KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


When asked if she ever thinks about having children Kate looks genuinely perplexed. What an odd question. I've never given it much thought. My career takes up so much time that children don't figure yet. I don't see myself as maternal. It's nice if you think I am. I like maternal people. (1985, What Kate Bush did next)


So where do you go from here? It must be difficult to know what to do next.

Not at all, I think. Trouble is it takes me so long to do things that I've sorta brought up a backlog of not being able to do the things I want. So it's enjoyable for me to get the album finished and when this promotional work is finished, this means I can launch into the next project. I think I'd always like to be able to make albums, that's something that is very important to me, making music. And apart from that, I think it's experimentation from now on really.

Do you ever see a day when you might retire?

No, not yet (LAUGHS).

Not for a few years yet? (chuckling)

Well I hope so - don't write me off yet!

Do you see yourself in a little cottage on the countryside eventually?

Yes, I'd like to be in a little cottage in the countryside now, I think! I don't think you have to retire to do that. Just makes travelling into London a bit longer.

Have any plans for a family?

No, again, not yet. my work takes up all my time.

Is that altogether a healthy thing, you think?

I don't know if it's healthy. But, it's certainly very enjoyable. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of actually feeling that I've achieved something. Like finishing an album. or finishing a video. Because it's always so hard when you're stuck in the middle of a project and sometimes you're never sure if you're going to be able to finish it, so to actually reach that point, that relief when the thing is over, it's incredibly rewarding!

Particularly when it's a big success.

(Laughingly) yes, particularly. (1985, profile 6)


Mmm...perhaps. SHE CHEWS THOUGHTFULLY ON A DELICATE FINGER. Perhaps not. I suppose I am quite maternal, and it's something I'd like one of these days. A child is probably a lot like contemplating a world tour-mentally and physically exhausting. I'm not sure I'm ready for one yet. I think for now I'll make do with one of my cats, thanks. (1990, Musician)


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