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Welcome to The Garden.

If you are relatively new to the work of Kate Bush, the collection of original and re-printed lists, texts and interviews which comprise this set of reference books will help you to catch up on a subject which has been getting larger and more complicated every day for the past thirteen years. Even if you've followed Kate's music for a while already, some of the material here may still be of interest.

For as long as it remains affordable to me, there will be no charge for these books. If you own them, they are a gift from one Kate fan to another. I suspect Kate would prefer it that way. Unfortunately, due to the printing and postage costs of The Garden, which now amount to about $70.00 (within the U.S.--as much as $120.00 for overseas air-mail delivery), I cannot afford to make the books widely available. the next edition.

With a few exceptions, the catalogues and texts contained in The Garden were compiled, transcribed and edited by me. Except where otherwise indicated all comments contained in brackets ([ ]) are mine. Any comments contained in parentheses (as distinguished from brackets) are not the comments of the editor, but are a part of the original text. The primary function of my bracketed remarks is to clarify points which might otherwise mislead the reader as to the facts.

Unfortunately, however, I have a certain weakness for sharing my opinions; weeds will appear from time to time among the flowers of even the most lovingly tended garden. The reader is asked to pass over these with a tolerant eye.

I thank MarK T. Ganzer for his early support of the project.

Special thanks go to John Carder Bush, whose great kindness and generosity to me one autumn afternoon at East Wickham Farm helped provide the inspiration for these books. Finally, I would like to thank Kate Bush for planting her rare and wonderful flowers in my mind.

Now you are invited to open the gate...

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