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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 90 08:39:00 EST
Subject: A divine religious experience


Jem here. I've been reading Love-hounds for about a year or so now, never really been into KT (certainly no LoveHound), but its always been a good source of info on many things, and hell, the people are nice. I've made the odd contribution, but nothing KT relaTed.

About two weeks ago, something very strange happened.

After a year of having no Hi-Fi, I moved all my gear onto the boat where I live, and was listening to all sorts of stuff.

One evening I put on Fairport Conventions "In Real Time" and played it really low. At the end of 'The Hiring Fair' a track which is soooo mellow, you can't play anything after it unless its even more mellow, I looked for something else to put on that would keep me in the same mood.

At the back of the tape drawers I found a tape I'd forgotten I owned...

It said..... Kate Bush...Lionheart.

Ok, thinks me. Lets see what these LoveHounds have been raving about.

Tape in.

Close drawer.


(Listening to tape)


...........End of tape.

I'll leave you to work out what happened while it was playing, I'm sure you have all gone through the same, somewhat indescribeable experience. Needless to say, the end of the tape finds me sitting perfectly still, in a daze, sweating slightly (I kid you not).

That was two weeks or so ago. Now, having had no money to buy any more albums, my copy of Lionheart has just about had it. I have been listening to it CONSTANTLY since I heard it. We are talking 4 or 5 times an evening, playing, turning over, playing again, and so on. I managed to find a copy of The Whole Story video, brand new, on a market stall for a fiver (borrowed the money straight away!).

My local record shop's going to love me when I get paid!!!

One of the nicest things (and the reason for this note) is that It probably would never have happened if it were not for me reading this list. I really picked up on it because I could recognise bits before I'd even heard it. You dont read a list like this for a year and not learn anything. What I'm trying to say is THANKYOU LoveHounds for making me actually pick up the tape and listen. You don't know how good it makes me feel.

Guess I'm too late for the Con. though :-(

Cuddles, kisses and general KaTeness,



From: katefans@world.std.com (Chris'n'Vickie of Chicago)
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 90 04:20:26 GMT
Subject: Re: A devine religious experience

THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

You're right about it being indescribable. I felt that way the first time I heard Kate. Pop tape in...press Play...the first few notes of Wuthering Heights tickle my brain...Kate starts singing.....and....within 30 seconds I knew I'd begun a love affair that would last me the rest of my life! I had no idea it would CHANGE my life the way it has. I wouldn't be where I am now, I would never have met Chris, I would never have gotten a radio show, I wouldn't "know" all you wonderful Love-Hounds, I wouldn't be going to England in just a couple of days...on&on&on&on. I have Kate to thank for my entire life-style. That's the honest truth.

She really is!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kate Bush Jem!!!!!!



Vickie (one of Vickie'n'Chris)


From: Doug Alan <nessus@mit.edu>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 91 19:19:22 EST
Subject: A Farewell to Pseudo-moderators

Hi there KB fans around the world! I, your humble pseudo-moderator, am taking a higher paying job in "Industry" and will be moving out of my comfy office at MIT into a ubiquitous cubicle at Hitachi Computer Products in Waltham, MA. Unfortunately, I will not be as well-connected to the Internet at Hitachi, and, therefore, I will not be able to continue as the pseudo-moderator of Love-Hounds and rec.music.gaffa, though I will be able to continue membership as a normal subscriber.

Fortunately, there is a volunteer, who is willing and eager to take over. He will probably be able to provide a much higher level of service than I have been able to do for the last year or so, so I hope you will all give a big round of applause for you new humble pseudo-moderator, Bill Wisner (wisner@ims.alaska.edu), who will be running the mailing list and newsgroup all the way from sunny, tropical Alaska.

I will be tranfering pseudo-moderatorship to him in a few days. If you have been sending submissions or mail to "love-hounds@gaffa.mit.edu", please do not do so any longer. "Gaffa.mit.edu" will be going away, and it has never been the official address. The offical address for posting has always been, and will remain


The address for requests will remain "love-hounds-request@eddie.mit.edu". It has been a fun five years, and I hope the mailing list and newsgroup will continue for another 500.

Your humble almost-ex-pseudo-moderator,


"I hate to leave you..."


Date: Fri, 01 Feb 91 14:55:37 -0900
From: Bill Wisner <wisner@ims.alaska.edu>
Subject: Re: Mailing List

This is your introductory form letter:

You are now on the love-hounds mailing list! Love-hounds is available in two forms: you can immediately be forwarded every message sent to love-hounds, or you can receive a daily auto-digest. If you would like your status to be toggled, just tell me and I will arrange for it. To mail to the mailing list, send to


is also the uucp site "mit-eddie.UUCP"). Administrivia should go to


If you are interested in wading through Megabytes of cruft, the Love-Hounds archives are available on the Internet via FTP. Archives live in the directory /pub/love-hounds/archives on hayes.ims.alaska.edu. Some material of interest (song lyrics, interviews, etc.) relating to Kate Bush may be found in the directory /pub/love-hounds/kh on the same host.

