KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words



Now your fathers a doctor.


Is it a musical family?

My brothers are very musical, yeah. They were really responsible for turning me on to it in the first place. They were always playing music when I was a kid. (1979, Ask Aspel)


It's [The studio] a bit like home, there's always noise and things going on in the next room all the time. My parents have been marvelous. They haven't got too excited about my success but they're very pleased for me. You have to remember they've been around when I was up in my little room screaming my head off and plonking away at the piano. That seems such a long time ago now. (1978, Record Mirror)


Are you part of a large family or are you...?

I'm part of a close family and I suppose I'm very aware of the emotional factors involved. I think families are something that used to be very, very important and now, probably to do with the cities and the race of life, they split up very quickly. It's much more an independent lifestyle. But families are very interesting because it is a structure and from structures all sorts of things can happen.

You can't beat a close family though, can you, really? I mean a close family is like a central point to bounce back to when things are... When there's trouble and things like that?

Yes. (1980, Never For Ever Debut)


Would your parents at this stage completely accept this lifestyle, or do you think they ever wish that ``their Kate'' had turned out differently?

I don't know if they wish I had turned out differently. They've never said anything, and I've never asked them. But they are great, and I think they are very happy. They get a lot of pleasure in being involved in it. I think they genuinely enjoy it.

Your family seems to be a very close-knit one. Your brothers are very involved in your career.

They are, though they're not really involved consistently. But they are important, my family. They've always been there, been supportive.

Given the importance of your family and the closeness that's there, what about the idea of having children yourself?

That's not something that I can talk about - it's not a desire that I have had yet. My work is totally obsessive. I can't say. I might do. (1985, Hot Press)


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