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Re: Mailbag (Kate-echism XV.7.v)

From: Thomas Affinito <taff%venus.UCSC.EDU@UCSCC.UCSC.EDU>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 88 01:44:19 PDT
Subject: Re: Mailbag (Kate-echism XV.7.v)
Organization: University of California, Santa Cruz; CIS/CE

about "IED's pomposity":

	I regarded the latest header by IED as quite amusing. It
continues the strong character that Andrew has nurtured for his three
letter identity, and provides wonderful jingoistic support to all us
breathless Kate fans. Yes, I do listen to other artists, but on this
board I'll swear I just listen to Kate, (and maybe even claim that I
listen to the Dreaming backwards twice a night before my Dreaming), or
make other conceits just for the fanatic heck of it. It's fun, and is
probably a sort of camaraderie for all us soldiers struggling to
winter the war of Limited Kateness in our surround. So "here here" for
pomposity!! {To those posters of other Alternate/New music info: I'm
sure the majority of us KTians "share and enjoy" your articles --
after all no one has made any "don't post this stuff here" responses,
right? -- it's just that we have to maintain a required disparaging
tone now and again.}

	Let's not start a Flame war!!!!