Note also that the contents of the mailing list can also be read in the USENET newsgroup rec.music.gaffa. If you have access to the newsgroup, you may want to read it rather than the list to reduce mail overhead.

"We let the weirdness in"

Bill Wisner <wisner@ims.alaska.edu> Gryphon Gang Fairbanks AK 99775


Date: Fri, 01 Feb 91 13:25:21 -0900
From: Bill Wisner <wisner@ims.alaska.edu>
Subject: new moderator blows it, film at eleven

The switch has been made; love-hounds is now being handled by myself. And due to an astonishingly stupid typo on my part, two messages sent earlier today got lost. Oh well. If you're reading this, things are now fixed.

So welcome to the sort-of-new-and-probably-not-improved Love-Hounds.

Bill Wisner <wisner@ims.alaska.edu> Gryphon Gang Fairbanks AK 99775


From: Doug Alan <nessus@mit.edu>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 91 17:28:38 EST
Subject: Transition Complete

As of a few hours ago, mail to love-hounds@eddie.mit.edu and love-hounds-request.mit.edu is now forwarded to Bill Wisner's computer. He is now your official moderator, and I'd like everyone to give him a big thanks for taking over the job! GAFFA.MIT.EDU will be turned off on Monday, so if you are still sending mail there, please change your habits real soon. It's been a fun five years -- now it's off to the real world for me. Don't worry, though, I'll still participate.

Your Ex Humble Pseudo-Moderator,



Date: Tue, 26 Feb 91 08:43:00 CST
From: barger@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (Jorn Barger)
Subject: Monthly post (getting the ball rolling)

[This is the very first FAQ! --WIE]

(This is a first imperfect attempt at collating some facts for a monthly post. Please help me fill in the blanks.)

Rec.music.gaffa is a 5-year-old newsgroup dedicated to the artistic genius of Kate Bush. "Gaffa" comes from her song "Suspended in Gaffa" (on The Dreaming ), and (according to Kate) refers to gaffer's tape, or duct tape, used to keep people from tripping over electrical cabling.

Rec.music.gaffa is run as a moderated group only because submissions to it are forwarded to an extensive mailing list of people without net access, who form an informal fan club called "Love-Hounds". You can mail submissions, without fear of censorship, to:


To subscribe to the mailing list [and here I begin to lie hopelessly, because this is what I tried and it hasn't worked] send a message containing the single word "SUBSCRIBE" to

love-hounds-request@eddie.mit.edu [what's wrong with this, please?]

The big event of 1990 was the Kate Bush Fan Clubs Convention, November 17 at London's Hammersmith Palais, celebrating the release (in the UK, Canada and Japan) of the "This Woman's Work" boxed set, containing all her albums in conventional form, along with two CDs (or three LPs) of B-sides and alternative mixes. Of the 1300 convention attendees, some 50 were Love-Hounds, many from the US and Australia, meeting face to face for the first time. Kate spent an hour answering questions submitted by audience members, and announced that she hopes to have a new album finished very quickly, having begun composing at the piano again.

She also claimed she's planning to "play some dates" at the end of 1991, possibly including some in the US. (Old Kate-Hounds are protecting themselves from disappointment with a wait-and-see attitude, having heard all this before.)

Kate's earliest band was called the KT Bush Band, (KT being readable as Katey), and all her albums have had a KT emblem hidden somewhere on the cover. With the boxed set she introduced a new version of the symbol, integrating the astrological symbol for Venus (ie, the biological symbol for woman).

All five years of rec.music.gaffa/love-hounds-digest can be ftp'd from the love-hounds archive at hayes.ims.alaska.edu ( in directory


Song lyrics, interviews, etc are in /pub/love-hounds/kh on the same host.

GIF files are also available.(???)

For those without FTP capabilities, Richard Caldwell has started a BBS that offers the GIFs and current r.m.g postings. The Big Sky BBS can be reached 24 hours a day at 614-864-1198 (1200 or 2400 baud).


"Kate Bush is God!" (She really is!)



Date: Sat, 2 Mar 91 20:30:37 PST
From: ed@das.llnl.gov (Edward Suranyi)
Subject: Richard Caley's article in rec.music.misc

Richard Caley just wrote a neat article in rec.music.misc:

From: rjc@uk.ac.ed.cstr (Richard Caley)
Subject: Re: Severe rec.music.alternative peristalsis setting in
Date: 2 Mar 91 00:41:34 GMT

Larry Spence (ls) writes:
> r.m.gaffa: Kate can do no wrong, she's God, etc....

