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Danielle Dax: The Chemical Wedding

From: jsd%UMASS.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan S. Drukman)
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 88 17:44:47 EDT
Subject: Danielle Dax: The Chemical Wedding

Danielle Dax, who we now know is second only to Kate, has got two new
compact discs out.  They appear to be compilations although some of
the tracks are new to me.  The first disc I didn't get a good look at
and has most of "pop eyes" and "jesus egg that wept" on it.  The
second, which I did buy is called "The Chemical Wedding" and seems to
be made up mainly of B-sides from the 12 inch singles of "Yummer
Yummer Man", "Big Hollow Man" and "Cat-House".  It also features the
A-side of "Cat- House" in a totally new version - completely different
sound, although I think it's kind of thin compared to the original.
There are two songs that I haven't seen before, but I'll guess they're
from "Where The Flies Are".  It's a great disc, and it's absolutely
wonderful to have the lyrics to all those songs from 12" singles that
never get lyrics sheets.  There's also an article/discography of some
sort in japanese, but I can't read it - can anybody out there
translate it if I send a xerox?  Sound quality is awesome to fair
depending on the track.  It's pricey - $19 for only 27 minutes, but
sometimes Ya Just Gotta Get It, know what I mean?

Jon Drukman                      University of Massachusetts
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