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Date: Sat, 09 Jul 88 10:22 PDT
Subject: MisK.

     Welcome, Stephen Nicholson. Good to hear there is a real
KonsTituency down there.

 >  I love Colourbox, so lighten up "IED".

 >  -- Jon Drukman

     No offense meant, but goddammit, Jon, IED is getting very
frustrated at seeing your name on a header, getting his hopes raised
thereby that he is about to read a new and interesting little posting
about some important Kate-bushological issue, only to discover that
you haven't even been _listening_ to Kate lately, but"COLOURBOX"!! (Sorry, he couldn't resist the quotation marks
one last time.)

 >     Oh yeah, another thing.  Has Kate revealed the contents of the
 > backwards message in WYWM yet?  Can it be that three years of
 > scholarly effort has left us with only a partial possible solution?
 > Only three shopping weeks to KaTemas.  Will she give up Kit-Kats
 > and start watching `thirtysomething'?  Lord only knows.
 > -- Dave Hsu, braaaaayn thpecialitht

     No, there's been no solution to "WYWM"'s message, so far.
You can be sure you'll hear about it in L-Hs as soon as it happens.
     Speaking of good Kate-related postings, where have _you_ been
all these months, Dave? Let's see a new, in-depth Kate-analysis from
you soon, why not, huh, ok?
      Say, and what about Michael Knight, and Joe Turner, and Tippi
Chai? What the fuck have _they_ been doing Kate-wise lately???  The
word "fickle" comes to mind...

 >     Also, what is all this about deteriorating CDs? I thought the
 > cited radio report was tongue in cheek. Presumably there would have
 > to be a pretty noticeable crack in the plastic to expose the
 > aluminium, and even then it should not oxidise markedly if well
 > stored. I suppose this is what happens if you make things in
 > Swindon :-) they deteriorate after a few decades or so :-(

     Sounds pretty far-fetched, this ink-corrosion thing, no?  Of
course, "laser rot" is very common in the twelve-inch (laser-disk)
size, but as IED understood it, that problem arises usually from the
increased tension resulting from the anti-warp designs in the
larger-sized disks: various plastic compounds have been tried over the
years, with differing degrees of success, and Pioneer _claims_ that
they've got the problem licked, though IED for one still comes across
plenty of laser rot in new releases.

 > "cover" by the New American Orch. (whatever that is) in 1982.  If
 > you want the real sound track, the best way to get is to spend the
 > bucks ($80 maybe?) and get the laser disk version of the movie.

     If all you want is the soundtrack, then don't spend $80.00 on the
CAV laser-disk version of the movie, just get the regular CLV version
-- it's only $35.00. Of course, the picture is chopped off on either
side and you get no special effects, plus the stereo sound isn't quite
as fine as on the $80.00 version (though it's still nearly

 > Then you have to buy, beg, borrow, whatever, a laser disk player,
 > etc.  (There are some new players comming out which play formats
 > including CDs, CDVs, etc., but they run $1000 to $2000; oh well,
 > someday...)

     Actually, there's a "combo" player out already from Pioneer (the
1030) that sells around L.A. for well under $700 now, and the prices
will soon be coming down, since Sony, Yamaha and Sansui have all
introduced competitive machines to the U.S. market recently. Meanwhile
the basic (amazingly great) Pioneer digital-sound laser-disk-only
player (model 838D) is now only about $400 in some stores.

 > The next step is to dub the music over to a tape.  The laser disk
 > version of Blade Runner I've seen doesn't fill out TV screen top to
 > bottom so you get the original aspect ratio of the movie.  If you
 > have a player with stop action, you can take a good look at all the
 > effects, etc.  There's some pretty interesting stuff in that movie.
 > -- Rich

     That's putting it mildly. The _Ninth_Wave_ of science fiction
movies, really.  (Maybe _Brazil_, then, is _The_Dreaming_...)  Oh,
yeah, the "letterbox" version you just described also has all kinds of
fun trivia quizzes and Syd Mead drawings, etc., on side 4, plus an
amazingly comprehensive Blade-Runner-ological bibliography and essay
by some nutty fan who's worse off than IED in his respective field of
obsessive study. (That's right, _worse_! No kidding.)

-- Andrew Marvick

	[ Okay, so what is *Alien* translated into record albums?
	  --|>oug ]