Hey! Offside!

It may come as something of a suprise to you, but more than Kate is discussed in r.m.g.

There is a simple algorithm for determining if a post is suitable for the Love Hounds, post it and if you get flamed to a crisp it was unsuitable. Be warned, r.m.g has the best flame throwers on the net.

For bad cases we send IED round to your house at three in the morning in a 22 wheel truck loaded with amplifiers and a half speed master of The Ninth Wave.


Date: Sat, 13 Apr 91 01:22:04 PDT
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: Cloudbusting project

AHEM. I have been working on a project now for some time and have been waiting until I get past the "point of no return" to announce it here and since I passed that about a month ago and am now almost finished I might as well announce it!

I am working on an electronic "book" called "Cloudbusting - Kate Bush In Her Own Words". This is a strictly not-for-profit venture that will be available, depending on how you get it, either free or for a slight "copying charge". It is a complition of virtually every quote from Kate arranged by Song, Story, and Subject order. NO interpectations, reviews, opinions, etc, will be included. The idea is to let Kate's words speak for themselves, and believe me, they really do!! It's quite startling to see so much "pure Kate" without all the cruft.

The source files for most of Cloudbusting were Andrew Marvick and co.'s The Garden, which is Andrew's book of REPRINTS of articles/interviews with Kate and several ORIGINAL files, including a complete chronology, ALL the lyrics to ALL of Kate's songs, and several other goodies. The files were taken from an obscure IBM typesetting program and translated to straight ascii by myself. The ORIGINAL files will be included complete (hopefully, if there's room), with the disk versions of Cloudbusting. The first version of Cloudbusting will be text only and will be posted as seperate messages here in about two/three weeks. Since I have been advised by the moderator to only send about 20-25k at a time this will take more than a month! (I expect the text files, after editting, to be at least 600k possibly more than a meg.). If anybody catches ANY errors let me know!!!! By the time I get the whole thing sent I should have the full disk versions done. These I will be sending to the Moderator to be posted and also full versions will appear on The Big Sky BBS and possibly, GENIE, and other commercial services. Also I will be sending copies to the people who run various fan club/magazines.

I will also be making an offer (UT-OH!!) to copy it in IBM 3 1/2 inch or AMIGA format for about 5 or 6 bucks to cover the disks, mailing, bumb disks, overseas, etc. I don't mind making a zillion copies if I have to, as I think it is something most people will want, but I would appreciate it if you know people who have the same computer type as you if you could co-ordinate between yourselves to just get one copy and make copies for each other. This will save you money and me time. I will NOT generally be making PRINTED copies so if you know non-computer Kate fans, grank up those printers for a major dump! Also any help in getting it to other networks and to any other form would be appeciated!!! I think it will make a great "add" for the love-hounds.



Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1991 22:34:00 -0800
From: IED0DXM%MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: The Love-Hounds White Rose Fund

Hi, Love-Hounds!

Congratulations! Love-Hounds have already contributed enough money to the White Rose Fund to afford at least three dozen white roses in ivy to Kate Bush's family home on Katemas, 1991. IED would like to thank the following generous philocanines in particular: Vishal Markandey, Michael Peskura, Ed Suranyi (hope it's not misspelled, Ed!), Laura and Robin Clifford, and (for exceptional largesse) Rick Thompson. Thanks to all of you.

IED has decided to do two things. First, he would like to send along to the florists' in England each of the little notes that the above contributors sent along with their contributions, with the instruction that the envelope of notes be delivered together with the roses. IED will add to the Fund any such notes which may accompany future contributions. The amount of the contribution is not important, but remember: the more money contributed, the larger the bouquet will be. Wouldn't it be neat if Love-Hounds could send ten dozen roses, along with a bunch of personal happy-birthday greetings?

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1991 17:21:00 -0800
From: IED0DXM%MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: an update on The White Rose Fund

Well, in the end IED received enough money (counting his own donation) to pay for NINE DOZEN long-stemmed white roses (at 11 Pounds 75 Pence per dozen) with ivy intertwined. The roses will be delivered on July 30 to Kate's family home in Welling together with an envelope containing all the notes which IED received along with contributors' donations. The total cost: 105 Pounds 75 Pence, plus about $12.00 in phone fees. Total donations: $200.00. When IED sees his next Visa bill he'll post the net balance, and the remaining money (if any) will be held over till next Katemastime.

IED will call the florists' again to confirm receipt of the envelope of messages for Kate, and once more following Katemas to make sure delivery was made.

