Publishing Information
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Fourth Reference Edition

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Fourth Reference Edition

Based on the Reference Editions of 1987, 1988 and 1989.
Now completely revised in all departments including also a
department of recent interviews, being the latest authentic
Quarto Edition of The Wickham Street Series.

Andrew B. Marvick, KBC No. K4735R
Editor In Chief

©1988, 1989, 1990 by Andrew Marvick

This book is not for sale.

This book is dedicated to


in love and admiration on behalf of an American fan

July 30, 1988

"If one tells the truth, one is
sure, sooner or later, to be found out."

Oscar Wilde, Phrases for the Young (1894)

"It wouldn't take me long
To tell you where we'll meet
This little girl inside me
Is retreating to her favourite place.

"Go into the garden.
Go under the ivy,
Under the leaves,
Away from the party.
Go right to the rose.
Go right to the white rose
For me."

Kate Bush, Under the Ivy (1985)

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