Table of Contents

Written by Emmy May Lombaerts

The Kate Bush FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Kate Bush, the Love-Hounds mailing list, and
Compiled by Ulrich Grepel

CLOUDBUSTING: Kate Bush In Her Own Words
A collected set of quotes by Kate on a variety of subjects
Written by Love-Hounds, compiled by Ron Holl

PHOENIX: The Early Kate Bush
The early years and unreleased recordings of Kate Bush.
Written by Love-Hounds, compiled by Wieland Willker

DREAMING: The Best of Love-Hounds 1985-1995
Selections from the vast archives of Love-Hounds.
Written by Love-Hounds, compiled by Wieland Willker

MOMENTS: The Red Shoes Collection
All about The Red Shoes, The Line The Cross And The Curve, Fruitopia, and more.
Written by Love-Hounds, compiled by Wieland Willker

THE GARDEN: A Compendium of Information 1978-1990
An annotated chronology, the unpublished writings of Kate Bush, contributions to the Kate Bush Club Newsletter by Kate, John Carder Bush, Paddy Bush, and Del Palmer, a guide to collectables, and more.
Compiled and edited by Andrew Marvick

A year-by-year visual document of all television appearances, performances, interviews, specials, and music videos.
Compiled by Peter David Fitzgerald-Morris and Andrew Marvick

REACHING OUT: The Interviews, Articles and Reviews
Comments and opinions in the mass media.
Compiled by Andrew Marvick, Ron Hill, Wieland Willker, Vickie Mapes and Love-Hounds

THEM HEAVY PEOPLE: The Gaffaweb Dictionary
A lexicon of heavy people, places, and things associated with Kate Bush.
Compiled and written by Richard Bensam

Soon to be the most complete and accurate Kate Bush lyrics pages available, including unreleased demo recordings and alternate versions of songs.
Compiled and presented by Andrew Marvick, Wieland Willker, Chris Williams, and Vickie Mapes

THIS WOMAN'S WORK: The Kate Bush Discography
An ongoing effort to create the most complete and accurate discography of Kate Bush available anywhere.
Compiled by Ulrich Grepel and Ellen Van Neck

WOW: The Gallery of Images
Many pictures. Many, many pictures.
Compiled by Vickie Mapes

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