The Complete
published writings
of Kate Bush

"The Best of Kate Bush"

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[The following thirteen lines were written by Kate in 1980 to accompany the sheet-music for the collection of songs published in the book The Best of Kate Bush.]

Babooshka: "The games we play--boredom breeds suspicion."

Wuthering Heights: "Cathy will live on as a force. I was lucky she stopped in me long enough to write a song."

December Will Be Magic Again: "Remember when you couldn't sleep from the excitement of the Eve, and it was always white even without snow? That's when it was fun."

Hammer Horror: "Alone on a film set at night with just one spotlight. But who is that in the shadows?"

Them Heavy People: "Knock, knock, who's there?"

Saxophone Song: "All the people in the club are babbling, but the instrument is talking, and I can but listen."

Oh England, My Lionheart: "don't disturb the clover that grows on the past."

Army Dreamers: "Poor old ego, trying to find a way to be butch and brave, only to find reality is the challenge."

James and the Cold Gun: It's hot and sandy, the land is old and dry. Here rides a man with a sheet of ice by his side."

Don't Push Your Foot on the Heart Brake: "Streetlights reflecting on black leather, on upholstery."

Breathing: "Inspiring...expiring...out..."

The Man With the Child in His Eyes: "Even when I look into the eyes of a man aged eighty I can sometimes see the gleeful glint of a child."

Wow: "See the diamond glitter through the rock."

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