but the motivation is clear: Under the Ivy was too obscure a title to attract the poor, fledgling Kate fan who is this group's prime prey. Also, no date appears anywhere in this twenty-odd-page b&w "glossy" magazine, but it was probably printed up very recently since IED's arrived via air mail.

Unfortunately this doesn't mean that there is any up-to-date info in the thing. Far from it. The single column of "news" flashes consists entirely of minor miscellany culled and regurgitated from other fanzines, including Homeground and The Kate Bush Club Newsletter. In fact, the text of the entire issue was originally written at least three months ago, judging from references to now-long-past events and release-dates. (For example, KBVI is confidently expected in early Spring 1988!)

Beyond that, the fanzine contains un-proofread copy, mostly dot-matrixed in something like 16 or 20 point type size (fills up the page with a minimum of words and effort). An "exclusive" interview with Kate, post-The Whole Story, conducted by Harry Doherty, is actually taken from Hurricane, and is so poorly transcribed that whole paragraphs and sentences seem to have been omitted through sheer haste and incompetence. There is a ridiculous comparison of Thomas Dolby to Kate Bush (in which Dolby seems to come out "on top"), and a two-page listing of "a Kate Bush fan's" (read the publishers of Under the Ivy !) record collection for sale -- nothing particularly interesting or rare, with all prices absurdly inflated. And a hopelessly incomplete list of Kate's TV appearances.

Altogether this is a despicable piece of manipulative bootlegger-mentality drivel for Kate fanatics only. So if you see a fanzine called Kate in your import shop anytime soon, avoid it.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Thu, 11 May 89 15:19:34 BST
From: HII013%IBM.SOUTHAMPTON.AC.UK@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: KBC

The Kate Bush Club has come back to life! Nothing really exciting anyway, not even any new photos, just a list of pen-pals, and swops, a poll of everyones favourite song, W.H.'s at number one (still!). There is a nice cartoon about Cloudbusting, with the machine in the back-ground and the met office saying 'have you noticed how accurate the weather has been lately ? uncanny eh ?'.


Date: Sun, 15 Jul 90 11:43:51 PDT
From: ed@das.llnl.gov (Edward Suranyi)
Subject: Lone Star Lionhearts -- new fan club

Well, I sent in a SASE to get information about that new fan club. (I posted the classified ad that appeared in Goldmine a few weeks ago.) I just got an answer. Here is the form letter I got, in full, for others who might be interested:


Austin, Texas 78711

Dear Kateophiles, Here, There & Everywhere --

Greetings! Please forgive this form letter, but the response to my announcement has been too great to permit an individual response to everyone. This is just to let you know that your letter has been received, and tha we *will* be letting you know when LONE STAR LIONHEARTS -- The Journal Of Kate Bush Kommentary will be accepting subscriptions. Rates will probably be in the $16 for four issues range, and I anticipate the first issue to be published this fall. (These things take time to organize, and little matters such as the need for Ye Editor to hold down his demanding day job keep getting in the way.)

You can help the big moment arrive and ensure the viability of LSL by submitting your articles, artwork, Kate photos, news clippings, and want ads. Please direct all mail to the address above, with an SASE if you need a reply. LSL will be an experiment to see if North America can support a quality publication for Kate Bush fans and students, and will only be as good as its contributors make it. I'd like to see it become both informative and entertaining; substantial and mature, yet with a sense of humor. In short, very much like Kate's work itself. Are these goals mutually contradictory? We'll see.

Until later -- it's in the works.. . it's coming!

[signed] Kevin Hendryx


Date: Tue, 31 Jul 90 17:38:11 PDT
From: ed@das.llnl.gov (Edward Suranyi)
Subject: Editorial from the first issue of Still Breathing

T. R. Somerville just sent me some back issues of Still Breathing --that's the Kate fanzine she edits up in Canada. In particular, I got the first three issues.

At one time T. R. and her husband Dale edited a wonderful fanzine called Breakthrough. It was thick, with glossy paper and color photos. I had heard (mainly from IED) the story of how this fanzine ended production, but I had never heard T. R. tell this story herself. In the editorial in the first issue of Still Breathing (Nov. 87), she does. The story is sad yet funny. I thought Love-Hounds who had never heard it might be interested.

She writes:

Welcome to the first, and hopefully not the last, issue of STILL BREATHING, the continuing saga of friends who love to listen, talk and breathe Kate bush.