All that's left is to say a big Thank You to all those who contributed their hard-earned cash--from $5.00 to $50.00 apiece--just to help fatten up the Love-Hounds bouquet. Thanks, then, to:

Vishal Markandey, Laura and Robin Clifford, Michael Peskura, Rick Thompson, Edward Suranyi, Stephen J. Carter, Ken Saint John, Deb Wentorf, Richard Caldwell, Steve Williams, Greg Bossert, Kim Richardson, David Gravender, John Zimmer, Guy Jackals, Ron S. Hill, Ray Russell,

and all other Love-Hounds whose benevolent thoughts and good wishes have helped the projeKT along.

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1991 11:27:46 -0800
From: JONES%RPIECS.BITNET@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: roses

And while I'm here, a *HUGE* thank-you to IED....well done!!! A whopping NINE dozen roses! I can't even begin to fathom that many flowers. Do you suppose we should start sending her *vases* as well? :)

All the best to all of you,

Deb Wentorf


Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1991 10:46:00 -0800
From: IED0DXM%MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU@mitvma.mit.edu
Subject: roses

First a note to all those who contributed to the White Rose Fund this year: IED has checked back a couple of times with the florists in Welling, who confirmed that the envelope containing everyone's messages for Kate did indeed arrive in time to be included with the huge bouquet. And on Tuesday, July 30, the flowers were successfully delivered to East Wickham Farm, and were accepted at the door by Kate's father, Dr. Robert Bush. Mission accomplished!

-- Andrew Marvick


Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1991 23:45:26 -0700
From: The World Famous Bill Wisner <wisner>
Subject: what's happening with Love-Hounds

Due to major lossage at the University of Alaska, Love-Hounds hasn't been working for the last few weeks. This problem happned at a singularly bad time, as I was in Los Angeles with sporadic network access and thus couldn't fix it. Things have stabilized in my personal life a bit (if not in Alaska) and I'm back again. (and sorry, incidentally, about missing the San Jose Katemas party. maybe next year.)

Since I've left Alaska, there's nobody left who can properly fix the network problems hayes has fallen victim to. For this and other reasons, I've moved the mailing list a bit closer to civilization.

Love-Hounds' new home is wiretap.Spies.COM. The old addresses at EDDIE.MIT.EDU will continue to work (at least, they will after the aliases there have been updated). wiretap should be more reliable than hayes. And the addresses at hayes.ims.alaska.edu will forward to wiretap, but if you use them it's at your own risk.

The upshot of this all is that within two or three days Love-Hounds should not merely be back to its normal state; it should be better.

The Love-Hounds archives will also be moved to wiretap (this should be good news for *everybody* with FTP access, since the line to Alaska can be a mite slow) but with one notable change: the base pathname will be just /love-hounds instead of /pub/love-hounds. Under /love-hounds all pathnames will remain the same.

Sorry about all the problems, and if there are any more please let me know.

Your humble absentee pseudo-moderator,

Bill Wisner <wisner@Spies.COM> at large somewhere in southern California


From: Doug Alan <nessus@mit.edu>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1991 11:45:54 -0700
Subject: Gashly Crumb Tinies

Woj asked me to post this message, so here it is. I am sorry for the delay, but at least it has allowed Eric France time to return....

A couple of years ago I ended all my postings with lines from Edward Gorey's "Gashly Crumb Tinies". After I ran out of lines from Gorey, I restarted the alpahabet with characters known to Love-Hounds. In the two years that have transpired since I posted these, players have come and gone. Some of the players remain the same. Newcomers may recognize some the allusions. Long-haulers may understand more.

The original Gashly Crumb Tinies, by Edward Gorey:

The Love-Hounds Gashly Crumb Tinies, by |>oug /\lan:


[ is for e.e. who (, @ran ; &


Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1991 01:01:42 -0800
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: *** New Kate Bush 'Lectronic Book ***

[unfortunately this never appeared. :-( --WIE]

Deeper Understanding - A Compilation Of Kate Bush Articles

I'd like to announce another electronic book I am a working on. It's called Deeper Understanding, and it will essentially be a "best of" the Love-Hounds and, to a lesser extent, magazines and fan magazines. The idea is to collect the accumulated wisdom (???) of the love-hounds and make it available in a better form than having to search through megabtyes of old messages. For the most part there will be no other artists, personal attacks, political discussion, interviews with Kate, or stuff that repeats info already in Cloudbusting or The Garden. Material from magazines and fanzines will also be included where it is available, but I probably won't be typing much in, so unless it already in electronic form, it probably won't be included.

The format is simular to Cloudbusting, I'm currently dividing it into the following parts:

DMusic - Info on Songs/Albums (Reviews, Interpetations, etc.)
DStory - Info on various events in Kate's/Fan life
DRefer - places where Kate is mentioned
DSubject - Info on Various Subjects, People, etc.
DHumour - Kate related humour
DLhounds - Love-Hounds specific subjects

I am thinking of all adding a section for "first time" experiences with Kate. I may also add the following, if other people are willing to type the stuff in:

KPoetry - Kate inspired poetry (from fanzines)
KStories - Kate inspired stories (from fanzines)

I don't know when I'll be finished with this. I started it while waiting for news of various sources of new material for "Cloudbusting" and since I've started back in on that, I'll be working on "DU" only when I get bored and need new reading material.

