The Complete
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[This section contains all of Kate's published writings, including the most comprehensive and detailed edition of her lyrics to date, and all of her contributions to the Kate Bush Club Newsletter, dating from as early as 1979. Also included are a private letter written when Kate was sixteen or seventeen; a sampling of Kate's poetic writings from school days; the "welcome note" which she wrote for the Tour of Life programme; a memoir of her youth, apparently (though not certainly) written by Kate in 1982 for a music magazine; and an article detailing a typical workday, also written for a UK magazine in the early 1980s. (Unfortunately, this last text will appear in a forthcoming edition only.) As compiled and read in a more or less chronological sequence, these writings offer, in my view, new and clearer insight into the development of Kate's character and ideology.

[For completeness' sake I have restored the three short stories, three articles and two self-conducted interviews--which appeared by themselves in the first edition of The Garden-- to their proper place, making it possible to understand these texts in their original chronological context.

[I have also re-printed here Kate's brief quasi-poetic captions, which she originally wrote as accompaniment to the publication of a collection of her songs in the book The Best of Kate Bush.

[Kate's article How can you eat Dead Animals?, which appeared in an issue of Women's World magazine, was based upon an article simply called "Vegetarianism", which was published in the fifth issue of the Newsletter (and which latter version is the one re-printed here).

[As usual, all comments in parentheses originate with the text, all those in brackets ([]) are Andrew Marvick's.]

*Early Poems
*The Lyrics of Kate Bush
*A letter from Kate Bush to Frances Byrne, 1976
*The Best of Kate Bush
*The Tour of Life programme welcome
*The FlexiPop Diary
*The Testament of Youth
*Kate's Contributions to the KBC Newsletters

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