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Re: Vangelis

From: Rich <RMRichardson.PA@XEROX.COM>
Date: 8 Jul 88 22:18:37 GMT (Friday)
Subject: Re: Vangelis
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Reply-To: RMRichardson.PA@XEROX.COM

> From: Beth Freeman <bfreeman@E.MS.UKY.EDU>
> I am trying to find the original soundtrack to the movie BladeRunner by 
> Vangelis.  ...

The only audio release of the Blade Runner sound track I know of is a
"cover" by the New American Orch. (whatever that is) in 1982.  If you
want the real sound track, the best way to get is to spend the bucks
($80 maybe?) and get the laser disk version of the movie.

Then you have to buy, beg, borrow, whatever, a laser disk player, etc.
(There are some new players comming out which play formats including
CDs, CDVs, etc., but they run $1000 to $2000; oh well, someday...)
The next step is to dub the music over to a tape.

The laser disk version of Blade Runner I've seen doesn't fill out TV
screen top to bottom so you get the original aspect ratio of the
movie.  If you have a player with stop action, you can take a good
look at all the effects, etc.  There's some pretty interesting stuff
in that movie.