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The Whole Story Album (Compilation)

Released 10th November 1986
Made No. 1


  • Wuthering Heights (New Vocal)
  • Experiment Iv
  • How do you feel about the whole story? were you against the release of a compilation album?

    Yes, I was at first. I was concerned that it would be like a ``k-tel'' record, a cheapo-compo with little thought behind it. It was the record company's decision, and I didn't mind as long as it was well put together. We put a lot of work into the packaging, trying to make it look tasteful, and carefully thought out the running order. And the response has been phenomenal - I'm amazed!

    How do you feel about the video compilation?

    Again, I was worried initially, because of the release of The Single File and Hair of the Hound, but with the opportunity of getting `` Experiment Iv'' on it, and the record company being sure there was a market, I felt it could be a good idea. We spent a lot of work on ``Experiment Iv,'' and because of it almost being an ``adult'' video, we were sure we'd have trouble getting it shown on TV.

    Did you have trouble getting it shown?

    Yes. The video took a long time to make, and with having to write and record the single with the tightest deadlines I've ever had, the video was needed before we'd finished it. But we did get a minute clip ready in time to be shown when the single was charting, but Top of the Pops refused to show it, saying it was too violent! It's not violent at all, but we expected a response like this. Pop promos are in a very sensitive area. They're considered `` family viewing", but there are many sexually ambiguous videos shown on children's TV - yet this was considered too extreme. However, The Tube showed it in its entirety, and it's now showing at the cinema with a feature film, so we've made a sort of B-film!! That's quite exciting.

    I noticed that instead of the `` Wow'' video you've pieced together footage from the live shows. Why is this?

    Two reasons, really. Firstly, I really don't like the promo we did for ``Wow.'' I think it's silly. And also, looking through the videos I noticed a great absence of ``performance'' promos, and the tour was an important part of the story. Also, it makes it a more interesting item for people who have some of the other videos. That way it's not just `` Experiment Iv'' that is a new visual. (1987, KBC 22)


    How do you view the changes audially and visually on the whole story album and video?

    I really like the idea of the album being available on video - I've always wanted to make a form of video album, but I never thought it would be a compilation!

    I see two main changes, although I'm very subjective. Audially, the important step for me was production, which had led on to our own studio. The process is so much more personal because of this. On the first two albums all my arrangements were contained within the piano arrangement, which was the foundation, but which was then handed over to Andrew Powell as producer to interpret with his string arrangements. And the musicians and I worked in my backing vocals by playing the tapes over and over and singing along. But being producer I could put a lot less emphasis on the piano arrangement and interpret the song through other instruments onto tape, even playing around with the parts after the musicians had gone, and getting our own studio meant I could build up the song straight onto tape, keeping bits that worked and building up ideas even before the musicians came in.

    Visually, I see a shift from being inspired by dance (Lindsay Kemp being a big influence), to filmic imagery (being influenced by all the films I love so much). I find the combination of film and music very exciting, and it's very rare for people to concentrate on both with equal concern - film-makers don't want the music to distract, and musicians don't want the visuals to be stronger than the music. But when it works, it's so powerful! For instance, The Wall, Singing in the Rain, Amadeus - there are definitely people moving this way more and more. It's great. (1987, KBC 22)


    It wasn't chronological because we wanted to have a running time that was equal on both sides, otherwise you get a bad pressing. In America, where I'm not very well known, they didn't realise it was a compilation! (1989, Tracks) NEW TRACKS:

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