KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Part II: The Story

Edition 2 - March 1, 1992
This part contains all the quotes I could find relating to the story of Kate's life. Please note that this section contains mainly quotes relating to specific events and time periods. Most biographies attempt to fill out their story by adding quotes that attempt to tell what kind of person they were by giving their feelings on certain subjects. This section has little of that as that is usually subjective. Most quotes relating to Kate's feelings on particular subjects (people, places, things, emotions, influences, etc.) are contained in ``Part III - Subjects''
Even though this is ordered chronologically, it is in no way a complete chronology of Kate's life as I have included only those events that I could find a quote for. Many well known events are not included simply because I couldn't find a quote relating to them. This works out well as Kate would obviously try to talk about events that are most important to her. Those interested in a chronology of Kate's public life are referred to the book ``Kate Bush Complete'' and to the the beginning of The Garden, which is included with most versions of Cloudbusting.
Most of these quotes were given after the event they describe. It is important to realize however that some were given before, and some were given during the event. When a quote is given during I have preceded on the same line with a capitalized description and a colon, as in AFTER CONCERT:Quote. I have not attempted, however, to quote all of Kate's thank you's, and other ``live'' public comments. Generally they are recorded only when they are particularly relevant or interesting.
Also note that I have not included dates for most of the events, even though these dates are often well known. I did this because Kate herself rarely mentions dates and I wanted this to have a ``Kate feel'' to it. This makes it slightly more difficult to find a quote on an individual event, so I am considering including dates on the next version.

Kate's History

  • Early Life 1958-1968
  • 1969-1974
  • 1975
  • 1976
  • 1977
  • 1978
  • 1979
  • 1980
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  • Saturday
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