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* "Kate's Songs" & Interview (from the first Newsletter)
*"Hello Everybody" & Interview (from the second Newsletter)
*Various & Interview (from the third Newsletter)
*"Them Heavy People" & Interview (from the fourth Newsletter)
*Kate's A Could Be Story - short story (from the fourth Newsletter)
*"With Love from Kate" & Interview (from the fifth Newsletter)
*"Convention was great!" (from the sixth Newsletter)
*"Them Bats and Doves" (from the seventh Newsletter)
*"December will be magic again" (from the eighth Newsletter)
*"Letter from Kate" (from the ninth Newsletter)
*"On Videos and Tapes" (from the tenth Newsletter)
*Untitled (from the eleventh Newsletter)
*Kate's Tansa's Guitar - short story (from the eleventh newsletter)
*About The Dreaming (from the twelfth Newsletter)
*Untitled (from the thirteenth Newsletter)
*"Dear Friends" & Interview (from the fourteenth Newsletter)
*"Dear Friends" (from the fifteenth Newsletter)
*Kate's On the Road Home - short story (from the fifteenth Newsletter)
*Untitled & Interview (from the sixteenth Newsletter)
*About Hound Of Love & Interview (from the seventeenth Newsletter)
*Hounds Of Love songs (from the eighteenth Newsletter)
*Even More Hounds Of Love (from the nineteenth Newsletter)
*"An Interview With Auntie Hetty" (from the twentieth Newsletter)
*"Cousin Kate" by Zwort Finkle (from the twenty-first Newsletter)
*Short interview (from the twenty-second Newsletter)
*Be Kind to My Mistakes (from the twenty-third Newsletter)

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