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Part I: The Music

This section is organized chronologically by order of release. Where a song is included on both an album and a single the quotes are listed under the entry for the album. Each album entry is followed by Kate's comments about the album in general. Following that are the entries for each song. Note that I have not in cluded lyrics, credits, catalog numbers, Non-British releases, EPs, or informati on on picture disks. Those interested in that information are directed to the music book Kate Bush Complete or The Garden. It is highly recommend ed that you read the lyrics to Kate's songs along with this Part and that you al so look at the credits, since Kate often talks about the musicians she works with. Also note that I have not included information on non-official releases.

Of course there is much overlap between this and Part II - The Story, and Kate's music and life are so inter-related. In general, all the quotes about the meaning of the songs, albums, and videos are included here, as well as quotes on the making of the songs, albums, and videos. Part II has the quotes on the live and television performances, chart positions, and quotes given before an album is finished.

Each song entry is generally ordered to focus first on the meaning and inspiration for the lyrics of the song, then on the music itself, and then on the video (if any).

``It means a lot to me if people are interpreting the music in the way that I originally wanted it to be done. But, I do feel that music is a bit like a painting, in that when you buy a painting, it's because you like it. And what is important is your interpretation of what it means. That's why it means so much to you. I think that applies to records as well.

But, as long as people are getting enjoyment out of them, I don't think it matters to me. It doesn't worry me if they don't understand the way that I'd hoped they would. But of course it's always nice if they do.''

- Kate Bush (1983, Voc'l)

Wuthering Heights (b/w Kite)

Released 11th January 1978
Made No. 1 (4 weeks) Gold

The Kick Inside

Released 17 February 1978
Made No. 3 Triple Platinum

The Man With The Child In His Eyes (b/w Moving)

Released 28th May 1978
Made No. 6

Hammer Horror (b/w Coffee Homeground)

Released 27 October 1978
Made No. 44


Released 10th November 1978
Made No. 6 Gold

Wow (b/w Fullhouse)

Released 9th March 1979
Made No. 14

Breathing (b/w The Empty Bullring)

Released 14 April 1980
Made No. 16

Babooshka (b/w Ran Tan Waltz)

Released 23rd June 1980
Made No.5 Silver

Never For Ever

Released 8th September 1980
Made No. 1 Platinum

Army Dreamers (b/w Delius and Passing Through Air)

Released 22nd September 1980
Made No. 16

December Will Be Magic Again (b/w Warm and Soothing)

Released 17th November 1980
Made No. 29

Sat In Your Lap (b/w Lord Of The Reedy River)

Released 29 June 1981
Made No. 11

The Dreaming

Released 13 September 1982
Made No. 3 Gold

There Goes A Tennor (b/w Ne T'Enfui Pas)

Released 2nd November 1982
Did not chart

Kate Bush (Mini Lp)

Released June 15, 1983
USA and Canada Only

The Single File Boxed Set

Released 23rd January 1984

Running Up That Hill (b/w Under The Ivy)

Released 5th August 1985
Made No. 3 Silver

Hounds Of Love

Released 16 September 1985
Made No. 1 (Double Platinum)

Cloudbusting (b/w Burning Bridge)

Released 14th October 1985
Made No. 20

Hounds Of Love (b/w The HandSome Cabin Boy)

Released 17th February 1986
Made No. 18

The Big Sky (Special Single Mix) (b/w Not This Time)

Released 28 April 1986
Made No. 37

Experiment Iv (b/w Wuthering Heights (New Vocal))

Released 27 October 1986
Made No. 23

The Whole Story (Compilation)

Released 10th November 1986
Made No. 1

The Sensual World (b/w Walk Straight Down The Middle)

Released 18th September 1989
Made No. 29

The Sensual World

Released 16th October 1989
Made No. 2 Platinum

This Woman'S Work (b/w Be Kind To My Mistakes)

Released 20th November 1989
Made No. 38

Rocket Man (b/w Candle In The Wind)

Released November 25, 1991
Made No. 12

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