KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words



You must have had an inspiration when you composed your song, your ``moving''

Yes, yes I did. I actually wrote the song for my teacher, Lindsay Kemp. But the inspiration came from whales, the big fish, you know. They just sing so beautifully, and that's why they are on the beginning of the track. (1978, Japanese Television)


For over two years kate has been training as a dancer, and she also studied with lindsay kemp, the master of mime and dance. The first track on the lp, ``moving", was inspired by him.

The song is almost biographical. It's about how a person discovers free expression. When I was studying with Lindsay it was thrilling just to watch him work. (1978, Music Talk)


What is the noise at the beginning and end of ``moving?"

The noise is whale song. Lots of members have written to ask what I think about whale hunting. Well, I'm dead against it. It would be a terrible tragedy if those beautiful and noble animals were wiped out by our greed. (1979, KBC 3)


Do you know of any records available featuring whale music?

I think if you look around, there have been quite a few, but I understand that some, including The Song of the Humpback Whale, have been deleted, so you would probably only find them in second-hand record shops. (1983, KBC 14)


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