The Complete
published writings
of Kate Bush

Correspondence from
Kate Bush
to Frances Byrne, 1975

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[The following is a letter which Kate wrote to a former schoolmate, sometime between April and July 1975, when Kate had all but finalised her contract with EMI, but before the album had been begun. It first appeared in Kerry Juby's book Kate Bush: The Whole Story. Edited by Andrew Marvick.]

Dear Fran,

Thanks for your letter--it was really, really nice to hear from you, but not a total surprise--it was strange because you appeared for a split second in my dream last night and your letter was at my parents' this morning. It's good to hear you're so well and coping with your life--Well Done--it gets really hard sometimes, dun it?

I gather you hear I've left school? Well, I left during last year's summer holidays--before they all went back for the autumn term. I've only been back once since, and that was an extremely brief visit, but that's how it goes...! I now go to an open dance college in London. It's called the Dance Centre, and it's OK. It is expensive and my life is, at the moment, revolving around the money that's left over from the lessons, but that's enough for me to have fun and buy cigarettes. (I am afraid to say that I'm still smoking quite a lot but I think I've got it under control?)

I haven't heard from you for so long that it's difficult to know where to start. I guess you know that I have set myself a definite ambition as a career. I want to sing, write songs and mime. I've got a contract actually being drawn up by a record company at last, but it has taken four years (approximately) to get this far--but I think it is going to get more progressive--I hope so. I'm working quite hard on my voice and on songs (and dancing too I suppose) but I seem to spend most of my time waiting for it all to happen. Last summer I took mime lessons with Lindsay Kemp. He is an amazing person and I met a lot of nice friends through the classes. The more people I meet now, the older and stranger they seem to get--it's funny...

I've had my two front teeth straightened at the dentist. The appointment was 2 1/2 hours long, and he's put temporary crowns in at the moment, but they're nice--it's just that I'm a bit paranoid about the fact that they're held in by glue--I really hope they don't fall out! I also failed my driving test in March, but I'll take it again in August.

I've got your phone number. It would be really nice to see you night, for old times' sake, huh? I'm in Lewisham now in a very beautiful flat, above my brothers--I'm very free and very happy. Anyway, Fran, I'll give you a ring in the next month or two (I say that far away because I know how inefficient I am at getting things like that together, but this, I will, eventually, honest).

Lots of love,


P.S.: No, I don't really see people from school much, but I find it so strange when I do--I feel so, so, different, very far away from them.

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