A major problem at this time is that I don't have access to all the past messages. I only have access to messages from the time I've been on, basicly to the beggining of the year. If anyone would be willing to get me the files from past years and put them on IBM 720k disks, I would be more then willing to remeburse you.. If I'm not able to get these, it will basicly just be the best from this year.

I've gotten through most of this year and it's about 400k so far. For the most part I am simply including the messages as-is, editing only when a message drifts into another topic. I suspect it will probably be more then 2 megabytes when finished, but I can't be sure, as I've heard in years past Love-Hounds wasn't always as active as it is now.


Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1991 10:23:00 -0800
Subject: Garden + Cloudbusting

IED liked that one, Ron! Great job--fast work transcribing all that stuff. IED suggests that the aim now for The Garden 's next edition should be to integrate all the transcriptions of the video interviews directly into the video catalogue in Volume One.


Date: Sat, 27 Jun 92 15:41:43 -0400
From: wisner@uunet.uu.net
Subject: Love-Hounds has a new home

The Love-Hounds mailing list has moved to the site uunet.UU.NET. This should make the mailing list and newsgroup more reliable. uunet also happens to be one of the best connected sites in the world.

This change should be transparent to readers of rec.music.gaffa. For Love-Hounds subscribers, the new submission address is Love-Hounds@uunet.UU.NET. The new request address is Love-Hounds-request@uunet.UU.NET.

If you have any difficulties in the wake of this change, please let me know.

Your humble pseudo-moderator, Bill Wisner <wisner@uunet.UU.NET>


Date: Mon, 27 Jul 92 15:14:57 -0400
From: wisner@uunet.uu.net
Subject: Love-Hounds/gaffa status

The rec.music.gaffa gateway is operational again. It was down because of a software problem at UUNET that I didn't have the ability to fix. New software has been installed here, and things should be working fine once again.

I'm also starting to move the archives to ftp.uu.net. As I do so they will become available in the directory /usenet/rec.music.gaffa. Contents of the "kb" directory will likely show up first, followed as I get the time by the rest of the mailing list archives up to the present.

Sorry for the inconvenience, etc., etc.,

Your humble pseudo-moderator (see you at San Jose Katemas), w.


Date: 06 Oct 1992 03:57:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: peter@bsbbs.columbus.oh.us (Peter FitzGerald-Morr)
Subject: We're Here! (AtLast)


I'm rather hoping that this message will actually get through. We've only just acquired our modem and are feeling our way. Many thanks to Richard and Melissa at the Big Sky Board for their assistance.

Once we get used to using this thing we'll be back with news etc.

Bye for now. Peter FitzGerald-Morris


Date: 09 Oct 1992 17:03:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: peter@bsbbs.columbus.oh.us (Peter FitzGerald-Morr)
Subject: Another Message From Homeground

Hello everyone. Thanks for the warm messages of welcome - especially Vickie and Chris. We're working on cheaper London connection at the moment. Krys and Dave are here with me at the moment and will leave their own little messages.


Hello everyone. Keep watching for us idiots at HG. Love from Krys


Date: 11 Oct 1992 18:24:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: peter@bsbbs.columbus.oh.us (Peter FitzGerald-Morr)
Subject: Homeground General

Dear Friends,

It occurs to me that I have not said some things that I ought to. Firstly greetings to Andy Marvick , if he's anywhere that can receive this.

Secondly many thanks to whoever it was who sent us the Love-Hounds baseball caps, some while ago. They have served us well - particularly mine own bald patch this Summer.

Greetings to ]>oug. No electronic version of HOMEGROUND planned, I'm afraid.

Special greetings to Ron Hill. Ron - thankyou for sending me (some time ago) the first edition of *Cloudbusting*, together with associated pictures. Believe it or not it is only within the last few weeks that we have geared up here computerwise, sufficiently to read any of these. Our progress in the IT world since we obtained our trusty Commodore PC20III has been slow and painful. All I can say is that we are in awe of the work that has gone into the project. It is a work of reference for all in the Kate-speaking-world for years to come. When and if we can figure the technology, I'll try to download the second edition!

One of the many messages of welcome that we received mentioned that the Love-Hounds may now feel like a class of school-kids after teacher has arrived. I hope not. Actually HOMEGROUND has been a passive associate of gaffa since its inception. With a few short gaps, I have read or skimmed almost every article that has ever been posted. I have followed the news, the flame wars and even the sometime brutally frank opinions on HOMEGROUND with varying degrees of interest, amusement, and sadness. Of particular interest this year was the debate with Kevin Hendrix as the various virtues of the net as opposed to the printing press.

