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Re: Vangelis

From: medge@PHOENIX.PRINCETON.EDU (Michael Dovaston Edge)
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 88 11:56:54 edt
Subject: Re: Vangelis
Organization: Princeton University, NJ

Hi, The Official Soundtrack to Blase Runner was released in the US --
but it is a rendition done by the "New America Orchestra".
Supposedly, Vangelis didn't like the soundtrack once he was done, and
trashed all the masters.  The disc is certainly out of print.  If you
are really desperate, my friends could probably find a way to get you
a copy.  If you find a copy of the original, synthesized version,
please send me mail -- I would do almost *ANYTHING* for such.  Good

{allegra, other backbone}!princeton!phoenix!medge