Once upon a time, in a small town in Manitoba, the now defunct BREAKTHROUGH was born. In the same place it died, by my hand for many many reasons. Money was not the problem, the major problem of BREAKTHROUGH's demise was Dale Somerville. The magazine was supposed to be about Kate Bush, however, Dale kept turning away articles and stories because they conflicted with his beliefs, so he tried to make it into a magazine about *his* beliefs, (as you saw with issues #10 & #11) with Kate Bush on the side. [Those last issues of Breakthrough had more pictures of dead pets than of Kate! -- Ed] He then decided to abolish Kate Bush altogether and just put out a religious magazine, trying to make out that Kate Bush and her music was evil and she was controlled by Satan.

Forget that. I ended BREAKTHROUGH right then and there and in no way was I going to contend with stuff like that. In fact, I also ended the marriage right then and there. Two years of physical, mental and emotional abuse was too much for me to stand. I wasn't going to put up with any of that bullshit any more. Dale and I are separated and will be getting a divorce in March, 1988.

I was very sad that B-T ended as I lost contact with a lot of people and I wasn't allowed to look at the mail anyway, as Dale opened it all up and threw away any that didn't have money in them, or simply sent them back.

So I left Dale and went to Winnipeg to live in a woman's shelter for two weeks, then off to an apartment in which I was tormented by Dale continuously.

Now I'm back in British Columbia trying to start a new life. My horse had a baby colt and all is well at five months of age. After one minor car accident and one real bad car accident, I decided enough is enough, I'm gonna start a new Kate Bush magazine if it kills me. Just because one has no money doesn't mean one can't put out a magazine.. ..

She goes on to describe the new fanzine, and how she's desperate for submissions and subscriptions.



Date: Tue, 7 Aug 90 15:56:26 PDT
From: ed@das.llnl.gov (Edward Suranyi)
Subject: Homeground #39 is finally out!

I just got issue #39 of Homeground in today's mail.

Here's some US news I never saw posted:

"The 'International Rock Awards' were broadcast across the country on 6th June. Kate was nominated in the 'best rock pianist' category with the likes of Elton John and Billy Joel. A short snatch of the video for "This Woman's Work" was shown, but alas Kate did not win; the honours went to Mr. Joel."

They mention a US compilation called The Monsters of British Rock, which includes "The Wedding List", but they know nothing else about it. Does anybody have this?

Here's another US item I never saw in love-hounds:

"The University of Minnesota St. Paul student centre were running in April/May a ten week series of video shows under the title Progressive Rock on Video. The show devoted to Kate (entitled Kate Bush: An In-depth Study ) was on 10/4 [that's April 10 for Americans not used to British dates] with free admission running from 7.00 pm until after 10.00. On the the programme were all the promotional videos from 1978 to 1986, the Live at Hammersmith tape, the 1979 Kate Bush in Concert German TV special, the UK BBC special from December 1989 and various TV performances mainly 1980-1986."


Date: Thu, 20 Sep 90 06:24:37 -0400
From: katefans@world.std.com (Chris'n'Vickie of Chicago)
Subject: Tipper list

One more item that came to light in my talk with Peter. He & Krys knew the second they looked at the "Tipper list" that it was a joke. They were rolling on the floor laughing at the obvious in-jokes. They also got Chris' "confession" so they knew he wrote it. They printed the list by itself, without comment, just to see how people would react. It seems that quite a few people took it seriously and wrote in very worried. Peter assures me that he will reveal the truth about the list in the next Homeground. I was certain that Peter must have gotten the joke and it's nice to know that he did.

Vickie (one of Vickie'n'Chris)


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1991 10:33:49 -0800
From: Jeff Tucker <R3JMT%AKRONVM@vm1.cc.UAKRON.EDU>
Subject: from Little Light

The following appears in Little Light, Summer 1991, published by The American Association of Them Heavy People, PO Box 221, Cuyahoga Falls OH 44222-0221. Replies are welcome, as are letters to the editor or other discussion.


The latest issue of Homeground features three items of potential interest to Little Light readers who have been keeping up on the PMRC/Sinful Music/LL's Humorless controversy.

A full page letter from Len Bullard and Beverly Allen offers what might be called a more reasonable approach than either Homeground or Little Light have taken in the past, even though the letter has less to do with the controversy per se than with broad editorial advice:

"The PMRC is not our biggest concern.... Taking time to promote Kate is something we do because her work merits it. She is the best, and she deserves our best.... Our respect for Kate runs deep because she busts her ass to do all the good she can with the talents she has and never once jumped at the easy money just because there was a lot of it. Such a spirit is rare on this earth. If you are going to represent it, respect it.... We don't mean to fuss at you. You work long hours to help a very special woman.... But before you kick the colonies too hard, remember that you get to enjoy the personal support of that woman.... The Americans aren't stupid or cowardly, just tired and neglected.... Maybe if she tours she'll remember to send a little light our way...."

