KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Be Kind To My Mistakes

The last six videos released have all been directed by bush, who in the process has also become more interested in contributing to soundtracks. In between the release of the hounds of love and the sensual world, she wrote ``thiswoman'swork'' for john hughes' _she'shaving a baby, ``mistakes'' for nicholas roeg's castaway. The former appears on the ne and had also been released as a single with the latter song on the b-side.

In both cases the films were finished, and they specifically wanted me to write a song for those parts of the movies, BUSH EXCLAIMS ENTHUSIASTICALLY. I love working with film and admire their work a lot. I was really thrill to be asked to do that. (1990, Option) THIS IS A REMAKE OF A KATE SONG THE ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE SOUNDTRACK OF THE MOVIE ``CASTAWAY'' IT IS THE REMADE VERSION THAT IS INCLUDED IN THE BOXED SET. 12'' ALSO CONTAINS:

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