Our view is quite simple. We consider HOMEGROUND to be a magazine of record in the Kate-speaking-world. Therefore I have been pinching news and information off gaffa ever since the beloved founder ]>oug set the newsgroup going. I have always acknowledged the source. In return I have sought (usually via Vickie and Chris) to disseminate important information via gaffa. In the Kate-speaking-world I tend to see HOMEGROUND as the London *Times* and gaffa as Reuter. We interact to serve Kate's fans the better.

As to mine and HOMEGROUND's role in gaffa, I hope it will be take part as and when we can. Our primary responsibility is to our subscribers - and though they are all to well aware of our tendency to be late, their patience is not endless. I shouldn't be here chatting when I should be typing articles.

This is the appropriate place to issue apologies for the lateness of issue 45. We assumed that a compilation issue would be fairly simple to knock out. Not so, it actually took more work, care and attention than our usual issues. It may be some solace to those who waited with fading patience, that for about ten days Krys was up to the early hours of the morning struggling with the layout. On at least two nights we retired at gone 4am.


Date: Fri, 13 May 94 18:05:29 -0400
From: wisner@uunet.uu.net (Bill Wisner)
Subject: number of subscribers

At the moment there are 334 direct subscribers to the list. Of course, many hundreds or thousands more read via the USENET newsgroup rec.music.gaffa; exact numbers for same are not available.

I am reluctant to post a list of subscribers.


Date: Wed, 18 May 1994 00:31:00 +0200
From: uli@zoodle.RoBIN.de (Ulrich Grepel)
Subject: Re: number of subscribers

Bill reveals:
> At the moment there are 334 direct subscribers to the list. Of course, many hundreds or thousands more read via the USENET newsgroup rec.music.gaffa; exact numbers for same are not available.

Not exact numbers, but estimated ones. These can be found in the monthly usenet reports by Brian Reid (sp?) (newsgroup news.lists), the estimation is done by checking on a sample of a few hundred hosts how many subscribers of each newsgroup there are. 'Subscriber' does mean that the person in question looked into that newsgroup at least once during the time the samples are collected. Looking into the newsgroup is already done by just looking at some subjects and not even reading a single article. Another factor of uncertainity is that noone knows the real size of the net. Considering all this, we're estimated with about 48000 readers right now. Pretty impressive, but remember that of these maybe 480 are posting at least once a year.

I tried to do a small survey a while ago, posted it several times, and got <80 answers with answers from 'read once a month' to 'read dayly', and also 'post never' to 'post daily'. I should try another run of that survey, it's still there.

> I am reluctant to post a list of subscribers.

And with very good reason. Imagine you'd find out that there is a 'kate@kent.uk' or so on there... and we are all speculating about bootlegs and so on ;-). Nope. Some want to stay lurkers and that's ok.

Bye, Uli


From: Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan <dmckiern@weber.ucsd.edu>
Date: Tue, 30 May 1995 11:08:15 -0700
Subject: Re: How many are we?

Tim, it's just one guy and you. The other fellow maintains the illusion of a plurality by using various aliases, subscribing to Delphi, CompuServe, AOL,....


From: Smith Van PRC <smithv@USAFE15.ramstein.af.mil>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 95 09:42:00 PDT
Subject: Happy Birthday Love Hounds

One heartfelt thanks to |>oug for creating LH. 10 years and counting!



Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 21:05:49 -0700
From: stev0@zuni.chaco.com (stev0)
Subject: Numbers

I just ran across a Usenet news service on the Web (Um, I forgot the URL but will tell you tomorrow if you're interested) that has all sorts of funky stats on every newsgroup. Here's the stats for our own r.m.g:

Actual readers of this group: 266

Average number of messages per day: 11

Kilobytes per day: 23k

Percentage of Internet sites who receive this group: 72%

What they DON'T say is how they arrived at these figures, but it sounds about right (if the 266 sounds suspiciously low, don't forget a large number of us read it through Lovehounds)

- Stev0 the numbered

"1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8"

- Kraftwerk or Sesame Street: You decide


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 08:56:05 -0100
From: Wieland Willker <willker@chemie.uni-bremen.de>
Subject: ** MOMENTS ** A Red Shoes Collection

Dear lovehounds,

This year I had a very restful and quiet holliday at the house of my parents. The weather was absolutely brilliant and I spent most of my time in the wonderful garden. I put up a table outside and installed a computer ('is this boy completely mad?'). Then I worked myself through the jungle of 1993/1994 lovehounds-mail to find some Deeper Understanding ('he is!').

Wow, and I finished everything in 3 weeks. The result is something I called:


A Red Shoes Collection

and it contains everything I found interesting for me concerning "The Red Shoes".

