KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


Sunday is definitely the day that I have to physically work out. When I get up I can hardly stand up. My calves are beginning to feel sore from the night before.

Again, I get up around early afternoon. I don't bother buying Sunday newspapers - I don't read newspapers much at all, though if there's one around I'll read it. I don't read books very much either. I have a big guilt thing about that - I'm missing out so much, I read fact rather than fiction, usually when I'm on holiday. I tend to read religious things or theories on the universe. [This sounds like an early reference to stephen hawking, whose book, kate has since explained, partially inspired her 1989 recording, ``deeper understanding.'' another example of the long gestation periods typical of kate's work.] I love Don Martin (of Mad magazine), he cheers me up. And if there's a Beano around, I've just got to look at it. When I was a kid that was really my thing. The illustrations are really great.

I spend all the day working out the routine for `` Babooshka.'' All Sunday is working out - dancing and miming. For miming you have to get the inflexions exactly right. I don't do that in front of mirrors, though. I hate watching myself sing. It's really weird. I also do more work on `` Army Dreamers.'' Gary, the dancer who's in Godspell, rings me up - and I've been sending out messages for him to ring me all day. We have this weird telepathic thing with the telephone. Whenever I want him to ring and whenever he wants me to ring him I get these ``messages'' So he rings up and says, ``I've been getting these messages all day, what's the matter?'' I tell him that we've been trying to work out these routines, and quite honestly it would be useful to know what he thought of them. He says he wants to see me anyway, so he comes around at about midnight. He gets home at about five or six in the morning. I have a bath and go to bed.

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