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Colourbox and others...

From: "William M. Bumgarner" <wb1j+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU>
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 88 19:14:40 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Colourbox and others...
References: <8807081913.AA02109@WONKO.MIT.EDU>

on Colourbox...

Colourbox doesn't really have a style of music all their own, other
than different.  I have the "horses" and the "oriental video" album
(both of which I think are excellent), and they are completely
different.  Within "o.v.", there are many different styles of music;
from the intro piano, the pseudo-reaggae, the pop-remakes, to the
"repeater remix".  Interesting group with an interesting variety of

question: How many albums do the have out, how many are on CD (I don't
have a tape deck or record player, just CD's), and have they ever
named any of them.

on Eurythmics...

Is it possible to get either Tourists (original group that
Stewart/Lennox worked with) albums or the Erythmics original album
(before Sweet Dreams) on CD?

on Propaganda...

I reccommend _A_Secret_Wish_ highly. It is an excellent full-digital
recording of a wide range of musical styles.  Before ASW, Propaganda
released two other albums.  Are either of them available on CD?