Initially I did this for my own purpose, only. But then I thought, maybe you're also interested, because all the stuff in the archive, the invaluable Garden- and Cloudbusting- files, ends ca. 1991. So maybe my collection fills a gap. It is not THE collection, but A collection.

I separated the mail in different categories. Mainly: a) TRS, b) anything else interesting, c) trash. The last item was the biggest one :-). I deleted more than 3/4 of everything. But the rest is really timeless and worth to be collected.

The editing of the TRS-part is now finished and you can find it in the archive on ftp.uu.net in: /usenet/rec.music.gaffa/moments .

How I did it:

First I selected the interesting content and deleted the unneccesary parts (longish headers (Hello Graham!) and signatures (hello Graham! Your address is not very thrilling!). I left "Date", "From" and "Subject". I also deleted sometimes substantial parts of the mail, if they were not interesting (to me), repetitions or personal things. I changed sometimes the subject entry, to fit better to the actual subject. I also corrected some obvious spelling errors etc. I made a very few comments by myself, they come in [ ] with my short WIE in case of doubt.

Quotes were a little problem, because the ">" signs are useless after making up the pages for grouped style. So, quotes are now started with a ">", but not in front of every line, only at the beginning of each paragraph. The quote is separated from the following statement, by a blank line.

I ordered the mails in different categories:

1. History
1.1. Pre-History

1.2. Aspel
1.3. Tower
1.4. Convention '94
1.5. Misc./History

2. The Music
2.1. Lyrics
2.2. LH comments on songs
2.3. LH comments on whole album

3. The Film
3.1. Videos
3.2. The original Story and Film
3.3. The Line, The Cross And The Curve

4. Words
4.1. The Interviews
4.2. Reviews
4.3. Charts
4.4. Discography

5. Miscellaneous
5.1. The Man I Love
5.2. Sexual Healing
5.3. Frutopia

Everything is ca. 1.1 MB! Edited for printing it's ca. 400 pages (hui!).

Maybe not everything is complete, it just reflects my own preferences. For example, I am not so much interested in your 'best of' things and ratings, like: "Eat the Music": C-, or "Rubberband Girl": B+ etc. I have my own list in my head and that's enough.

I also deleted:

- most of the Lily/Angel stuff, 'cause it gave no new inside into the subject, as Chris pointed out unsuccessfully in the very beginning.

- Sex and the 'Symbol' stuff: mainly abstruse theories.

If I skipped something, that should be definitely included, please tell me! Especially, if there are more interviews, please mail them to me and to the group!

It's my sincere hope, that this imperfect medley helps somehow to a new, completely revised edition of The Garden. I think, it's a heavy burden on IED's shoulder. This is my little contribution.

It was very fascinating to walk through 2 years in 3 weeks. The end of 1993 was the most interesting part: the release of TRS! We got new interviews (I strongly recommend IED's restored version of the Sunday Times interview by Chrissy Iley) and this magic day at NY Towers, very moving reviews by Doug, IED, Deb Wentorf and Jason Pascucci. Thank you very much!

1994 we had the Convention with very interesting reports. There was some discussion on the quiz. I think this is a matter of preparation! Were you really well prepared? I also noticed, that there was NOT ONE, who was upset about Kate's *short* appearance, not One! (In contrast to the unnecessarily enlarged discussion in Homeground. Peter!) The only thing lovehounds mentioned: there was not enough food!

4. Aug. 1994: Robert Lovejoy discovered the Fruitopia article, followed by extensive commercial watching.

Thank you all, for doing the work. IED and Andrew Marwick for the Garden and their prolonged efforts to keep you on the kateian track, Ron Hill for his Cloudbusting (both invaluable compilations!), Uli for his continuous distribution of information and all the people who hacked in the lyrics, reviews and interviews. Thank you!

Other things/people that attracted my special attention:

- IED: Still mysterious, but definetly no human being. "Some groups have a moderator. We have an Enforcer. IED enforces the KaTe orthodoxy. Whenever he's away from the group (say, because Andrew Marvick is pursuing something trivial like a Ph.D.), the group begins to drift, become unruly, and has less KaTe content." (Andy Gough)

- Andrew Marwick = apostle Peter, head of the fundamentalist church of Kate Bush. KaTe is God (Amen!). It's unbelievable to me how he managed it to work on his doctoral thesis and do *on the side* all his investigations. Or was that IED?

- stev0: "The Line, the Cross, the Curve and Her Lover" Master of the Joke! Some of his contributions are absolute masterpieces. "If Lovehounds is a game, I win!" You really should go professional! Give us another one!

- Uli: distributor and editor of the holy FAQ. He also worked on THE discography: Out now! I comes on 12 CD's with a 1054 pages booklet.

