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Remembering the streets of a rush-hour London, with my carrier bags and dancing clothes under my arm--Mad people, mad things and me, a hoping heart with no idea what was going to happen just around the corner.

Then the adventure of the gigs in English pubs, scented of summer beer. Wondering--dancing--sweating--and waiting, waiting, waiting. My obsessions, my teachers, my aching bones, my comforts and frustrations. So much laughing and crying but always music, music everywhere.

And now, crashing out in traffic jams all over the world, longing for home but waking with that same strange feeling--whether from a plane, a bed or a dream--"How's happening to me?" And it's only just begun: you're carrying me into a land of the stage, a place for swallows and trapped mice.

Since the time I saw magic made by loving bodies that moved me beyond words, I've craved my own troupe of gypsies, my own show, the chance to take a trip with you.

And now it's here--the best and bad times rock'n'rolled into one. The fear and sparkle in my stomach.

Sure, it's for me--but it's for you, too. So take it--take me away with you...

Lots of love

Kate xxxx

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