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Burning Bridge

"Burning bridge,'' the other song on your `` cloudbusting'' single, seems to be a more desperate retelling to me of a much earlier song of yours, `` passing through air,'' could you say something about ``burning bridge?"

Um...Again it was a song that was totally created for a b-side, and I knew that it was going on the other side of `` Cloudbusting.'' `` Cloudbusting'' is not necessarily an up-tempo song and I feel that flips of records should be something that counterbalances the energy of the other side. So, I wanted something that was relatively up-tempo, and just a fun song. I don't think the lyrics are by any means profound, but it was something that I felt was fun to do and was a very different energy from the a-side of the record.

It's sort of... I don't know if it's incredibly... I mean it's up-tempo, but it still has a sort of desperate sadness to it, don't you think?

Actually, I think it's incredibly positive and quite trivial.

Okay. (1985, love-hounds) 12'' also includes:

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