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Volume One

*Front Material and Dedication
*Author's Preface
*Introduction: Sue Hudson, writing in Hi-Fi News and Record Review
*Peter FitzGerald-Morris's chronology of Kate's career
*A catalogue of Kate's recorded music to date
*The Record Collector's article on Kate Bush collectibles
*A catalogue of Kate Bush video
*List of Kate Bush organizations and fanzines
*The complete Newsletter writings of Paddy Bush
*John Carder Bush's five Newsletter contributions
*Del Palmer's article about The Sensual World




Volume Two

*The Complete published writings of Kate Bush - Introduction

*Early Poems
*The Lyrics of Kate Bush
*A letter from Kate Bush to Frances Byrne, 1976
*The "Best of Kate Bush" Captions
*The Tour of Life programme welcome
*The FlexiPop Diary
*The Testament of Youth
*Kate's Contributions to the KBC Newsletters




Volume Three (where did it go?)


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