Wow: The Images of Kate Bush

Welcome to WOW: The Images of Kate Bush. Images are constantly being added, and eventually there will be hundreds here. Right now, there are approx. 350+, which should keep those who love looking at the many faces of Kate busy for a while.

You have a choice in how to view these images, and what sizes to view. You can "flip through" the regular pages or you can cheat with the tiny thumbnails. You can also, if you already know the ID # of the image you're looking for, go to the Images page guide and find that image by its number.

The regular pages have 4-5 images per page. The images are larger than normal thumbnails, and are almost all gifs, and they all link to giant images (gifs or jpgs, mostly jpgs). Sizes of the giant images generally range from 20 to 90k. A handful are in the 100,000-300,000+ range, but their smaller counterparts have borders around them, and are also specifically marked for Lynx users, so you'll be forewarned before clicking on a particular image.

Images 100k-200k are marked with a one pixel border, images 200k-300k are marked with a 4 pixel border and images over 300k are marked with an 8 pixel border.

The "tiny thumbnails" pages have very small jpgs on them, with around 50 thumbnails to each page. Each page might take a bit to load up, but if you're looking for a specific image, it's a quicker way to find it than looking for it on the regular pages. As with the regular pages, each tiny is linked to its giant counterpart, and images over 100k are marked with the borders as listed above. A number beside each tiny jpg is linked to the page containing the gif image, in case you want to see or get that too.


Image Page Guide
A master list containing page numbers.

So far, everything comes from a private collection, and I still have a few hundred more to scan in and add. Eventually, I'll start adding images from other people's collections, and those will be credited as such.

These images come from many different places, ranging from the covers of music releases, to magazine photo spreads to newspaper clippings. Quality varies widely, since I don't actually have the "real" photos available. Needless to say, these images are here without permission from the photographers, but that's not why they're not credited. I just haven't had time to add credits or sources.

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