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Kate's KBC article
Issue 23 (Fall 1989)
Be Kind to My Mistakes

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[Here is Kate's latest article for the Newsletter. It appeared in the twenty-third issue (Fall 1989). It is just a brief note which Kate wrote for fans in the long-delayed issue which accompanied the release of The Sensual World. The article was accompanied by an unabridged transcription of the late Roger Scott's last interview with Kate, which can be found (in a slightly more accurate edition) in Volume Four of The Garden.]

Be Kind to My Mistakes

Well, hello. After such a long wait I just hope you won't be disappointed with the album. Thank you all for your notes and the kind words you sent during the making of the album--they all helped a lot. I've tried to sit down and write about the tracks and found it extremely difficult--I guess I've said it all in the songs--and for your interest we've printed an interview I did with Roger Scott. It talks about the songs in a way I could not write down. I think this interview is the most in-depth I've done, in some ways. Roger is a lovely person, and he presents questions in such a way that I'm happy to talk about things that with other people I might not want to touch on. I also feel Roger did one of the best interviews I've been asked to do--it was around the time of The Dreaming album.

This album is my most personal, and I feel my most female so far. It was very difficult to write the material, but some of the work on this album has touched me more deeply--working with the Trio Bulgarka, meeting people in Bulgaria who let us in to their homes and hearts, our work in Ireland, feeling the tracks coming together through old friends like Pad, Stuart, Charlie, Al, Dave Gilmour, and new friends like Nigel Kennedy and Davey Spillane. Many difficult moments in my head with these songs, but so many warm feelings, and my memories of all the people involved in this project are of us laughing. A huge thank you to Del--what a long and intense project it was for us. I couldn't have done it without him! It means a lot to me--he is my favourite engineer.

Because of the intimacy with just Del and myself working so closely, I feel this is the most direct communication I've had with the music in my head and the music that comes back from tape. Also many thanks to Kevin Killen, who became a close member of our small group. Kevin was wonderful to work with. Sometimes it is hard to bring someone in to such a personal set-up, but Kevin was so sensitive and enthusiastic and such a good mixing engineer. I really couldn't have wished for nicer people to work with on all the stages of this album.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that this album is finished--there were times when I think we all wondered...?

And I'm so happy to let it go now--thanks again to all of you for your kind words, birthday presents and patience.

I hope you like the album--and a big thanks and best wishes to you all.

Lots of love,

Kate xxx

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