A second letter from Gillian Gaar of Seattle reads in part: "I've been following the occasional mention you make of censorship in the US with interest. I didn't pick up on the PMRC parody, but I don't think the issue is very funny...." So we weren't as isolated as some people would have had us believe, and Homeground's American readers (including us) didn't necessarily know "quite well" what the PMRC's policies were. A welcome recognition of other viewpoints.

Third, they do finally talk about the BBCs ban (so to speak) of "Army Dreamers". Some of our newer readers have asked us for a retraction of our comments in the last issue. We would remind everybody of John Malene's letter to Homeground dated November 12, 1990, in which he enclosed a copy of the BBC memo in question in the form it took on that date. It took Homeground six months, two issues, and a war and a peace to get around to covering the news. We won't retract, but will leave you with what is perhaps a more reasonable attitude which Edward Suranyi proposed. Perhaps they didn't think there was going to be a war. Or perhaps they just lost it (this has seemingly happened in the past). Ok, we're grinning a bit


Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1991 03:56:00 -0700
From: gatech!chinet.chi.il.us!katefans@eddie (Chris n Vickie)
Subject: Erni

Vickie here.

Jorn writes:

> PS-- C&V expect to meet Erni this weekend, coz he's in town for the WorldCon sci-fi convention. We'll be sure to ask for details about this Little Light blurb. (Jeff, are you there? Does LL have an editorial bias that's not explicitly stated?)

Yes, we met and had a nice time. Erni held an official Special Interest Group meeting about Kate. He even had a meeting room reserved for it. There were about 10 people there and we discussed various topics. We talked a lot about the tour and a lot about Love-Hounds. When the hour was up and we had to give up the meeting room to another Special Interest Group, a few of us continued the conversation out in a reception area, taking over a corner w/ couches & a table.

Erni is a fascinating guy. I could have sat and talked to him for hours. His experience is the complete opposite of Dale Sommerville's. Erni used to be a fundimentalist Christian who began questioning his beliefs after the Jim Bakker scandal. All during the (probably painful) questioning and re-evaluating process, Kate's music was there for him, playing like a soundtrack to this very important time in his life. He said that he believes, from hints that he's picked up, that Little Light is run by Born-Again Christians. He said that he asked someone (? I forget who he said) at Little Light and they didn't confirm or deny it. Jeff?

Vickie (one of Vickie'n'Chris)


From: nbc%inf.rl.ac.uk@mitvma.mit.edu
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1991 02:58:27 -0700
Subject: New KBC leaflet

The KBC have issued one of their 4 page leaflets of info. + pen pals and swaps information.

Kate has recorded an interview for the Radio One series of "Classic Albums" talking about Hounds of Love. This is to be broadcast in 1992.



Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1991 21:09:36 -0800
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: New Homeground letter

Got a form letter from Homeground yesterday:

Dear Everyone,

Yes, you guessed it, this is not HOMEGROUND 43, which has been delayed for a number of reasons, including the fact that HOMEGROUND TOWERS is having its guts ripped out whilst a new central heating system is being put in. Also you may have noticed that there is not a great deal of news. In fact we need a small respite to catch up on ourselves. We also need a bit of time to get back to all those who have written and are still awaiting a reply! Issue 43 will follow shortly and will be this year's Christmas issue. No-one will loose out, everyone will get all the issues they have paid for.


Prince's new album 'Pearls and Diamonds', released in a rather striking 3D cover, does in fact contain a thankyou credit to Kate, although she does not actually appear on the album.

The Elton John tribute album 'Two Rooms' will be released world-wide on 14th October. Kate's track (a stunning version of Rocket Man) will be used in the USA to help break the album on alternative radio.

British readers will have seen the recent British Rail publicity campaign that included a poster will the slogan 'Kate Bush branches out for &1' The poster featured a photo of a little girl whose name actually is Catherine Bush (if not the one we know and love). We can report that Kate was actually approached for permission to 'use' her name in this way, and was quite happy.

