KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


I was really knocked out by the beautful cards and gifts you sent for my birthday, you are all so very kind - thank you. The album is going well and I think it might be good. (1991, KBC Flyer)


She's number 12 this week with her version of `` rocket man", and we caught up with her a couple of days [Ago] when she was rehearsing to perform that song on next monday's terry wogan show. And my first question to her was how long it had been since she'd last done a tv appearance?

Oh, it must be just over two years.

Now, we get the feeling that you've, sort of, been hiding away from things.

I don't know about hiding away, but I really only like to present myself when I'm working on something - it's more my work I like to present to the world rather than myself. I mean, I feel that it's really what people are interested in, is my music. So it really depends on whether I have any music out at the time as to whether I do any television or promotion.

Now you have a record out that's in the charts at the moment - we'll come to that in a sec. But everytime I sort of read magazines like ``q", or something, and they say who's in the studios, it's kate bush, still working on her new album [Kate laughs softly]. I mean, is it taking longer than you'd like, or that you thought, or what?

Albums always take longer than I think, and actually this is one of the quickest ones for years. It's not finished, but I've been working on it about a year, and I hope to have it finished next year. But on average, I'd say I'm spending two to three years on every album, and it's incredibly frustrating.

I don't know why it takes so long - I wish it didn't, but the tracks seem to evolve, and although it all starts very straight-forwardly and simply, and halfway through the album I never know if I'm going to be able to finish it, and it's all got too big for me at this point then it starts to evolve and ends up as whatever it is.

So when do you think it'll actually be released?

Well, next year, I would like it next year. I can't say when, because it sort of depends what else we want to do next year, as to whether it be, er ... it wouldn't be the early part of next year, but maybe middle to latter part. (1991, BBC Radio 1)


Now, there's been an awful lot of change has gone on in the world - I'm not talking about the world of music - over the last couple of years, since your last album. Is this changed you [Sic] as well? Will this mean the next kate bush album will be very different from the last one, do you think?

I think you're absolutely right. I think there's been so much change in the world in this two year period. Everyone I know has been changed by it, it's impossible not to. If you don't change with it, I don't think you could survive it.

Everyone's changed, I've definitely changed. I've been very affected by these last two years; they've been incredibly intense years for me. Maybe not on a work level, but a lot has happened to me. I feel I've learnt a lot. And I think yes, I think this album is going to be quite different. Yeah, I do.

Can you give us any other clues, as to ...?

It's impossible, I think, to talk about music, especially before it's completed or people have heard it, because it's a very personal interpretation. For me, it's like a painting. You would never talk about a painting before you've seen it. It's only when you see the painting, you then talk about it. So, I really hope that people like it, I hope the people that are waiting for it feel it's worth the wait and I really hope people out there like it.

Well, it's going to be lovely to actually see you on the wogan show on monday, so lot's of luck with that.

Well, thank you very much. It's really nice to be here and to be back, and I would just like to say thank you to everyone who's received this single so warmly. It means a lot to me, you know, I didn't think I'd have a single out for at least a year because we're still working on the album, so it's a very nice surprise, and I've had such nice feedback about all levels to do with this, so thank you very much, everyone, and have a great Christmas! (1991, BBC Radio 1) TO BE CONTINUED........................

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