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Re: Vangelis

From: victoro@CRASH.CTS.COM (Dr. Snuggles)
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 88 01:44:16 PDT
Subject: Re: Vangelis
Organization: Crash TS, El Cajon, CA
References: <8807090229.AA02671@WONKO.MIT.EDU>
Reply-To: victoro@CRASH.CTS.COM (Dr. Snuggles)

> From: Rich <RMRichardson.PA@XEROX.COM>

>> From: Beth Freeman <bfreeman@E.MS.UKY.EDU>
>> I am trying to find the original soundtrack to the movie BladeRunner by 
>> Vangelis.  ...

> The only audio release of the Blade Runner sound track I know of is
> a "cover" by the New American Orch. (whatever that is) in 1982.  If
> you want the real sound track, the best way to get is to spend the
> bucks ($80 maybe?) and get the laser disk version of the movie.

1. Vangelis decided that the music he created for the movie did not
constitute a real sound track and would not release his masters to
make a record.  The producers did have the rights to the music he
wrote and created their own soundtrack from his sheet music.

2. Mr. Papathanassiou (does anyone know his middle name?) did release
the jazz sax solo under the title "Memories of Green: on the album
"See you later" c. 1980 Polydor Ltd.

3. Check also your local libraries, as I checked out the videodisk for
two weeks to look over it (never made a copy, I'll buy myself a copy
eventually for the syd meed gallery alone ...)

4. If any has done a Vangelis diskography I would love to see it
posted as I have been collecting as best I can..