Karen Childerstone - whom many of you will remember performed admirably at the 1990 Convention (and whom, as many of you may know is managed by Dave) - will be releasing her version of 'Under The Ivy' as her debut single before Christmas. The record, produced by Paul Muggleton and Mike Paxman (of Judie Tzuke fame) will be available through Polygram hopefully at the end of November.


From: Scott Telford <s.telford@ed.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1992 07:10:58 -0800
Subject: Homeground 44

Homeground 44 arrived this morning.

Oh, and HG have organised a 10th anniversary party in a club in London on May 24. They say it's not a convention, and I wouldn't expect KaTe to be there, but just an opportunity to meet KaTefans and boogie on down to her music (it sez here). Tickets are L6.


From: rhill@netlink.cts.com (Ron Hill)
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1992 01:37:02 -0700
Subject: New Homeground 44

I just got the latest HOMEGROUND [44], and it's really good, probably my favorite since the one that had the pics from the convention. Highly recommended.

They also mention a new book:

Kate Bush - The First Twelve Years is another collection of newpaper and magazine cutting covering the years from 1978 in two volumes selling for about &12-00 [pounds]. Details can be obtained via the fanzine Never For Ever. [Who's address they list as 28 Millbrook St, Plasmar 1, Swansea SA6 8JY Wales.]

Naturally this caught my attention! Does anyone else have any more details?


From: Scott Telford <s.telford@ed.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1992 05:45:09 -0700
Subject: Never Forever 19

Also a report on the Homeground 10th Birthday party. Nev & Jon went, but KaTe didn't (whew 8^), though she sent a message and some signed merchandise for prizes.


From: Scott Telford <s.telford@ed.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 14:15:40 GMT
Subject: News from the KBC

Speaking of the KBC, I got a letter from them yesterday. To quote the important parts:

"What we would like to do is make the Club more of an information service so there will be no membership fee. All you need to do is send one SASE (SASE + IRC for overseas) marked SAE 3 and when we know about an event or release far enough in advance, we will send you a letter."

"Magazines will still be produced... and will be on sale exclusively from us."

"You can still send your feedback to Kate via us, in the same way. We will still keep everyone's name on the computer in case there is some extra special information...or if the record company wish to do a mail out..."

"New 'members' will still be given a membership number but no membership package."

"The new magazine is already at the printers but we will probably delay posting until after the Xmas rush".


Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 08:17:45 -0100
From: Wieland Willker <willker@chemie.uni-bremen.de>
Subject: KBC Mags, newsletters and updates



(Oct. 1995)


6 Mar 1979 Duplicated letter + signed photo

1. 26 Apr 1979 Hi Lionhearts 4

2. ? Aug 1979 Hello Everybody 4

3. ? Oct 1979 Tour Issue 8

4. 18 Dec 1979 Christmas Newsletter 12

5. 23 Apr 1980 With love from Kate 8

6. 11 Jul 1980 Convention was great 8

7. 26 Sep 1980 Them Bats and Doves 8

8. 22 Dec 1980 December will be Magic Again (cartoon) 12

9. 13 Apr 1981 Letter from Kate 8

10. 12 Sep 1981 On Videos And Tapes 8

11. 20 Dec 1981 Photo of Kate with snow in her hair 20

12. 15 Oct 1982 Photo of Kate & Dancers from Dreaming 20

13. 22 Apr 1983 Suspended in Gaffa Photo of Kate 20

14. 17 Oct 1983 Photo of Kate in a wooly hat 20

15. 23 Dec 1983 Photo of Kate by a stream and a swallow 24

16. 25 Jun 1984 Photo of Kate wearing a white jumper 20

17. 20 Dec 1984 Photo of Kate singing into a microphone 28

18. 30 Sep 1985 Hounds of Love album issue 24

19. 16 Apr 1986 Hounds of Love single sleeve cover 28

20. ? Sep 1986 Photo of Kate from The Big Sky video 28

21. 4 Mar 1987 Photo of Kate from the Experiment IV 32

22. 23 Dec 1987 Photo of Kate with cropped hair & vest 28

23. 1989 Sensual World Album Issue. 32

24. 1993 Red Shoes Album Issue 36


newsletters (SAE):


8 Nov. 1994 TOTP announcement 1

9 Dec. 1994 Xmas, Pen Pals 1

10 May 1995 Pen Pals & Swaps 1

11 Dec. 1995 Xmas, Pen Pals, Letter from Kate,

new Gaelic song. 2

12 Febr. 1996 MNhE - Common Ground 1

On to The Whole Story by Kerry Juby

written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
Sept 1995 June 1996