- Jon-"Eat the Music" *still* sucks!-Drukman: a strong fighter, with a warm heart. But caution when you say something that provokes contradiction. Jump behind the lines when he rises. He and stev0 always carry guns (and heavy-duty gaffa-tape) and come in full metal jackets. Jon where are you at the?

- Homeground-Peter: Good for short urgent HG-Towers-information, but generally more a taker. That's a great pity, because I think, he has so much to give! Maybe we should ask him more!!! Ooh, he has compiled a 15 pages videolist! Haven't seen it so far (Peeeeteer, helloohooo!).

- Vickie: Who discovered, that you have to break your earphones to get a complete inside into "The Dreaming"! (phase cancelation)


-Brian J Dillard: "I dropped my walkman last night and now it plays backwards! so I should have all sorts of wonderful new insights to share with all of you very very soon . . "

- Chris: something like the answer-man of the group. I have found him not the least bit authoritarian, but always fair and fairly objective. With stoical coolness he answers all the questions, that come up every month or so.

- Karen Newcombe: Always at her place. IED says: "She's, in his opinion, the best thing that's happened to Kate Bush fandom in AGES."

- Scott Telford: provider of the TRS-discography and many other front-line reports.

- Prof. Manchester, who educates us with his well-founded statements.

- Doug: the fabulous LH founder, |>oug /\lan said: "John Carder Bush told me all sorts of things that Kate would do her best to avoid talking about." - Can you please enlighten us!!!


- for a while KaTe was pregnant! (unfounded rumour. VM)

- 334 subscribers 13.5.94

- only once in these two years someone (in this music oriented group) referred to specified notes/keys : Jonathan Forward: "When was the inferior D,D,up an octave & F replaced by the much better D,C,F,D,Bflat,F?" (conc. DWBMA) - also only once someone posted a GIF!

- we also have a Super-Dave!

- a Jorn"All-I-wanted-was-a-Pepsi"Barger

- a Marcel"De Efteling is in Kaatsheuvel, not Amsterdam. Not even "near" Amsterdam"Rijs

- Charlie Baum: the guy with the strangest story: his friend saw a Miami Vice episode with the "Hello Earth" piece in it. He instantly recogniced it as a georgian tune and taped it. Then he played it to Charles (also a georgian music expert), who tracked it down to KaTe and got hooked. So BTW he brought this georgian subject to our all attention.

- and: David Eugene Vinson: "Can anybody out there confirm my existence? Uli doesn't believe in me, but I could swear that I have been around since the end of October. Have there been any confirmed sightings of me during that time? I want to live!!!!"

After many "Moments of Pleasure": There was this one really irritating explosion of madness: The Jorn-Chris/Vickie-Escalation. I had prepared a long paragraph about the whole thing, but I deleted it. This is just a reminder for peace.

In general it was always very interesting to see, how people jump on one train and not on the other. Some mails have been left completely ignored, while others provoked intense monthlong discussions/flaming and all that. I couldn't figure out so far what this spice is, you have to include into your mail. I therefore await eagerly, on what point of this mail you will jump on! Also people post long sermons of stuff/nonsense and state at the end something like: "Unfortunately, this whole topic is rather off charter. Let's not discuss this any more."

To prove the usefulness of this group, just think of the tape-trees, the T-shirt project. etc. It's always very easy to bring up new ideas, but to put them into practice is a different thing. I also have to point out the great real knowledge latent available in this group. There is much blah-blah, but if there is really need for an answer, it will be given!

So, that was MH impression after 2 years lovehounds in 3 weeks.

Okay, here it is. Do with it what you want!

ftp.uu.net: /usenet/rec.music.gaffa/moments

I hope, you'll enjoy reading! Don't drive too slowly!


And: I certify hereby, that all members of this group are completely and entirely mad!

Thank you,




She may not tour, but when you need her, she's there. (Melanie J. Oeding)


Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 23:36:14 -0700
From: stev0@zuni.chaco.com (stev0)
Subject: Moments

ObKate: I heartily recommend reading Wieland Willker's "Moments", a Best of Lovehounds collection. Someone should go back and do one for the earlier years, too (in fact, Wieland did such a great job, I nominate him). It's Lovehounds with the flame wars - well, not gone but certainly toned down (WAY down!), no "What does Gaffa mean"?, and NO MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADS!


In case you didn't see his posting. (Someone should HTMLize this and put it on a Web page. If no one else volunteers, I could...) (I did! VM)

- Stev0 the Old-timer

"If we define "crap" as being "A piece of music so increadibly wonderful that you can never listen to any other piece of music ever again since the other music would pale by comparison", then I agree, it is crap."

- Me, setting someone straight a while back about "You Want Alchemy"

On to IED, Pt. 1

written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
Sept 1995 June 1996