KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Pink Floyd

* Another influence you're quoted before is Pink Floyd's The Wall, did you see the film?

Yes. I've been very much influenced by The Wall because I like the way that the Floyd get right into that emotional area and work with sounds as pictures. I think the problem with the film though is that, although as a piece of art it is devastating, it isn't real enough. The whole film is negatively based. No once during Pink's life is there a moment of happiness which I know in every human's life there is. Even if you have the shittiest life of all there is always one little moment where you smile for a second or you fall in love with someone and feel happy - maybe only for ten minutes.

In The Wall there is no compassion and no objectivity at all and I actually think that certain areas of that are destructive. (1982, Melody Maker)


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