KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Warm and Soothing

Those songs which you've used as flip-sides on singles, like ``warm and soothing", `` the empty bullring'' and `` under the ivy,'' on which you simply accompany yourself on the piano with no other arrangement, were those tracks recorded originally just as demos?

No, they weren't, but in a way they are just demos. ``Warm and Soothing'' was a demo-tape which we did basically just to see what Abbey Road sounded like. We wanted to work there, and we went into Studio Two, and really the only way we could tell if it was going to sound good was if I went and did a piano vocal. So I did, and it sounded great. `` Under the Ivy'' we did in our studio in just an afternoon. (1985, Musician)


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