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Wuthering Heights (New Vocal)

This year Kate released The Whole Story, which is both a home video album and a compilation record of all her biggest hits, and one new track, ``experiment iv.'' she also re-recorded the vocals for `` wuthering heights."

I wanted to put a contemporary mark on it. I felt it sounded like a very little girl singing that to me, and the production was very much a Seventies production. And although there were some other tracks in there that you could say the same thing of, they weren't as blatant as that one was. If I had had the time I probably would have done the same to some of the other tracks. But there was just no time; there was too much to do with recording and writing `` Experiment Iv'' plus doing the video. It was a very intense period to get that out on the deadline. (1987, MuchMusic)


Why did you re-do the vocals on `` wuthering heights?"

Well, to be honest, I think if we'd had more time I probably would have done the same with a couple of other songs. I just felt that ``Wuthering Heights'' felt particularly dated. It sounded dated. The other tracks were just kind of holding their heads above water. And so we liked the idea of re-doing the vocal and remixing the track - not re- recording anything else - just so we could bring it up to date, so we could give it a more contemporary sound. (1989, Reaching Out)


Why did you sing a new vocal on `` wuthering heights'' for 1986's The Whole Story compilation? (both versions are included in the box set.)

I'm happy with my voice now, and I suppose I wanted to make ``Wuthering Heights'' somehow step up through the decade. It sounded very dated to me: my voice sounded so young,the production sounded so '70's. I like the idea of taking the song I'm most associated with, and making it me now as opposed to a very young girl, as I was in '77. (1990, Q Special)


It was a strange and exiting experience re-mixing and putting a new vocal to this song. When I first sang it in 1977 my voice was so different. (C.1986, AVD)

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