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Where can I find other KT videos?

From: malc@TAHOE.UNR.EDU (Malcolm L. Carlock)
Date: 9 Jul 88 20:38:26 GMT
Subject: Where can I find other KT videos?
Keywords: looking for more than "the whole story"
Organization: Univ. of Nev., Reno-Mathematics

Hi, folks.  I have seen in this forum many references to Kate videos
(such as that for "Suspended in Gaffa"; a version of "Wuthering
Heights" featuring a volcano, etc.) which do not appear on the "Whole
Story" video collection.

I have heard of two other Kate video collections: "Kate Bush Live at
the Hammersmith Odeon", and "The Single File".  I tried ordering these
from a couple of places, however, and had little luck.  Eventually,
while talking with Tower Records in New York, I was told that "The
Single File" is actually the Japanese release of "The Whole Story"
(i.e. contains the same videos), but that I could special-order
"Hammersmith" if I wished.

How can I get copies of Kate videos (other than "Hammersmith") that do
not appear on "The Whole Story"? Is Tower Records correct about "The
Single File"?


Malcolm L. Carlock
Er ist wieder hier, der Mann, der in seinen Augen das Kind hat.
---------------------------------------------------------------		     University of Nevada, Reno

	[ Tower Records is wrong.  *The Single File* is an earlier
	  compilation of videos that predates *Hounds of Love*.  It
	  came out along with a boxed set of singles that also bore
	  the same name.  Since *The Single File* was never released
	  in the US, you have to buy the Japanese import, unless you
	  have a PAL VCR and TV.  In this case, you could purchase the
	  British videotape for much less (I don't know whether it is
	  still in print, considering that there is a big overlap
	  between the *The Single File* and *The Whole Story*).  From
	  memory, videos on *The Single File*, which are not on *The
	  Whole Story*, are "Suspended in Gaffa", "Wow" (the real
	  video), "Hammer Horror", and "Them Heavy People".  If you
	  have the concert video, the only one of these that is
	  indisposable is "Suspended in Gaffa".  There is much other
	  Kate stuff on video that is only available via bootleg
	  channels.  -- |>oug ]