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"Wow'' is a song about the music business, not just rock music but show business in general, including acting and theatre. People say that the music business is about ripoffs, the rat race, competition, strain, people trying to cut you down, and so on, and though that's all there, there's also the magic. It was sparked off when I sat down to try and write a pink floyd song, something spacey; Though I'm not surprised no-one has picked that up, it's not really recognisable as that, in the same way as people haven't noticed that `` kite'' is a bob marley song, and don't push your foot on the heartbrake'' is a patti smith song. When I wrote it I didn't envisage performing it - the performance when it happened was an interpretation of the words I'd already written. I first made up the visuals in a hotel room in new zealand, when I had half an hour to make up a routine and prepare for a tv show. I sat down and listened to the song through once, and the whirling seemed to fit the music. Those who were at the last concert of the tour at hammersmith must have noticed a frogman appear through the dry ice it was one of the crew's many last night ``pranks'' and was really amazing. I'd have liked to have had it in every show. (1979, KBC 2)


*Which have you most enjoyed recording, so far?

Well, I think I there are probably two, for me. I've really enjoyed recording ``Wow'' I'm very, very pleased with my vocal performance on that, because we did it a few times, and although it was all in tune and it was okay, there was just something missing. And we went back and did it again and it just happened, and I've really pleased with that, it was very satisfying. (1978, Lionheart Promo)


*I am playing the part of a movie star and I suppose this lady is quite sexy. But I don't think it is shocking.

The record is a bit of a send-up of a lot of things in showbiz.

There are an awful lot of homosexuals in the business. But that is just an observation, not a criticism. (1980, Wow)


I had forgotten how beautiful the strings are on this track. Andrew Powell's arrangement is so moody. (C.1986, AVD)

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